Record 4th Wave Not Stopped by Vaccines, Lockdowns or Masks

Ontario Covid-19 cases have exploded by 3.5x more than the previous high in cases April 16 when there were 4,812 cases to 16,713 cases reported today, despite all measures and vaccine mandates instituted since March 17, 2020’s declaration of a State of Emergency.

An astounding 80% of the record high 16,713 cases were reported in the fully vaccinated with 13,436 cases. 81% of all eligible Ontarians (5+) are fully vaccinated. The combination of “the-way-out-of-the-pandemic” Covid-19 vaccines, coercive vaccine mandates, restricted businesses, venues, congregate settings, schools and universities all with masking, capacity limites and distancing still in place post-vaccine rollout have resulted in a colossal failure of public health policy.


At this point, even the most pro-govt-measures fanatic must be questioning the govt’s use of continually failing policies ruining countless lives and livelihoods amidst an escalating mental health crisis in young people. A disturbing National Post article revealed the devastating impacts on young people, as “approximately 15.6 per cent –– or about 3,100 –– of Canada’s excess deaths occurred among those younger than 44, even though that youngest cohort accounts for only 0.7 per cent of the country’s COVID-19 deaths.”

At what point will the govt abandon its failing agenda and open up the dialogue to other experts who have thus far been muzzled and vilified for suggesting peer-reviewed protocols outside of the narrative so that Ontarians can actually return to their lives with freedoms restored…as promised?

7 thoughts on “Record 4th Wave Not Stopped by Vaccines, Lockdowns or Masks”

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  2. If our governments and health authorities would spend half the time educating people on how to maintain a healthy body and what to do if you do get infected with a virus, covid would be old news.
    At the very beginning of the plandemic I watched an interview with one of the doctors (Dr. Brownstein who operates an integrative clinic in Michigan) who I follow and who’s books I have read. At that early time he had treated 150 patients successfully using inexpensive natural products like vitamin C and D, zinc, iodine and nebulized hypogene peroxide. No drugs required. I tried to comment about this on CBC’s website but my comments were deactivated. That’s when I knew this was all planned.
    People have to take responsibility for their own health and stop relying on the pharmaceutical industry and governments who are their puppets. You have to doctor yourself if you want to stay healthy. Dr. Andrew Saul’s website is a good place to start.

    1. I agree with you 100 percent I am 66 and this is the way I have been and will continue to do till my end.

    2. To what end will team & trudeua get away with ” Additional LIE’s ” as he again recently announced about Omicron when so many other REAL Dr’s of Science know it’s a mild variant similar to sniffles or stuffy sinuses How many More Unjustified Unnecessary Deaths need to occur neglecting patients from their medicinal & psychiatric dependency, dialysis + surgeries delayed over the past 2 yrs with rise in Suicides & very obvious Major Economy Decline The Reality of their failures is absolutely sickening the only understanding I make of it is Political Power over The People as they gain continuous Profit aligned with big Pharmaceutical + Big Corporations

  3. Of course, there’s still the ridiculous reporting of “cases” of covid that’s driving the fear factor. It’s a shame that our Canadian mandate-makers are stuck with their blinders on the official narrative, instead of looking at the big picture of what’s happening to our citizens. And our young people are being damaged in ways that only time will tell.

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