Despite DJ’s Seized Car & Gear, World’s Eyes Opened by Freedom Convoy

DJ Digo (Instagram @dj_digo85) was one of several deejays who supplied energizing dance grooves and a celebratory spirit throughout the Freedom Convoy movement in Ottawa until police nabbed him and abandoned him somewhere outside the secured zone. Despite his car and gear being impounded and the rear window being shattered, this deejay continues putting a positive spin on the past month’s events by affirming, “We didn’t win the war, but we definitely won the battle” by opening up the corruption and tyranny to the eyes of the world.

6 thoughts on “Despite DJ’s Seized Car & Gear, World’s Eyes Opened by Freedom Convoy”

  1. DJ: Keep up the good work , your part of the good ones, they want to make our lives hell, they haven’t seen nothing, their exposed and the silent ones are looking and noting and will be back in the game as were older but not stupider , down on their WEF and what they represent, it takes time and time and memory is on our side, we are a different breed, quiet, preservative and we get our roots to grow first and then we will sprout and then they will see the real life that’s in trade for them

  2. Juliana Bergsma

    I listened to the start of Mayor Watson talking at the Council meeting. He was talking about the professionalism of the Police. I had to stop watching; it was sickening!

    1. The world knows better. We’ve seen it all with our very own eyes despite the media censorship.
      Mayor Watson is in the enemy’s hands, and under his control. I will pray for his eternal soul, which I feel is now in jeopardy.

  3. Yes, I think there’s no longer any remaining doubt that the vaxs contain graphene oxide. Why the manufacturers would include such a toxic substance into their witch’s brew remains unexplained, but it’s been put out there that this substance will facilitate the social-credit roll-out.

    The only other explanation I can think of is that the makers are deliberately poisoning the doses. I don’t know if either explanation is true, but Achim’s razor definitely comes into play here, and when you consider that the WEF is actively promoting depopulation as part of its agenda, combined with the ineffectiveness of the so-called “vaccines”, it’s pretty hard to arrive at a different conclusion.

  4. The hopes and dreams of being free from WEF control evaporated and here we are fed lies by our Federal and Provincial health officials,media and ruling party members.
    The mandates still exist in Ottawa and Victoria.
    Turdo,Tam and Henry still peddle the lie of vaccines being ‘safe and effective’ while we know from the independent doctors and scientists that these death shots are the graphene interface for the social credit system rollout that is ongoing.
    This is in no way over. Canadian citizens were loving and peaceful.
    The one world fascist agenda we are being subject to was not and is not

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