[INTERVIEW] Integrity Over Licencing: Dr. Mark Trozzi on Losing Licence with Lawyer, M. Alexander

Dr. Mark Trozzi, MD, was one of the first intrepid physicians to speak out against Covid policies on behalf of his patients when he noticed that, despite govt and media messaging during the so-called Covid pandemic, his hospital was empty. Since that day, Dr. Trozzi has dedicated himself to the scientific literature and cutting edge science on the response to Covid so that his patients could have informed consent and, more importantly, avoid putting themselves in harms’ way by following govt mandates.

For his efforts, Dr. Trozzi lost his CPSO medical licence on January 25, 2024, for “misinformation” and criticizing CPSO policy at a CPSO tribunal hearing.

The CPSO website shows Dr. Trozzi’s status as “revoked.”

Join Dr. Trozzi, his lawyer Michael Alexander and me, as we discuss Dr. Trozzi’s reaction to his loss of licensure and the legal and personal road ahead.

To support Dr. Trozzi, visit his website, DrTrozzi.org.

To support Dr. Trozzi’s legal fight, visit JusticeForMedicine.org.
OpenVAERS data shows over 1.6 million adverse events from the Covid mRNA injections, estimated to account for just 1% of all injuries according to the Lazarus report from Harvard Pilgrim Health Care (2009).

To make a complaint a doctor or share a compliment about Dr. Trozzi and others persecuted by the CPSO, click on the image. Dr. Trozzi suggests that Dr. Nancy Whitmore, CPSO Registrar and CEO, receive complaints from the public to stop the persecution of ethical doctors by the rogue CPSO.

Like the VAERS report on vaccine injuries, it’s estimated that Canada’s vaccine injury compensation program is woefully inadequate in both the number of injured approved for compensation and the amount of compensation.

A March 17, 2021, amendment to the Food and Drugs Act gave the Minister of Health (at the time Patty Hajdu) “the power to to grant approval for COVID-19 vaccines in the absence of detailed evidence of safety and substantial evidence of efficacy,” according to a report by constitutional lawyer Shawn Buckley.

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