Ontario Health Minister Uses False Data to Promote Vaccines for Children

Ontario Health Minister Christine Elliott pushed for the use of Covid-19 vaccines using false data November 23, 2021.

Elliott, a lawyer by trade, declared in the Ontario Legislature that children had a “much greater, much greater” chance of having serious outcomes from catching Covid-19, including death, than an adverse event from Covid-19 vaccines.

There have only been 7 Covid-19 deaths in children aged 0-19, or 0.0007% of all 9,993 Ontario deaths, as reported by Public Health Ontario. More alarmingly, most of the deaths were not as a result of Covid-19 but of an underlying condition, thus inflating the real number of deaths (unknown).

Covid-19 amounts to sniffles for children or no symptoms at all, as per the Toronto District School Board, Canada’s largest school board.

With such little risk to children and ZERO finished Covid-19 clinical trials proving safety or efficacy, why is the Ontario Health Minister pushing Covid-19 vaccines for children?

6 thoughts on “Ontario Health Minister Uses False Data to Promote Vaccines for Children”

  1. Adults are supposed to protect the kids, not the other way around… “they” need to leave the kids alone… the “vax” isn’t doing it’s job, the virus is still spreading… folks have take care of themselves, and government agencies have got to stop censoring doctors who care about their patients enough to want to offer them affordable, well tested treatments such as ivermectin… Its a sin what is going on right now… and I hope the light can disperse the darkness before it’s too late.

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  3. Peter Jüni told a national tv audience that either you get vaccinated or infected. That baldface lie will haunt him to his grave.

    They are using computer modeling like a ouiji board to predict the future. Their latest predictions assume that number of PCR cases rises so will C19 hospitalizations and ICU occupancy.

    No meantion of seasonality, which should be emphasized, but a minor mention of “colder weather with more time indoors”.

    There ouiji board also assumes that lockdowns with mass face covering and isolation and the rest are positively related to reducing viral spread. Probably also include big assumptions about asymptomatic spread, too. Nothing about early treatments and nothing about the positive impact of exercise, fresh air, sunlight, and vitamin supplements such as Vitamins D and C.

    These people have gotten it wrong from day one and have an abysmal record of failure. So of course they want more of the same, over and over and over again.

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