With Less Than 6% Vaccinated, Covid-19 Is Non-Existent in Africa

With less than 6% vaccinated, Africa is “one of the least affected regions in the world” according to the WHO. Life is practically normal in most of Africa.

Cases and deaths are non-existent and perplexing when looking at highly vaccinated continents like Europe and North America.

How is it possible?

While many hypotheses are bandied about, like the continent’s younger population (avg. age 20 vs 43 in Western Europe), less urbanization, more time outdoors, and less reliable surveillance data, a preprint study may hold the clue to one of the reasons: Ivermectin.

Why COVID-19 is not so spread in Africa: How does Ivermectin affect it? concludes that countries widely using Ivermectin against river blindness (a parasitic disease spread by blackflies) have significantly lower Covid-19 deaths than non-Ivermectin countries.

If this is the case, why are govts and public health organizations suppressing and vilifying Ivermectin in North America and Europe, esp. considering that there are 46 peer-reviewed papers showing positive results in Covid-19 treatment and prevention?

6 thoughts on “With Less Than 6% Vaccinated, Covid-19 Is Non-Existent in Africa”

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  2. I call complete BS on this. FAKE FAKE FAKE news.

    All you idiots will believe anything you hear or see. Alex Jones tin foil hat types

    Jesus Christ, just like a bunch of Hitler Youth getting bread for war.

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  4. Ivermectin is suppressed to facilitate widespread, and if possible, total ‘vaccination’
    Because 1. Vaccination can be connected to Digital ‘health passes’. This is Digital Subjugation.
    An unholy marriage of Government and Pharma-Corpses. The definition it ion of fascism to subjugate, kill and rule the (un-)herd.
    2.It makes endless money for the Pharma-Corpses turning the “Pop(ulation) into a kind of soda-stream all the way to the bank!

    1. Well at least with those passes I dont need to be around idiots like you if I go to the pub and want something to eat. I would not be able to stand what comes out of your mouth..which is complete poop!

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