Trudeau Launches Divisive, Hate Rhetoric Against Unvaccinated

Appearing on a Quebecois talk show, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau launched into an unfounded and divisive attack on unvaccinated people, calling them unscientific, “misogynists” and “racists.”

The video was tweeted and titled “Psychopath Fascist” by Maxime Bernier, leader of the PPC.

259 thoughts on “Trudeau Launches Divisive, Hate Rhetoric Against Unvaccinated”

  1. Canada is a land of the free, don’t make in a prison.
    Mr Trudeau you are taking the people who are paying for the taxes away by taking their jobs.
    With no jobs there will be no monies coming it to keep this coutry going. But you know that.

  2. The Criminal Code of Canada defines public incitement of hatred as:
    1 Anyone who, by communicating statements in any public place, incites hatred against any identifiable group where such incitement is likely to lead to a breach of the peace is guilty of
    a an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years; or
    b an offence punishable on summary conviction.
    2 Anyone who, by communicating statements, other than in private conversation, wilfully promotes hatred against any identifiable group is guilty of
    a an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years; or
    b an offence punishable on summary conviction.

    1. All you here are against Trudeau inciting hatred against him. All he is doing is calling you out on your selfish bullshit. The majority of Canadians have had enough. Not your body your choice when you can’t make the right one. You are like drunken drivers that need their keys taken away or no different then those spoiled social media influencers on that sun wing flight . You don’t behave you lose privileges. Even a 12 Year old understands that! So what does that make you grown adults??

      1. What that makes us is sensible people smart enough to know that obeying unjust edicts and mandates leads to tyranny. Educate yourself on the history of totalitarianism in the 20th century. The mass murder of millions was carried out in the name of the collective good. Turd must pay you handsomely to spew your ignorant hate on here.

      2. Is the government our parent?? If we don’t behaves parent gives consequences. Not the government. If another has control over our body, that is slavery. What happens when they choose a behavior you do not agree with? But you have to do it anyway? What then?

      3. What Canadians want it for everyone to “follow the rule of law”
        These laws do not include temper tantrums by tyrannical leaders such as those exhibit d by Justin Trudeau. He acts more like a spoiled, over indulged child than a leader.

        1. The rule of law does not support threats of any kind against health care workers either. Both sides needs to act responsibly.

      4. While you believe we are creating hatred, My family fought in both the first and Second World War for our freedom to choose, so any of you that believe those rights should be infringed upon by an out of touch moronic leader please feel free to move to North Korea where freedom is limited but do not tell me what the hell I should snd shouldn’t do with my body.

      5. Dear Rog,

        I have recovered from a life threatening illness. I invested 8 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars in my search for answers in the Conventional Medical System all to no avail and so I left the System to do my own research and I was able to figure out what was causing my life threatening health challenges. In my research I discovered I had mercury poising from my amalgam dental fillings I had in my mouth since I was in my early to mid teen years. At the time in 1992 Conventional Medical denied mercury gassed out of amalgams. Even though it could be measured with a Jerome Meter! Long story short in research I found the world’s leading researcher, Dr. Hal Huggins, DDS, Masters in Immunology, flew to Colorado Springs in July 1993 and had all of amalgam-mercury dental fillings SAFELY REMOVED and SAFELY REPLACED with biocompatible composites. I began to recover immediately and with 7 years made a full recovery back to excellent health. I didn’t stop! I have studied Natural Health and Healing since 1992. I opened a Health Food Store in 1995 and I have since helped hundreds of people to recover from all kinds of health challenges. Since 2010 I have helped hundreds of people to recover from viral illness with ImmunoPhase and BroncoPhase two powerful herbal combination made popular by Dr. David Williams which stopped the H1N1 virus dead. Along with Quercetin and Zinc and Vitamin D3 and ImmunoPhase anxious BroncoPhase we have now assisted 27 persons to make a speedy and full recovery from Covid-19 since March 2020.

        My point is that there are Natural Ways to Prevent and Treat Covid-19 and any virus. There are millions of Canadians like myself who are very well informed and we know how to protect our health with methods that work in harmony with our own Natural Immune Systems. If you are interested to learn more you can go to our website: or our Facebook page: Canadians for Truth to learn about SAFE ZERO RISK WAYS to Prevent and to Treat Covid-19. We do not discriminate against our fellow Canadian citizen based on their Legal Rights of Informed Consent however they chose to Protect their health.

        1. Michael Corrigan

          Joseph,you make some excellant points.We,ve been poisoned for many years by so called doctors etc.If you don’t mind me asking do you still run your store?

        2. So true. I also had to stop seeing conventional drs. Who unfortunately treated my unwellness with things that only made me worse.

          My Naturopath changed my life, i truly believe i would not be alive today had i not gone this route.

          No more poisons going in my body.

      6. Don’t behave , you lie priveledges? You’re a special type of breed bud. I’m fully vaxxed but can assure you whoever doesn’t want to get a vaccine , THAT DOESNT EVEN WORK, can sure as hell make their own choice for their own body. Get a grip you sheep. I’m honestly embarrassed to be vaxxed hearing scum like you even breathe a word. Trudeau is a goof and needs to be taken out of office! Can’t believe he was re elected. Damn Ontario and Quebec ridings.

        1. Thank you for this comment. I wish more vaccinated people felt this way. It really is a personal choice, and everyone has their own reason behind their thinking. We are all doing what we think is right and have to accept everyone’s choices. I don’t care whether other people choose to vaccinate or not, block me from participating in society when currently, there are MORE vaccinated people in the hospitals than there are un-vaccinated. Persecuting people for doing what THEY think is best for their own bodies needs to stop.

      7. Then stand up like a man and do something about it, you keyboard bitches couldnt lick your lips in the real streets, come for us man and you will soon get an education, fuck off goofs

        1. Rog, the big reset is coming for you, JT , black rock and vanguard, there Day is coming, there is nothing all of the very wealthy will be able to do to stop it.
          Remember you and all the rest of the evils will eventually see your day, no doubt in my mind.
          Have great day

      8. And you are exactly the reason the he needs to be charged with hate crimes. You think you have the right to tell others their bodies are not their own. You made the choice for your body and nobody is bothering you about it. You are not superior to us despite what Trudeau may have told you.

      9. Read your own reply as it describes you and not those unvaccinated.
        You spew hatred without being informed of the facts.

    2. Mr Trudeau is ignorant to science himself. There are a multidue of scientific facts regarding the issues surrounding this COVID-19 vaccination, and thousands or doctors voicing their concerns. So why does he feel that HIS small group of people with the power are the only correct people to be listened to? The only reason 80% of Quevec is vaccinated is because of the coerscion by HIS government! And by the way Mr Trudeau have you not yet realized that your restrictions for unvaccinated people have left them out of the places where vaccinated people are, where the virus is most transmitted bringing about our increased counts?
      I know many people who are not interested in your current available vaccine, even those who have it ONLY because they felt they HAD to in order to travel or work. If these types of restrictions were not in place I guarantee that your 80% statistic would be much lower and the COVID-19 case counts would be similar…maybe even less since people build natural immunities as GOD created humans to have to survive!

  3. Justin:

    Did you watch the Joe Rogan and Dr Malone interview? And tell us, how much investments do you have that directly benefits from people receiving this thing? And what about all the really bad side effects that some of my friends experienced and where silenced? And the news reporting the sad news that young people have died of/with COVID, and few days later the family are saying that they hay other unrelated health conditions that they where already dying from?

    We are not lab rats, it may have been approved, but what everyone is still receiving today is still the emergency approved one, because in order to be fully released they have to label all the side effects, so right now it’s still the one that comes with a blank insert!

    A lie so big that people wouldn’t conceive I everyone being in on it! They couldn’t possibly do that to us the people? Well it has been done before, many, many times. With power, comes responsibly, and often corruption.

    I believe that humans are humans, regardless of where we come from, what we look like, what language we speak or who we identify as, we are all humans. I believe in educating yourself. I love science because it is about questioning the nature of things, which helps evolution, but right now I am really questioning why are so many people silenced, and it’s mostly big pharma associated doctors who are on the media saying what “IS” the lie?

    We know that many pharma lawsuits happened after experimental vaccine went wrong, and It took years and many lost lives before they were charged and “compensation” was made, as if they CAN compensate for the loved ones lost from experiments!

    And did you tell people that vaccine injuries are not covered by insurance company?

    Why are so many amazing doctors being silenced? And medicines that have been on the list of essential medicines are now made fun of?

    This is breach of our rights! And for those in control who wants to link us, like numbers, to a world ID pass, which links it to our health information, birth records, drivers license and such and link the cell phones we use and our bank accounts, what we buy ….

    Nurses and doctors who are the frontline, but those who are not paid to promote anything, are clear about the effects of what is happening: everything started to get bad when the vaccine started to be administered.

    I truly hope that the truth will come out now that there’s only 8 months for the big guys to release their data. I cannot wait to see people really waking up. There’s more and more every day who realizes that what I am talking about is actually true, as long as you don’t use one of the search engine endorsed by this whole thing to change peoples view by choosing what they see.

    Let 2022 be the year to end secrecy and may the truth become available to everyone, may our rights be respected and may the criminals be charged.

    1. A very well put speech!! So true! Nobody has the right to tell you what to put in your own body. Trudeau is an evil man and must answer to a high court for his crimes to humanity. A traitor to Canada and the Canadian people. Real agenda is to get everyone on board for the global reset.

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  5. Trudeau sounds desperate. The narrative that vaxed hate vax free people!! is such an evil lie. He is like a bully in the sandbox, kicking out at anyone who does not do what he says. He has serious emotional issues which show when he cannot answer simple questions. I made it thru 22 months covid free until my double vaxed close friend infected me and now i have tested positive. Where is their “science” now? How dare he say i could often be racist? mysogynist? unbeliever of science? because i do not want to be vaccinated ?? How is he able to make any connection between those accusations ?? and his fellow Canadians? … where is his data? All that was, was verbal diarrhoea by a spoiled boy not able to force others to do what he wants. What about all the spreaders out there… double vaxed and boosted?

    1. Anne-marie MacLeod

      This PM has me fearing what he will do to me as I am not vaxx and I am on disability

      I fear where I live right now and now feel I must get off disability so he has NO hold on me but I too live in a coop and even here I fear I will lose my home as well now

      As a survivor of sexual abuse, I am petrified he wants to do impose his will on me!! I am having nightmares and no longer feel safe in my own country!!!

      I emailed RCMP to lay charges but they have not replied back to me!!

      When do I get to feel safe!!!

      1. Michael Corrigan

        This tyrant has now threatened Canadians once again.This time he has broken laws.He needs to be taken out.If the laws of the land don’t then we need to hire someone who can get rid of him.All of us purebloods have been threatened and now it is personal.

    2. The fact is covid doesn’t now have been infected by the transmissionable vaxx .
      There is technology that does this..stay away from vaxtards. And never bang a chick that has been vaxxed. Interesting note .
      In California it’s now not illegal to intentionally infect anyone with hiv.
      Creepy shit and uncomfortable truth in afraid.

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  7. Jerald, Is that you?
    You are wasting your time my friends because Jerald gets paid quite handsomely to spout vitriol from the book of Marx and will never deviate from said course.

  8. All of my arguments on here are about rights and freedom. How do you connect that to your accusation that I’m racist? You have just lost any credibility you had, which was zero to begin with.

    1. This man has to go Canadians are done with his so called true science we would love to see him in court crimes against humanity

    2. Hi Mark,
      Ive attached my thoughts to your comments to prevent the non sheep from reading all of the negative comments generated by a non person named “Twit”
      Please do not engage with the comments that are over the top ridiculous. This is to cause more hatred. And by what I’m reading it’s working.
      Focus on the comments of Trudeau and let’s works together to bring back Canada 🇨🇦

      1. Hi Maddy, I’m wondering why it is that you’re not commenting on this person’s particular post about the unvaxxed… You commented on Marks by saying ….. “Please do not engage with the comments that are over the top ridiculous. This is to cause more hatred. And by what I’m reading it’s working. Focus on the comments of Trudeau and let’s work together to bring back Canada …
        I believe that what “Rog Whit” said has gone way over the top with his comments! Far beyond what Mark had said.
        Here’s “Rog Whit’s” post ……………………………….
        “Why can’t you people just do the right thing and get vaxxed? I wish I could pin you down and inject you myself. I hope you all end up fired and homeless. You don’t deserve to be free or in this country. You need to be in jail for criminal negligence. And yes you are racists as your comments here clearly show that”

        I think this person should be banned (post deleted and never allowed to make a comment again) for his comments, which actually sounds far worse than what Trudeau has said (hmm, maybe this is Truedope pretending to be Rog.

        I could make some of my own sarcastic comments about him, and I had no intentions of bashing anyone here, but, this does incite hatred ……………………………… BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAABAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
        Okay, so, 3rd shot coming soon, whoops, no, it’s 3 down, and 1 to go (booster 1) then next booster 2 then 3 then next, then maybe by that time you won’t have a need for anymore because (what do you think) that will do you in.

        I’ll at least have my own immunity and won’t have to depend on boosters for the rest of my life, however long that may be. Personally, and I say personally because I’m speaking for myself … I would rather die of whatever natural causes or if I get the flu, a cold or whatever, and if I die from it, then so be it … sad for the people I leave behind, but this is the way our lives go … were born, we live our lives for however long, then we die … all a natural part of the life and death!
        This post isn’t directed at any vaccinated people other than “Rog Whit’s” because I honestly believe if you decide to get it, then that’s your prerogative and I would respect that. I could go on, but I’ve said enough for now.

        Regarding Trudeau: He’s a Demonic, evil “DEVIL” thinking of only himself and his own family … F everyone else! You do know that he profits from every Vax that is given out! Hmmm, could that be why he’s pushing so hard and getting so desperate. His pockets aren’t full enough yet.

    3. I’m offended by the allegations that have been made against me by someone who has never met me. The anxiety and depression created by this has deeply effected my day to day operations.

  9. Why can’t you people just do the right thing and get vaxxed? I wish I could pin you down and inject you myself. I hope you all end up fired and homeless. You don’t deserve to be free or in this country. You need to be in jail for criminal negligence. And yes you are racists as your comments here clearly show that.

    1. Michael Corrigan

      Hey Rog come on try to inject me.It will be the last fokin thing you ever tried to do.And they’ll never find the remains.

      1. Brokerthanyou001

        I’m with you on that comment Michael. Let someone try to force vaccinate, I can promise it will be the last thing they’ll ever do

      1. And you will also hang with the politicians who promote racism against any group of people Canada was and is a multicultural country and we don’t tolerate racism by anyone so you too will be held accountable as well as the traitors

    2. Lol, I’m certain that you couldn’t even fight your way out of a wet paper bag let alone pin someone down to inject them with your treatment. You’re more than welcome to try though.

    3. You half wit inbreed retard, the jab obviously is useless, you got conned into taking it and now your a sad little girl lashing out at the smart people that have a brain and can think logically. I’d love to see you or any meat whistle come try and jab me and my family and how that works out for you.

    4. What an awful thing to say. You are the problem here. These kinds of comments are disgusting. You are clearly a shill for the pharmaceutical world or just an evil, ignorant fool. Either way, grow up.

    5. You seriously need to do some unbiased research. You are just regurgitating what the TV says. Thousands of reputable doctors, immunologists and virologists worldwide say the contrary. YOU need to really know the facts before you say uninformed propaganda. All the best with your immune system this winter.

    6. Freedom and vaccinated aren’t one in the same tell me in what country has obedience ever served the people , uprisings have lead more paths to freedom than any vaccine has . I pray you find your way

    7. United we stand Rog! Hate speech like yours jus makes us stronger. I am curious though, the folks who hired you, how much did they pay? I mean I’ve heard they pay well, you should try harder. Your failing miserably.
      Freedom is a very lofty snd noble pursuit.

      On the bandwidth of consciousness your statement belongs in the basement with terror.
      Please know that you are always loved no matter what and the universe accepts your necessary offering to the totality of this grand adventure we are on. Everyone in their right place and in receipt of their perfect outcome. No blame no shame my friend. In the end, ALL IS ONE.

    8. Good grief, do you hear yourself? I am a brown skinned woman. I am neither a racist or a misogynist. I’m certainly not an extremist in any way…unless you consider christianity to be an “extreme”. Where the heck is this coming from? What do vaccinations have to do with any of this? If I don’t like eating hotdogs because I think they’re bad for me, does that make me an anti-hotdog extremist who hates people? Gimme a break!

      1. Michael Corrigan

        He’s getting desperate his masters told him to hurry along the agenda .He’s not the brightest bulb.I say we all chip in as Patriots and get rid of him.If you know what I mean.

    9. Look at the Data from Pfizer’s trials, completed April 7th 2021, people just finding this out now , 53.47% of the test people have Adverse Reactions , 1224 people Died !!! After you look at the results, you get deep down in your sole and tell me to get there Jab, and then I’ll tell you what I think of You ??

    10. You are so ignorant to the truth and what is really going on. Trudeau is corrupt at every level. When you are sick in 5 years from your shots, don’t expect him or your country to be there for you. You are in pure denile if you think you will be taken care of. Your comments are a perfect example of why our country is failing.

    11. @RogWhit, did you even read the package insert for the “vaccine” when you “did the right thing” and got the shot? Lol. The insert is blank, sadly just like your brain. Blank from brainwashing. On what basis is getting injectted the right thing to do? It doesn’t even protect you from getting it and transmitting it and yet you have zero knowledge as to what is in that injection because you gobble up what they spew in your mouth and drink it up like a zombie. So sad and tragic and now you are jabbed for nothing and hateful too. Definitely not Canadian of you eh!

    12. Wow. That is horrible.
      Isn’t the point to stop the spread? It isn’t doing its job. It does not stop the spread. That is a fvT that can’t be argues. . Make me understand your point of view.
      I have vaxed and vax free in my tribe. Regardless if their status, they all believe in freedom of choice, informed consent and body autonomy.
      It is even about the vax. People need the ability to make an informed choice without judgement and hatred.

      1. Michael Corrigan

        Its not about the jab its poison.The Qr code is the key everyone has to have one so they can collapse the econemy bring in a digital currency social credit system.Now they have total control over you.

    13. christopher molson

      Imagine if you will that there is a 99,7 % chance that you will not shit your pants but your forced to wear diapers just in case. Now image that you must wear those diapers to prevent your neighbors from shitting their pants too.
      Wake up dim whit

      1. Add to the fact that there is a chance, even if small, that those diapers might kill you or seriously harm you. And you or your loved ones have no recourse against anybody if that happens

        1. Oh gosh Trudeau we need to get rid of you oh, you’re not working for us the people and yet we’re paying your wage! Out! With him!

    14. I pray that you experience your vaccine! Just as I have seen the effects of it to so many young women and men that come into the hospital on a daily basis! Remember “the seeds that you sow you will reap” whoa unto you!!

    15. Hi Rog, when you’re on the 13th booster and get COVID are you gonna still blame the unvaccinated who are only their 12th? This video says it all and can only be interpreted one way………you’ve been duped and are the experiment, good luck and I wish you the best. be

    16. Your a prime example of the hate being incited by Trudeau…thank you for showing Canadians all what this PM is doing and what he is trying to achieve!

      Inciting hate and harm onto others.

    17. Rog Whit, we are living in a Free country. We have a choice in a Democratic society. With your wishes of pinning us down and forcing a vaccine on us unwilling sounds like a Communist way of doing things. Why don’t you get the F&@k out of Canada and move to China or North Korea . You would be much happier there.

    18. You are exactly why Trudeau needs to be charged with hate crimes. He has invited people like yourself to spew hatred towards people you don’t even know. Shame on you. Shame on Trudeau.,

  10. All of you are fucking terrorists. I have filed an anonymous tip to the RCMP about how all of you are enemies of the state. Enjoy getting your internet monitored and then getting hunted down. I cant wait to see what other activities you folks are up to. Nothing but traitors and terrorists on here.

    How dare you disrespect one of the greatest Canadian leaders in history. I agree you are full of hate and are racists.

    1. Jannaleigh Hughes

      Bahahah, thank you for the daily giggle. Your comments are almost as delusional as our “great ” leader is. One wouldn’t have thought he would even surpass the idiocy and horrible legacy his father passed down to Canadian history, but he has and will forever be a black mark in our future history.

      If you beleive what you say, why the anonymous tip, say your name, stand your ground..oh wait…. Idiot

    2. Where do you get your crack? I guess you also support communism like Trudeau. Also Rog what the heck name is that lol. Thanks for the laugh though. Take care.

    3. You mean the most division and most criminal prime minister in Canada’s history? A true leader would bring people together, not tear them apart like this joker.

    4. You’re cute. Don’t support goofs like Trudeau and establishment. Perhaps he paied you off with a trip to Epstein Island?

    5. Thanks for sharing another unhinged rant. You can now go back to masturbating in Trudeau’s honour at that little shrine you built for him in your mom’s basement.

    6. You are committing a hate crime now. You will be reported.

      CCC section 319:
      note:Public incitement of hatred

      319 (1) Every one who, by communicating statements in any public place, incites hatred against any identifiable group where such incitement is likely to lead to a breach of the peace is guilty of

      (a) an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years; or

      (b) an offence punishable on summary conviction.

      1. ROG WHIT, what you wrote there is hate speech and you’ll be reported.

        CCC section 319:
        note:Public incitement of hatred

        319 (1) Every one who, by communicating statements in any public place, incites hatred against any identifiable group where such incitement is likely to lead to a breach of the peace is guilty of

        (a) an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years; or

        (b) an offence punishable on summary conviction.

    7. Rog, Time to turn off the news and get outside for some exercise. Find someone who loves you, has patience and who is awake and knows what is actually going on. The propaganda is getting to you. Its getting to us all. We are not enemies and will it not take long to truly understand who the enemy is, but first you have to deal with the guy in the mirror, then ask God and He will open your eyes. All you have to do is ask. Be blessed Rog. Love from my family to yours. Peace.

    8. Try it Rog you have no idea who I am hahahaha. Come try and pin me down I dare you. Did you not know that they already monitor us every single day, you moron. You and people like you are the ones wreaking our country.

    9. I find it almost entertaining but you can’t fool me. This is definitely not a real person with real views. You are payed to write responses to take away from the narrative. So let’s all stay focused on the real culprit. Trudeau 🤬

    10. Our government is officials are the traitors, not the people.
      They are coming for all of us, vaxxed or not vaxxed. At this point and with a variant that is no worse than a bad flu, do you really think this is about a virus? Compliance my friends…
      The hate campaign launched by Trudeau, all part of the plan. Create conflict in society. It’s happening all over the world.

    11. You truly are an ignorant asshat. You are as ignorant as the criminal scum that calls himself Canada’s prime minister. You would be wise to shut up.

    12. Why would you file an anonymous tip? I signed my letter to the attorney general asking him to lay charges against Trudeau for hate crimes. I have no fear of identifying myself. If you are so proud of your yourself you would have identified yourself as well. We are not traitors or terrorists because we don’t agree with you. I am sad for you that you have not learned to allow others to have a dissenting opinion from yours.

    13. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😅🤭🤭🤣😅😅🤮🤮🤮
      Someone please take these two lunatics Rog Whit and DIMWIT Trudeau that thing that thinks he’s teaching a drama class ! put them in straight jackets

  11. Support the Peoples Party Of Canada. They are the only party speaking out about the criminals in our House of Commons.

    1. Maxime is a fucking racist and hates Muslims. Sure support that party if you are a racist, again I rest my point. Trudeau is 100% correct on all you folks.

      1. I’m looking for a leader do doesn’t break the most important laws in Canada – our Charter of Rights and Freedoms and who is honest – doesn’t provide his mother, wife and sibling with our tax dollars to participate in charities. I don’t want to live in a communist style dictatorship and I want to be left alone to take care of my own health. I am not interested in participating in an experimental drug program. In other words, I want to live in a free country and at the moment I am not.
        The Peoples Party of Canada is the only political party right now who seems to agree with my way of life. People like you have no interest in taking control of your own health and want a dictator like Trudeau to not just recommend how you live your life but to force experimental health measures on you.
        You see old video of the Nazis herding the Jews into buildings where they did deadly experiments on these victims and they followed orders without a fight. Its people like you who would have been in those lineups back then.

      2. Rog Whit have you ever heard it said that he who trades there freedom for promised safety or security deserves to have neither in the end

      3. Hey Hater. You are the problem with our society. Your vial hate and delusion sets you apart from any normal human.

        You claim one person is a racist (no evidence), while defending a known sexual predator who hates his own skin. That takes a lot of mental gymnastics to justify. You should change your handle to “No Whit”

        Good Luck dealing with that boot on your throat, when your time comes.

      4. Rog, Rog, Rog! There you go again! Questioning Islam does not mean one hates Muslims. What is Islam except a set of ideas? Ideas that involve stoning & beheading people, killing gays, animal cruelty, oppressing women, etc. Most sane people find those ideas rather barbaric & objectionable. All we ask is that of Muslims, or anyone, that those things not be practiced in Canada and that OUR laws be respected & obeyed. Trudeau, on the other hand has made it rather obvious he’s racist by wearing blackface numerous times, disrespecting First Nations and shown general disdain for Caucasians. If you support Trudeau YOU are the racist.

      5. Wow, wow,wow!!! You’re the best demonstration of lunacy that’s been aired since captain crayon himself last moved his disgusting, lying lips. You must be in love.

      6. Rogan you really need to climb back in your hole. You are type of human that is lower than a snake. You going to join Turdboy and do his crimes against humanity too. Live in your bubble and leave the smart ones alone.

      1. Voting for People’s Party is facist…so you support Hitler now? Liberal is the only path forward for everyone. PPC is a fringe party and full of terrorists.

        1. If you look up the definition of a terrorist, it describes our current government – “a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation, especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims.”

  12. Reelected during a fake pandemic
    by the majority of women voters?!
    They held the power
    they are responsible?!

    Their attraction to tyranny ?!

  13. Wow. These people must be stopped. A majority vote of no confidence in this Liberal agenda. God willing Canadians rise up against this party of demons. Government Lies at every level. The liberal science can not be trusted and health officials just repeat the prepared statements they are handed. Like most corrupt News Services. No stronger and Love stronger. 2022 is gonna get more insane. Somethings coming. For the good or the bad nothing will stop it. Communism is in our politics, our schools and our businesses. Vaccines are useless and made up variations of virus’ are the new market of billionaire robber barons. Rise up and wise up before its to late. Much Love and god bless you in the new year.

    1. F this tyrant!! Maybe the Canadian citizens need to ask themselves how long they have to “tolerate” this loser, liar and cheat!! The “election” he held was one taught by his daddy….his REAL dad aka Castro and how they took over cuba. WAKE UP Canada!! STAND tall and STAND UNITED.

      1. The rest of Canada is asking ourselves how long are we going to tolerate people like you, causing fear and hatred in our society. You are nothing but a 2nd rate terrorist.

    2. You must be stopped. Your thoughts are poison and treacherous. Please do me a favour, go to the nearest police station and admit your crimes.

  14. Notice how this man is constantly changing his appearance. Now without beard. He is a chameleon trying to hide his obsequious pandering to his controllers from the public. If humanity should go on to preserve itself from the dystopian future the pyramid cap envisions this entity will face a very hard judgement. This means that this thing is all in in advancing the agenda of the ‘cap.’

    1. So what, he cant shave his beard now? That is how critical you are. OMG you shave your beard you must be a racist. Look in the mirror buddy, you are the one being judgmental.

        1. Well if you disagree with someone that is trying to spread love and respect for all in society you must be racist.

          1. You’re demented Rog. No one on here has said anything racist or misogynist. You and your moronic leader Turdo cannot refute the evidence for the dangers and uselessness of the clot-shots so you resort to ad hominem. The vitriol you spew on here is disgusting and your utter lack of self awareness is horrifying: claiming your leader is “trying to spread love and respect for all in society” when he just dehumanized and demonized a large segment of society. Who the hell do you think you are to accuse your fellow Canadians of being criminals for making an informed medical choice. Get this through your thick fucking skull: the shots don’t work. They don’t stop infection or transmission- the jabbed are just as likely to spread the virus as the unjabbed therefore the unjabbed are in no way a greater threat to society than the jabbed which destroys the justification for vaccine mandates and passports.

          2. No no Rog.. Podge whatever your name is d**p***t I think you need to re-evaluate what Trun do is trying to do ..🤣😅 love and respect ???that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard ! that man is so corrupt and dishonest! He has no conscience he’s a pedophile! creating dissension amongst everyone! But unfortunately your lack of brain cells don’t allow you to see clearly!

  15. He should be sued and made to resign, there are enough black women who are against vaccinations how are they racist and misogynistic, this is hate speech, he should not be able to get away with it, what are Canadians doing?

    1. Most Canadians are doing our part to help society, not the hate and fear mongering you are causing. I have reported this page to the RCMP. I cant wait for them to hunt all of you down and charge you with Treason!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Rog you really need to climb back in your hole. You are type of human that is lower than a snake. You going to join Turdboy and do his crimes against humanity too. Live in your bubble and leave the smart ones alone.

  16. Hard to call that our PM. It is embarrassing as others have said. I as well used to be a proud Canadian. No longer. The division created amongst the citizens and fueled by sheeple as Rog W only show there distain for our country. I do not want a country with Turdo or Rog W’s in it.
    Taking an experimental gene therapy for a NON THREATENING common cold and then demand children take it is criminal. VAERS reporting system tells all.
    It is so encouraging to hear all you with eyes wide open. Many are waking and standing up. I am borrowing this but it is those with eyes open but remain silent and do nothing are no better than the shepple.
    Through away the masks – join the organizations fighting – get involved and show our strength. I appreciate all those that have done so much to lead us out of this medical tyranny. Our true leaders!!!!

    1. Well said! I feel that our once great country has really taken a header down the crapper under Jt’s divisive “leadership”. Our society is in the late stages of subversion. Preachers of collectivism like Jt are poisoning our future on many levels.

    2. Manifest Freedom

      Fight these criminals like hell. Hypnosis by MSM. There is a name for what is happening…Mass Formation Psychosis is what it is called…stems from isolation and fear. These “officials’ really just highly paid creeps are responsible for injuring so many.
      MAKE THE COLD COMMON AGAIN! Germaphobes stay home.

  17. Doesn’t want to tolerate us, eh? We’re racist masogynists? What does he base this on? Show me the stats, please! Those of us not taking the jab actually CARE about our health! So GET OFF OF OUR BACKS YOU CRAZY POTATO!

  18. Wow. So I am unscientific, a misogynist and racist. Interesting accusation. I have about 16,000 on my email list. I am willing to bet that if I used a scientific poll and asked my followers who know me in a survey if I am any of those things, or all of those things, we would be hard pressed to get anyone who knows me to say that. And if we were being really scientific we could ask our Crimeminister to pick 16,000 off any email list of his choice in this country who know him, there would be a significantly higher number for his account on all three charges.

    When it comes to organizing evidence you would have to have access to data from all sides. Since only one side of the data which comes from big pharma is available to him, I would think he is the one who is not going by the science. Wonder when the last time he looked at Doctor reports who had concerns with the vax? Wonder if he has seen the videos from the undertakers, the paramedics, or the nurses who would rather risk the disease, and give up their incomes after their front line experience, than become one of the statistics of those who suffer heart attacks and strokes after taking the most ineffective vaccination to ever hit the market? Did he examine the websites of alternative procedures or read the research documents coming out of other countries (that were not sponsored by big pharma)? Has he checked on the highly vaccinated countries of Israel and Gibraltar to see how they are fairing? I bet he went to Fact Checker sponsored by Pfizer for his scientific data, if he looked at all.

    Am I unscientific? Well I have spent about 10 hours a week looking up things, reading books, and having discussions with professionals every week for about 2 years now. I would still not call myself an expert, but I am willing to bet Justin Trudeau has not put that kind of time into any research.

    But wait, I have never been accused of being a misogynist. I am a woman. Just did a self-examination and I am happy to report, I do not hate women. So he lied about me there for sure.

    Am I a racist. I am a white woman who is married to a black man. I have NEVER painted my face black. Not ever. Once again I have been one uped by Trudope!

    So my friends who are not buying this hype, how are you measuring up to these accusations? Are you indeed unscientific, misogynistic racists?

    Dangerous words they have labelled us with. I used to live in a country where we did not put up with bullies. I think some tornedo has carried us away and I am looking for my red shoes to click together so I can get back to a place I can call home.


    1. Trudeau has done nothing but a great job running this country and I hope he continues to do it for the foreseeable future. The unxvaxxed are a plague to society, full of selfishness and ignorance. Trudeau is calling you all out on you BS, that is why you have all your thong panties in a bundle!!! Grow up.

      Trudeau has done a lot of good for this country in the past year. He secured a healthy supply of vaccines, helped supplement those that could not work with COVID relief, helped save 4000 Afghanistanians by getting them out and brought to Canada as refugees…helping create reconciliation with the indigenous people….geeeze no wonder he calls you folks racists. If you diss somebody like this you obviously must be some sort of low life animal.

        1. No no Rog.. Podge whatever your name is d**p***t I think you need to re-evaluate what Trun do is trying to do ..🤣😅 love and respect ???that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard ! that man is so corrupt and dishonest! He has no conscience he’s a pedophile! creating dissension amongst everyone! But unfortunately your lack of brain cells don’t allow you to see clearly!

      1. An aunt with an enlarged heart, another aunt had a stroke, a cousin also had a stroke. You’re probably contracted by an Israeli troll farm. Should be ashamed of your behavior.

        1. If its a medical condition thats fine. I am talking about you people who dont have one and out of sure ignorance and self-righteousness you dont take the Vax. You clearly think you are better than all of us because you dont car about Canadian’s safety. So who is the racist????

          1. I have personal knowledge that Trudeau is the son of Fidel Castro.

            Don’t try to argue. I was a neighbor of the Sinclairs in 1969. I know things.

            You sir are a Communist. Trudeau has made Canada a laughing stock

          2. Clearly it is you who is ignorant and self-righteous. None of us deplorable dirty unjabbed yahoos want to force anyone who wants the shots to not take them, we want the people to be assured of their human right to make an informed choice in accord with the facts and the facts show that these injections have already killed more people than covid. Any sensible person after doing a cost/benefit analysis would conclude that they would be better off without them. For the leader of a free country to defame and shame us for exercising our freedom of choice is absolutely reprehensible. That being said, if you want to get jabbed…knock yourself out.

          3. Hey shit head look at the statistics its you vaxxed who are getting infected, its you vaxxed who are the majority. What’s your fucking excuse answer shit head.

          4. Shut up Karen not everything is racist. Man you’re pathetic. Did they teach you that if you throw a “that’s racist” into a conversation you don’t like you might win? You’re not Canadian. Being Canadian is saying “I don’t like what you’re saying but I’ll fight and defend your right to say it”. Not “shut up that’s racist!”. 😂

          5. One thing I’ll say about Justless Falsedeau is that he is very talented in the ability to brainwash people. I think the jab helps with this as well. It seems to be altering people’s minds.

      2. @Rog Whit
        Don’t you see the strawman argument he brings forth?
        He misrepresents our argument to make it easier to smear us…using a well known logical fallacy..then follows through with ad hominem death blows like “racism and misogyny”, of all things…more logical fallacy…I don’t believe he has never said anything that is true in his entire life…his mind is obviously twisted.
        The truth is this;
        We are not at all against vaccination, but against dictatorial vaccination, coercion, the imposition of medical treatments without the consent of an individual. In short, we are against extremist governance.
        And this is what forces us to resist his tyrannical directives, nothing to do with vaccination as such. So he expresses logical fallacies in order to promote his propaganda and divide the population between vaccinated and non-vaccinated this time, rather than between Germans and Jews, such as was used during the 2nd world war,… but it is exactly the same phenomena.
        The PM is a “natural immunity denier” and he has the audacity to say that he is proceeding according to the principles of science. My son in law is double jabbed and was just diagnosed with covid and sent home by his company…so he’s lying about that too.
        You have got to be kidding us, or he pays you well to do what you do!

        1. Well I am not a fan of government control but all you people on here are nothing but trouble makers trying to cause anarchy. I think you people for sure need to be controlled spreading your lies and fear mongering. I think you people want to ruin Canada, cause us to split apart. I just wish bill C-10 was passed so you people would be forced to shut up and websites like these would be shut down. Nothing but lies, misinformation and hatred here. You are all so unCanadian.

          Why can’t you just let us Build Back Better and let the government do its job? You are a blight to society and progress. Its because of you assholes the lockdowns are still going on. You refuse to do your part in society and so society must suffer. Nothing but pure selfishness. I bet many of you are narcists and sociopaths. Its all about “me me me” on here. A bunch of greedy poorly raised little brats on here, all of you!!!!!

          1. You not only love government control, you love government lying, cheating, corruption, and stealing. Then again an idiot like you still can’t refute the statistic that show’s the pandemic of the vaxxed.

          2. Wow! The fascism is strong in you! Shut down anyone with opposing viewpoints. The only people who do such things are NAZIs, socialists and communists. You know, the ones that murdered millions of people in the 20th century? Those genocidal maniacs are the people you aspire to be like.

        1. You are an idiot. Trudeau is a hero in my book and many others. He has done far more than stupid Harper did or any other conservative politician for that matter. One of the best leaders this country has ever had. and you all disrespect him. Makes me ashamed I have to call you a Canadian.

          1. If air headed puppet wannabe tyrant and trust fund baby is your hero, then you should immediately jump of a 50 story building, you sack of shit.

      3. Just saw this. Thought it might give you something to think about. The Toronto Sun is just reporting this now, but it is not new news. Those of us who have cared to ask questions learned that this was the case over a year ago. This article is likely to be changed, because censorship is alive and well in Canada. So go look at what it says right now. I took a screen shot, as I often do, because an hour from now, it may be gone completely or it may say something completely different. Read it and do some thinking. The people on your streets who did not vaccinate are not your enemies. You do have an enemy, but it is not us.

        1. @ K G
          I find it sad that Bright light news doesn’t offer thumb up likes, I would thumb up all of your comments…it is so refreshing to see that there remains some people with discernment and the ability to think clearly, while being under a massive propaganda initiative.
          Keep doing what you do.

      4. Funny @Rog Whit
        As he really helped create reconciliation with indigenous?!?
        I for one take to the heart his hypocrisy on the subject.
        I have been following all of it very scrupulously. I have been trying to stand up for all the causes concerning indigenous and their rights since a young age.
        I know for a fact that he was just show and mirrors,
        to fool people like you to vote for him.
        The north are still suffering from lack of housing, jobs and food.
        Some families are living in fishing shacks by the sea during cold winters.
        He also continued his battle in court against First Nations children who suffered discrimination in the welfare system, and luckily the judge dismissed a pair of legal challenges by the government. Tribunal ruled that the federal government had “wilfully and recklessly” discriminated against Indigenous children living on reserves by failing to properly fund child and family services.
        Here are some other issues you can research for yourself that you might be unaware of:
        1. Wet’suwet’en title and the stand against the RCMP bullying.
        2. Mi’kmaw fisheries and the stand against the RCMP bullying.
        3. The Caledonia Impasse and housing development that they claim is on unceded territory.
        3. Violence against Indigenous Women and Girls.
        5. 38 long term drinking water advisories in affect within 29 communities/reserves.
        (I for one know the feeling of taking a bath in orange coloured water. And having to boil the water just to get a drink that is somewhat safer.) I worry about those who have it worse on other reserves across Canada.
        No one in 2021-2022 should be living this. Specially not when our PM is sending money outside of the country to help other countries first.
        These are just to name some.
        The government of Canada is a repeat offender when it comes to discrimination against First Nations. It let the Religion take the blame for the cultural genocide?! We very well know that religion and the government was hand in hand in the past.
        Yet it is so bound up in its colonial ideology,
        that it expects First Nations to be grateful for small measures that relieve some, but not all, of its discriminatory conduct.
        I feel it is time to stop feeding the government’s insatiable appetite to be thanked for its inadequate measures and to demand a complete end to the inequality.

        We are a peaceful diverse group that united and that cares about ALL Canadian’s rights and liberties. We are strong minded Canadians, from the West to the East, who understand very well that we are in urgent need of standing for democracy and against tyranny in this country. We research, learn, share and understand for ourselves, because we understand that the government’s financial links with the media is a way to control the information and creates propaganda. We understand that no government should control the information and censorship. We understand that the government is silencing all who are speaking against his narrative.
        The vaccinated are getting sick and they are spreading the virus.
        No need to focus on the unvaccinated. This segregation that as taking place in our communities is enforced by the QR code and people like you.
        It is our right of choice what we do with our bodies. Not yours, not the governments!

        1. Very well said the sad part is that it is all true. What is the matter with people that they put up with this shit . God help us all

      5. Fuck off, most of the cases are vaxxed you little shit, explain the current plague of the vaxxed. Oh and great reconciliation of natives there, in his surf party in Tofino yeah that little turd is a real inspiration of shit just like you.

      6. Hahahaha wow and you’re an idiot. I’m fully vaccinated and can see the true agenda. A vaccine that doesn’t even work. But yup come on keep on taking it, keep complying.
        He doesn’t even know what racist means considering he was blackface for a few times now and apparently that’s ok!!!

        Yup let’s keep supporting a loser that nope hasn’t done much, but has no problem taking off on holidays during the indigenous holiday on sept 30th. Oooo and sleeping with prostitutes. Yup one great leader alright.

        The vaccine should be by choice not pushed on people… our rights and freedoms are being taken away…

        1. You try working 364 days a year! Then when you want a day off you get in shit and people hate you. The man has been working his ass off for this country. Yes is was a very bad call to take the day off on that particular holiday but fuck me, when you get burned out you get burned out. You have such unrealistic expectations of people, I bet you are a horrible person to work with, probably a fucking slave driver. And who is the racist now????

      7. Helped indigenous with a dumb day? Lol you are an idiot. He went surfing that day so obviously doesn’t care about them. Let’s give them some dumb day instead of helping them get clean water. You should be in a nut house. The indigenous didn’t want some dumb day, they even said that. They wanted real help. But hey Rog knows all except common sense. The science doesn’t shut up or censor scientists. When they do that it’s not science anymore just an opinion.

  19. Well this speech was rather embarrassing for someone who’s been a teacher and is supposed to be a leader of our country .perhaps he can use a few of the dollars he’s probably getting from kickbacks and invest in a dictionary or a speech writer .
    And if his misuse of these terms were to imply that the unvaxed hold any prejudice against the vaxxed ,he is the one spreading hate and misinformation as it would make him appear to be a huge hypocrite based on the accusations he’s just made against the unvaxed creating this divide .

    1. He looks to me like a desperate Prime Minister who is starting to see that not all Canadians can be deceived into taking his medicine and more of those who did take his medicine are now regretting it. He called the election when he did because he knew if he waited the truth would surface before he had a chance of being re-elected.

  20. By far the worst prime minister Canada has ever had..inciting hate speech.. taking his cues from his commy handlers. The gig is up Justin…people are waking up and are on to your game.

    1. It’s from the TV talk show “La semaine des 4 Julie” on Noovo Chanel (, broadcasted on September 16th. The host is Julie Snyder, ex-wife of Pierre-Karl Péladeau, son of the founder of Quebecor, the biggest media Corp. in Quebec.

    2. I found the interview very well thought out and informative. Its you people and I mean YOU PEOPLE that are the problem in society but many Canadians have had enough. If you cant get vaccinated you should GTFO of Canada. You are not Canadians in our book! Go to Afghanistan, see how you like it there. Make friends with the unvaccinated Taliban! It will probably improve your IQ if you brain detaches from your body.

      1. Actually science shows that the vaccinated now have higher rates of infection than the unvaccinated. Look at Ontario’s latest official government statistics. It’s been this way for months in the UK, even before Omicron appeared so we can’t blame this on new variants escaping the vaccines — they didn’t work even against the original strains. And vaccines never prevented spread, they just reduced severity of symptoms. The vaccines were never intended to eradicate the virus and end the pandemic; they were intended to roll into a 6 month booster program for the rest of time for 100% of the population. It’s the greatest business plan ever invented for Pfizer and Moderna and any other company on the program — to capture and corrupt government regulators who then use the law to force 100% of a country’s population to become captive customers who are required to buy and take your product every 6 months, no exceptions allowed. And beyond that, the companies are protected from legal liability for any vaccine injuries their product may cause to victims!!! And then the companies bring out super-expensive patented treatments for the injuries their own vaccines cause!! Then they fund ad campaigns trying to convince people that childhood myocarditis was always a common illness! Genius!!

      2. Even Forest Gump could have figured out that the first 3 injections are not “effective”, cause there’s a fourth booster on the way…You should be wondering what has the vax done to your discernment skills (if you’ve ever had any), but you can no longer question anything of that nature, can you?
        I see that everywhere, the vaccine seems to contain very strong hypnotic trance properties rather than being any cure for the Covid at all.
        To reiterate,another comment, my son in law and some of his also 2x vaxxed co-workers, were just sent home after being diagnosed with Covid.
        My daughter is unvaxxed, looking after him, and she’s doing just fine…So both you and Trou-d’eau are completely “out to lunch” on this issue.

      3. I would love to leave. Unfortunately my Crimeminister has made it impossible to do so. Without taking a shot in the arm, I can’t board an airplane. However, I am a tax paying Canadian and I did time in the military. I was willing to give my life for my country. How about you Rog? Are you not concerned at all that people are being coerced and manipulated and bullied? Don’t you believe in a free Canada? Does our Constitution and our Bill of Rights mean nothing to you? And do you sincerely believe that my taking this vaccination will make it all go away? Google what is happening in Israel and Gibraltar. They have very high vaccination rates. They are in lockdown right now. The highest cases of covid that they ever seen. Don’t you have any questions about this? Surely you can see the push to destroy small business as we are all herded towards the big box stores. Doesn’t that make you think?

        1. @ K G
          I know far too many vaxxed who have completely lost the ability to snap out of their trance and question the logical fallacies presented by Governments and MSM. All of them, actually.
          I’m beginning to consider that IT may very well be the real agenda behind his insisting that everybody must get vaxxed.

      4. You are part of the problem.Turn off global and do some actual research.So many dumb people in this country and i mean fokin dumb

      5. Again fuck off with experimental vaxxes that don’t work, I’m not interested and taking them. If an delusional idiot like you where honest, then admit they don’t work, if the vaxx worked then you have no reason to post you garbage here, you’re protected so you can again fuck off. Plague of the dirty vaxxed carrying rat like you Roger boy.

  21. So, if I get Vaccinated I won’t be a misogynistic racist anymore? Or Would I still be one….?

    Even stranger still is, this “man” Has multiple blackface photos in circulation, has had multiple misogynistic type reports, from groping to using and firing women.

    Oh and unscientific….that’s when you hear people called “health experts” say things like “it’s Natural we have higher COVID cases in vaccinated people because we have more vaccinated people.” At the bottom of CTV articles where they explain out of 10k new Cases 8k are fully vaccinated……..and then you decide that seems like a questionable claim when weighed agasint every other vaccine we have gotten.

    1. But they continue to blame the unvaccinated for infecting the vaccinated. They are getting more desperate as the truth becomes clearer.

  22. This is Brutal discrimination and Hate propagation against ordinary Canadians
    like I have never seen before ! This is a Canadian PM who promotes inclusiveness and openness! Such hypocrisy…
    He bluntly ignores and obviously doesn’t know, care or will admit to the
    emerging “true medical data” on an massive experimental injection campaign to further justify his own bias and unsubstantiated agenda.
    Who voted for this dictator and who will re-elect such an arrogant & slanderous leader
    who’s own political integrity is already in serious question by federal government inquiries ??

    1. Its far passed time for Justin Castro/Trudeau to step down. He’s embarrassed Canada like no other PM ever has. He’s lied to Canadians on countless occasions and has wasted billions of tax dollars on this virus that’s no worse than a common cold. He’s been the cause for people losing jobs and businesses, our economy is in shambles and he heads off to be the life of the party every chance he gets. He’s not allowing our parliament to function the way it’s supposed to and will not answer questions. He’s used his family as pawns by lying about Sofie having covid 19 last year and even saying he bribed his son with chocolate to get vaccinated, even the kid knows better. He’s a disgusting human and leader IMO!

    2. Its not hate if its common sense which you are clearly lacking. Poor me poor me my name is Daniel, the whole world revolves around me, I dont want to get vaccinated wah wah wah, I am a big baby and my feelings get hurt easy.

      Grow up you man child!

      1. Your unhinged diatribe makes no sense. Most people posting to this forum appreciate freedom, which you obviously do not. You are the one who should be heading to Afghanistan, or some such $#!thole, where rights are not “a thing”. You have shown time and time again here that your fascistic, intolerant attitudes are much closer to that of the Taliban than you realize.

        1. Funny irony for Roger, is that the rate of vaxxing in Taliban run Afghanistan is near zero, that moron would have are heart attack alone with that knowledge if dropped off there.

        1. Mike , this Nit whit is not worth while responding to, this idiot has a direct line to the PM and his morons . Time to ignore his babbling idiot and say a final fuck off .

    3. The vote was rigged, we no longer have a democracy. Did you hear any discussion during the last “election” about how the Chinese-made ballot counting machines were being verified to be accurate and tamper-proof? No, neither did I.

    4. I agree almost 100%. The only thing is… this does not seem to be an experiment. In experiments we collect data. Nobody is collecting the data of vaccination injuries, or still born babies, or deaths by suicide in lockdown. No data of any kind is being collected. Therefore this is not an experiment. They know exactly what they are doing. We are not lab rats. We are just rats being exterminated.

  23. So this guy thinks that declining a dangerous and useless experimental injection makes one not only a bad person but racist and misogynistic? How the eff does that make any sense to him or anyone else? What does a personal medical decision have to do with racism or misogyny? Who takes this guy seriously anymore? There’s a drama class missing a teacher somewhere. Resign already Turdo.

    1. I agree, this webpage is full of hate crimes. I wish all of you could be thrown in jail. You are traitors and terrorists. I have reported this website tot he RCMP. You should all be charged with harassments and hate crimes. The disrespect on here for the liberal party is disgusting. They are trying to help you, your families and all Canadians and you spit in there face.

      You are the ones causing the hate crimes!!!!!

      1. Nit Whit, I don’t know about you but when I grew up I believed in are country and felt proud to be a Canadian, as I got older I realized what are Canadian Armed Forces did for all Canadians ( they fought for are freedom ) .
        They fought to prevent what was happening in Germany to never happen her.
        Pierre Trudeau way back when when I was in my twenties was also the Communist pockets.
        JT’s dad gave the natives the finger as he passed through Salmon Arm Bc. He could care a-lees about the natives. JT only responded to the aboriginal community because of the finding at the residential schools this last summer.
        What has this PM done for the aboriginal communities in northern Ontario.
        What about the five eyes , I mean 4 eyes and Huawei , sitting on the fence as usual trying to keep China happy.
        I could go on, but he’s not worth it.
        When politics was democratic politics there was debate, no debate on covid 19 flue.
        I always thought that a vaccine protected you.
        This so called vaccine is joke but sure is a money maker.

  24. Holey cow this is the man leading our country!! I am so disappointed in our leaders and those that continue to be hypnotized by this government and the false media coverage. Please wake up 🙏

    1. The other disturbing thing is all the leaders of the other parties are doing nothing to stop this murderer. You don’t see Erin O’Tool pounding on his desk demanding a stop to a clear violation of our Charter of Rights and Freedoms. I have no doubt that Action4Canada’s law suit that has been filed against the government will be successful. When this happens, the other leaders have to look in the mirror and ask themselves what they did to stop this.

      1. I wonder if they filed a suit against Erin The Tool for being a lousy opposition to this tyranny? He is not doing his job either. Who is holding him accountable? Our grandfather’s died fighting a war to give us these freedoms. They are rolling in their graves right now. We all sit by calming watching and hoping it will all just go away.

    2. Hey Rod Whit. Why don’t you shut your mouth. No one wants to hear anything you have to say because you are an idiot. If you had the least bit of common sense, you would realize that the invaccinated have nothing to do with the virus because the majority of the people who are getting sick and spreading it are the vaccinated. Do everyone a favour and shut your pie hole. Go back to playing with your Barbie Dolls you pussy

  25. Your desperation is showing, Justine.
    What’s the matter, things not going exactly as planned?
    The useless eaters were not sheepish enough for you to manipulate effectively?
    You boiled the frog too fast, you and your buddies got greedy.
    What a time to be alive!

    1. All the evil elites are scared
      They are ramping up because they are afraid of us “,bottom feeders” as I heard us referred to

  26. Trudope should be on death row. Being unethical is the nice thing to say about him. Trader to Canada and a communist lover. Biggest danger to Canada and democracy. Would thing his daddy Fidel, would be proud. Worse pm ever!

    1. He is for sure the worst PM in our history and I think our great grandchildren will learn all about his evil ways in history class where he will be compared to Hitler.

  27. Nous somme pas du tout contre la vaccination, mais contre la vaccination dictatoriale, la coercition, l’imposition de traitements médicaux sans le consentement d’un individu. En somme, nous sommes contre la gouvernance extrémiste. Et c’est cela qui nous force a résister ses directives tyranniques, pas la vaccination comme tell. Donc encore la il exprime une fausse logique dans le but de promouvoir sa propagande et de diviser la population entre vaccines et non vaccines cette fois-ci, plutôt qu’entre Allemands et Juifs tell que durant la 2ieme guerre mondiale, mais c’est exactement le même phénoménisme.
    Le PM est un “natural immunity denier” et il a l’audace de dire qu’il y vas selon les principes de science.

    1. Thank you Jaco Bytes!
      Very well said 👌
      People who believes and support our PM’s lies have gone insane along with him!

    2. Bien répondu Jaco,
      Quelles sont les références sur ses commentaires scientifiques?
      Il ne connaît rien de la science! IIl a besoin de s’instruire et de consulter les experts et
      Les spécialistes comme Dr Mc Cullough, Dr. Zélenko, Dr. Martin, ainsi que celui qui a inventé le ‘m RNA’, Dr. Malone et bien d’autres! Mais notre premier ministre joue avec sa population! Son nez deviendra si long qu’il me pourra pas se moucher!
      I’ll nous prend pour des imbéciles!! IIl nous cache son agenda et de remplit les poches d’argent!
      Ceux et celles qui connaissent ce qui se passe, savent the très bien que ce vaccin n’est pas pour sauver et sauvegarder la population!

      1. Louise, can you also confirm for me that the spoken words of the PM are EXACTLY as subtexted? I sent it to my granddaughter for translation before I go to lodge a complaint for inciting HATE for an identifiable group – but you clearly understand. Thanks

    3. My feelings EXACTLY! Thank you for sharing your insight. If I may, I would really appreciate it if I could use your words here when I file a complaint against the PM? I find your note to be concise, accurate and very appropriate and it would be very helpful to me when lodging my complaint. Thank you

      1. File a complain against our PM. AHAHAHAHA. Honestly some of the comments made on here are downright despicable and disrespectful to our current PM. They are borderline harassment and character assassination. I would love to know all your personal names and contact info so I can inform the RCMP of your malicious intents toward our government. You are all walking down a slippery slope, and only a few steps away from treason and terrorism! I am sure the government would like to know about potential threats and some of you people on here are on the verge of becoming one!

        1. Again when are you going to explain the plague of the vaxxed, you plague carrying rat. Yeah, Turdeau does need to be hung along with shits like you.

          1. If I am that, you are piece of smelly useless fecal matter. I can’t wait for a similar bill to C-10 that gets passed and then the government can hunt you down and arrest you like the savage dogs you are. You are terrorists!!!!

        2. LMAO WOW . Once again since you’re either blind or stupid…. maybe both. The government is taking our rights away, we have every right to be angry. The vaccine DOESN’T work, majority of the cases we see are from people VACCINATED.
          It’s like you’re madly in love with the prime Minister.

          1. Bubba, you are a fucking criminal, and criminals get their rights taken away, plain and simple….. If I had my way you would be deported from this country as you have no idea of what it is to be Canadian. You are terrorist planted here to cause anarchy and fear.

        3. Hey Rog, now I have not spoken to you before but as someone with quite a bit of experience with mental health, might I suggest speaking with a psychotherapist to work out all the hate and confusion that is obviously plaguing you? After doing so please look into, and ask them about something called “mass formation”. You seem to have this extremist sense of loyalty to an elected official? An elected official who is threatening his people at that. I don’t feel it is relevant what a person’s beliefs are, but we should all agree that this is wrong. This is plain as day hate speech.

    4. c’est exactement ça ! Comment ose-t-il nous appeler l’un de ces noms alors qu’il est lui-même le salaud le plus fasciste qui adore la Chine et dont la seule intention est de ruiner la nation et de contrôler les citoyens. nous ne faisons que lui payer des impôts. morceau de merde !

      1. C’est exact, Il accuse quand il est lui-même le fautif! J’étais fière d’être canadienne, mais maintenant j’ai honte de l’être! I’ll faut dire que ce qui se passe est de nature mondiale. Tous les chefs he gouvernement mondial se sont bien faits achetés! Quelle honte! L’argent, le contrôle et l’abus deviennent un esclavage et l’humanité perd sa vraie identité …

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