Dr. Vladimir Zelenko on the Origins & End Goal of Covid-19

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, heralded for his early Covid-19 treatment “Zelenko Protocol,” relays the agenda behind “nefarious and govt messaging” aimed at keeping the public in a state of “prolonged fear and anxiety” to make them “very easy to manipulate” to a group of Australian politicians.

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5 thoughts on “Dr. Vladimir Zelenko on the Origins & End Goal of Covid-19”

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  3. This Dr. speaks the truth. Start educating yourselves. They are now talking about the Universal Basic Income, then comes the Chip in your hand, etc, etc. You will have nothing, but you will be HAPPY. The Great Reset. TIME WILL TELL. Think about it.

  4. Thank you Dr. Zelenko for speaking the truth!!! The world must wake up to the atrocities being played out by the elite One World Order monsters!!!!!

  5. This Dr. has nothing to lose by telling the truth, he has terminal cancer so why would he place his head on the block by telling the truth regarding those poisonous V`s ~~ Wake the HELL UP People !!!!!!

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