Vaccines Not Stopping Ontario’s Record Wave, As 79% of Record Cases “Fully Vaccinated”

The vaccines were supposed to stop Covid-19. Full stop. They were supposed to be our way “back to normal.” And, yet, they keep failing and Covid-19 “cases” have exploded into the largest wave yet since March 2020.

The near constant messaging from govt & public health officials, mainstream media and vaccine adverts on TV, radio and on highway roadsides has been that the vaccines are safe and effective in stopping Covid-19. And yet, despite 81% of all eligible Ontarians (5+) being “fully vaccinated”–well above the WHO-recommended 70% vaccine uptake threshold–cases cases have surged massively in the fully vaccinated (green line) since mid-Dec.

On Dec. 29, the fully vaccinated (81% of eligible Ontarians) accounted for 79% of the 10,436 Covid-19 “cases,” while the 13% vaccine-free Ontarians accounted for 15% .

The abject failure of the vaccines to provide immunity demands that unscientific and unconstitutional vaccine mandates be removed immediately.

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8 thoughts on “Vaccines Not Stopping Ontario’s Record Wave, As 79% of Record Cases “Fully Vaccinated””

  1. This experiment on humanity has proven that governments the world over are more interested in power than eradicating a virus.
    Doug Ford has become worse than the liberals, something we Ontarians didn’t think possible. The question I have is how long are we going to let them continue to do harm?

    1. An provincial election is coming up in June for Ontario and I’m watching to see if the election is rigged like in the USA and this is the time to changed your vote for a caring, ethical and understanding party called the New Blue Party. I’m now a member and have been watching them and like what they say and will do what they say as much as we give them support and get rid of these sick puppies now as their untrustworthy. They have no problem of putting up front on an audit each and every year when elected, something the other parties wouldn’t put forward. It’s time for a change and get rid of the bubble brains that want to stay in their small bubble and not come out and look in, something called sicko path as the best way to describe it, we need to reverse them soon before it’s too late

    2. We need to change on our thoughts on a centralized government and decentralize it to something more honest at best and acceptable for all Ontario even if it means at starting at the bottom and work our way back up by giving these other other parties that think they own us a boot out the door as they work for us, not the other way around. I’m betting my reputation on the New Blue Party with all support from all, they align from what I see with the PPC, wished the PPC got a seat, but too bad that any information from the news media was muted, now look what we got federally. The Conservative’s are worried about this party going forward as I see the derogative remarks showing up, go with a true Blue all and we can stay true

  2. Unless the authorities (if there’s any left) start digging into the crimes and arresting these politicians that don’t dig into the crimes like our police that took an oath or the military for defense for our citizens ,crimes like these will never be resolved even wondering under the Nuremberg Codes if that will happen. I worked hard my whole life to be fully honest and transparent on everything I did and with in the law as that was the way I was brought up but I’ve never seen so much lying and deception from a government and some medical officials, if that’s what they are than the last two or more years and that’s within all federal or provincial government, they make me sick

    1. Action4Cannada has filed a lawsuit against the government for violating our Charter of Rights and Freedoms so the day will come when the mainstream media will have no choice but to report the truth about the crimes being committed by the Federal and Provincial governments. I just hope that these politicians get locked up in a jail cell the way we have all been locked up for the last two years.

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