Masks May Be Lifted in Weeks Say Ontario Health Minister

[TORONTO] Masks mandates probably lifting in a few weeks, says Ontario Health Minister @celliottability. Despite not a single peer-reviewed RCT showing the benefit of masks for SARS-CoV-2 or respiratory viruses, Elliot says it’s “based on the scientific evidence we get from [CMOH] Dr. Moore.”

“I would anticipate that we would probably open up and reduce masking, both in schools as well as within the public at the same time,” Elliott said.

13 thoughts on “Masks May Be Lifted in Weeks Say Ontario Health Minister”

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  2. Maybe she should learn to read recommendations issued by C.C.C.A. dated 09/24/2021

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  4. Christine Elliot and other hyper-bureaucrats can say what they like. I stopped wearing the stupid cloth masks ages ago, and don’t give a damn what they say.
    I follow leaders and correct science, not idiots’ whims of the day.
    They can’t even COUNT, got the whole covid “hospiatlizations” wrong by 50% and admitted it publicly.
    Who listens to them anymore?

    1. My friends and family and myself have been going a lot of stores (B.C.) without masks, but lately it seems a lot more businesses are confronting maskless shoppers. I avoid those businesses but what to say if it’s the bank or a store you need to be? I know someone who’s PO Box was suspended without warning because she came in to get her mail maskless. When will the madness end?

    Dr. Kieran Moore
    I assume this is the Dr. Moore she is referring to, the one who makes the desions on the masks FOR us.
    Dr. Kieran Moore has been appointed as the province’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, effective June 26, 2021.
    Dr. Moore has extensive experience in surveillance systems for bioterrorism and outbreak detection, public health, pre-hospital care, and multidisciplinary research projects. His main area of interest is in the evaluation of various data streams for the early detection of outbreaks as well as assessment of deprivation distribution in populations.

  6. Scientists: “The data proves that cloth masks are ineffective.”

    Politicians and Legacy Media: “But what about the science?”

  7. In weeks ? Who are these people ? Seems like there is a ton invested to keep people frightened in order to avoid what really is going on .

  8. Weeks? WEEKS??? What do you mean “WEEKS???”
    All the scientific data is certainly not on her side, so why does she want to prolong the agony? She’s a criminal!
    She’s an oppressive authoritarian, and however the election goes, I hope she loses her riding.

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