Omicron Variant Not a Threat in Africa, Say South African Health Officials

As govts and mainstream media warn the world of the new Omicron variant, some African officials are singing a different tune with the South African’s Minister of Health saying its travel ban is “misdirected” and the medical association’s chairperson adding, “It is a storm in a tea cup, we have only become aware of this viral mutation … in the last week.”

The Presidential Covid-19 Task Force of Botswana tweeted a press release Nov. 25 confirming that Covid-19 vaccines were already failing to protect against the new variant, as its first 4 cases were fully vaccinated.

1 thought on “Omicron Variant Not a Threat in Africa, Say South African Health Officials”

  1. Even if its not a threat, we still need to be safe. A flu or common cold cold can kill an elderly or immune deficient person. Do you are part in society, get the jab so we can all be a little safer. Its not perfect but it still saves lives.

    All you selfish crybabies who refuse the vax make me infuriated. The younger generations are so full of entitlement. Try working your ass of for 38 years providing for a family and managing your finances…but wah wah wah “i want everything, and I want it now”.

    Spoiled society has become. Even my own god dam daughter. Paid a good chunk of her first wedding (15K). She got divorced 3 years later and expects me to pay for another dam 15 towards another wedding. Jesus I told her I am not a god dam ATM I live off fixed income but she does not give too shits. I told her fine, save a few hundred bucks because I god dam wont be there if that’s her attitude. She can walk up the isle alone.

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