UPDATE: Freedom Convoy 2022 – Speeches on for Saturday-Monday

Organizers were able to overcome many obstacles and Freedom Convoy 2022 events are now back on track for Saturday as well as Sunday and Monday.

Saturday, January 29 (Parliament Hill 10 am to 4 pm ET) – truckers arrive in Ottawa in the morning with speeches to follow starting around noon
Sunday, January 30 (Parliament Hill noon to 4 pm ET) – speeches from medical and scientific experts and influencers
Monday, January 31 (Parliament Hill noon to 4 pm ET) – speeches from politician

Please click on this link to volunteer or give a donation to help fund the events.

2 thoughts on “UPDATE: Freedom Convoy 2022 – Speeches on for Saturday-Monday”

  1. How do we ensure that all these people, in each of their areas will be able to get in touch in future for further democracy building activities?
    Could some of the truckers from each area act as contacts? We could have thousands of communities with activist cells springing up, networking across the country, developing new systems in their communities.
    This would require publicizing the contact number, email, etc. which interested parties could call/write. I think this is as important as the whole trip to Ottawa. We need to build on this outpouring of enthusiasm.

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