[INTERVIEW] A School for Freedom of Medical Choice

As the unvaccinated are shut out of society and, sadly, children bullied by peers for being unvaccinated and/or unmasked, “The School,” in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, offers hope and a community hub for people committed to freedom of medical choice and bodily autonomy.

Join us as Frasier Keaney, Sault Ste. Marie Freedom Alliance, takes us on a tour of the inspiration for “The School,” its offerings, members and potential as not only a hub for the entire community but a special place where children can learn and grow in a respectful and mandate-free environment.

12 thoughts on “[INTERVIEW] A School for Freedom of Medical Choice”

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  2. I think this is a heartwarming example of compassion and love for your fellow man. I applaud this. I have been an educational assistant for more than 20 years and I would absolutely love to work in this school. God bless you for putting the children first . They don’t deserve to live in fear.

  3. Today the health minister announced students will return to school Wednesday instead of Monday to permit schools the opportunity to organize for new restrictions.. it is absolutely absurd that students were possibly going to have to be taught virtually again, losing their social liberties while hockey arenas continue to hold a thousand spectators, borders are open, travel is permitted, restaurants still open…why are children the only people having to sacrifice…??? If covid is such a threat why are children and the elderly made to suffer while all others enjoy many or all freedoms???? Thats what you need to ask yourself. The best example is kids being masked all day indoors and outdoors while you can go to a restaurant and sit without a mask…As Frasier emphasizes …where is the love and compassion? The groups mission is to provide for children….that’s what Jesus would do…and that’s what it means to be Christ like.

  4. Rog Whit is a misinformed brain washed asshat. You are the epitome of Cult Nazi Gestapo worshiping society. It was disgusting pukes like you that hid behind fake names like you have now you fucking coward that were ok with cooking Jews. You are beneath the dregs of this earth. Kudos Sault Alliance

  5. This school is not going to fly. I can’t wait for the government to come in and shut this ridiculousness down. All we need to is to get enough people to complain about this and the potential danger it is for the community. I hope the community leaders are smart enough to know how dangerous this could get. If they allow this place to exist, the next thing you know other communities are going to engage in this irresponsible behavior. Its dam right criminal negligence. I The last thing we need is everyone spreading COVID at this place and brining it home to their families. Such irresponsible actions….well actions have consequences!

    1. Either you´re a very special kind of troll or a severe victim of propaganda and disinformation. How can someone be so lost? You know who´s really “spreading” the graphene oxide induced “Covid” symptoms? It´s the vaccinated. And, there spreading it amongst themselves. Please wake up!

    2. A mild cold virus ie a coronavirus whether lab modified or not which is what med school teaches is not a problem for children. Why? Because children have better anti viral properties than adults
      And they act as a buffer, protecting adults. Children also do not have ace 2 receptors/next to nil in their nasopharyngeal oropharnygeal or nasal region, so there is nothing for the spike to attach to, which is how the virus replicates and transmits. Children do not transmit a virus their bodies handle very easily. Sorry Rog, you have been lied to. Studies show schools are not places of transmission. We’ve known this for a very long time.
      I dont know where you are getting your information however i can see you have been told a cv is lethal and you are scared. I can assure you that had the government not blocked treatments that have been used effectively for the last 40 plus years for a cv. We would not have had these deaths. Sending patients home without treating them, when early treatment with any sickness is key is malfeasance and murder. Giving remdesivir which causes your organs to drown/suffocate and then u require a vent and morphine, when you needed an inhaler, hcq/ivm instead. That shortness of breath was caused by the remdesivir, not a cv and that is the truth you will not hear any media or gov talking point report. IVM stops ace2 receptor from attaching to the spike so the virus cant transmit or replicate, you know the ace 2 receptors kids *dont have. Which is why they cant spread or transmit in the schools.
      Rog, i recommend you look up dr.sucharit bhadki, dr ryan cole, dr peter McCullough, dr geert van bosche, dr. Brydle, dr jane ruby, dr judy mikovits, dr pierre kory, dr. Robert Malone (creator of mrna), on bitchute, telegram, rumble, the highwire, dr.zelenko, flcc, americas frontline doctors, covidcarealliance/get to work on your studies. You have much more to fear with these shots then a cv as these shots are patented as bioweapons for your voluntary execution. The spike is a pathogen, s1 protein crosses the bbb, it destroys your lymphocytes giving you v-aids, ade, autoimmune disease, etc etc, too much science? I could continue. The non discriminatory schools are a wonderful thing and there is a huge calling for them by millions. You will not hear the truth Rog on your tel-lie- vision…. the media was bought and paid to read the same thing at all times all over the world. Im sorry the world has been lied to and psy op’d. But they have and anyone telling you different Rog, is either ignorant, a criminal or they dont know.

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  7. This was a heart warming reminder of what life in Canada used to be. It’s so sad that a video of kids and everyday normal adults doing what adults and kids do in park can lift your spirits. It’s a good reminder that we need to keep up the fight while we wait for the lawsuits against our politicians to be to be judged in the Supreme Court. We may need to build a new penitentiary to house them all and I’m thinking somewhere on the coast like the Beaufort Sea area would be nice for them.

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