Freedom Convoy 2022 Anything But Small and Fringe

Canadian truckers are making history with the eyes of the world now watching and seeking to emulate #freedomconvoy2022. As the convoy of trucks and cars, now in Ontario, gathers more momentum and steam with every shared viral video and overpass reached, Trudeau divisively dismisses the growing anti-trucker vaccine mandate movement with his intolerant vision of what is “acceptable.” A min. 35,000 vehicles is expected to arrive in Ottawa by Saturday. #FREEDOMCONVOYCANADA #FREEDOMCONVOY2022 #FREEDOMCONVOY22

23 thoughts on “Freedom Convoy 2022 Anything But Small and Fringe”

  1. Colossal Convoy of Truckers Converging on Ottawa for Freedom
    Trudeau and his cohorts block safe effective treatments for covid; Canadians are denied access. Even without these treatments, covid has less than 0.3% mortality. With the same safe effective affordable treatments, covid’s mortality drops to a minuscule 0.045% or less.

    Meanwhile, the forced injections are shattering all prior records for death and damage ever caused by something called a “vaccine”. Pfizer’s own documents reveal that 3% of injection victims died within 3 months of injection, that another 28% were permanently or persistent disabled at the three month mark, and that 100% of unborn infants died in the injected pregnant women reported in their experiment.

    Also, data from around the world is revealing increased covid disease among the coerced injection victims, who are incorrectly referred to as “the fully vaccinated”.
    These injections are not safe, and not effective.
    So it seems that 20% of Canada’s cross border transport truck drivers are smart. They must have that special combination: critical thinking and self-respect.
    May God please bless these truckers and everyone supporting the convoys and the big Saturday protest in Ottawa. Thank you for helping to set us free from this medical tyranny and genocide. We pray that Trudeau and other covid criminals will be brought to justice, and we the people will soon celebrate in a restored, free, and fair country.

    1. I don’t consider myself to be particularly religious, but to punishing the covid criminals I can only say “Amen!” (I promise to add in “Hallelujah!” if it ever actually happens.)

      On the bright side, if there’s anything good to come out of the last two years it’s that the globalist “great-reset” crowd played their hand too soon, and now we’re onto them. They may have caught us flat-footed this time, but they won’t be so lucky next time. We’ve seen who they really are, what they’re up to, and what they’re capable of (with no clear limit on the latter in sight), and we’ll be much better prepared to deal with them going forward. (The “covid crisis” may be winding down now, but you can be sure they’ll be holding a grudge and spoiling for a rematch.)

      “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” –Scottish Proverb

      1. The vast majority have been injected with a DAARPA creation AKA self-assemblying nano-technology. Graphene hydroxide is in all mRNA injections-Sputnik,Sinovac and all the American varieties.
        The Covid Crisis was an AI rollout and the vaccine passport is but a precursor to the electronic surveillance system that has been created.
        Trudeau is a Davos/ WEF graduate under Klaus Schwab’s tutelage and what the truckers are attempting to do is get rid of this system of destruction of humanity that has been prepared for us and is being rolled out now.

    2. Jem, I am perplexed,why is he isolating if the antigen test was negative.Does he not believe in the science of antigen testing.And was he and his cohorts not wearing their PROTECTIVE MASKS.
      Has democracy gone into isolation. Dissenting voices are now unacceptable and dangerous. Are we living in a country that has a charter of rights,I wonder

  2. According to the latest polling data (read “Liberal-Funded PSYOP”), 72% of the 1,500 people (approximately .004% of the population) they interviewed support Trudeau’s mandates. Breaking it down further, 30% of respondents support vaccine mandates, 30% support testing, and 28% support the vaccine-free truckers’ right to bodily autonomy. That makes 88%, and I’m guessing the remaining 12% gave answers like “Not sure…” and “Don’t know…”, leading the interviewers to conclude that, since they were not “against” the mandates, they must therefore be in favor of them. Now, my question is simply this: If only 30% of their cherry-picked respondents (approximately .0012% of the population) are in favor of vaccine mandates, who’s the minority here?

    A small minority fringe, huh? Pffft! “Lies, damned lies, and statistics.” And Trudeau’s “supporters” appear to be even more elusive the swing-state O’Biden voters. 😛

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  4. The evidence out of the US military on adverse events is devastating news that will rock the world still thinking this is a health crisis that can be solved with a vaccine .Many will die and suffer auto immune diseases and its just coming to light no longer a conspiracy theory around the world .This Convoy is a symbol of humanity and hope ,at the same time the CBC plays the liberal; narrative every night to confuse Canadian that use it as their only source of information. Our future has seen a glimmer of hope from the convoy 2022 but this battle and pandemic is just starting .I pray for a different out come but the facts and science can’t be hid forever the results will tell the truth very soon.

    1. Well said. Trudeau is hiding at home now and is kicking his ass for messing with the truckers. This is exactly what we needed to to end these crimes against all Canadians. Those who followed the government’s recommendation to get jabbed need to admit they made a mistake but should not be condemned for doing so because we should be able to believe that our governments have our best interests at heart but this plandemic has shown otherwise. Our government leaders are expert confidence artists and they took advantage of the trusting citizens of this country and will need to be held accountable for their actions to insure something like this never happens again.

  5. Hi Rog,

    You have been informed by news that is manufactured.
    In the end, we want your support too, as you sound like a fellow Canadian who is also has concerns – but a different point of view.
    Please look into why people would feel so compelled, in the middle of a Canadian winter, to drive across the country and protest.
    “Safe and effective” is not what the vaccines are, this is a slogan for vaccines, just like “Just do it” is a slogan for Nike shoes.
    I’ve come to realize that the people who hold your views have simply not been affected by the pandemic…yet. The more people who get vaccine-injured, who suffer financially, who have their freedoms taken from them in order to protect their “health”, the more you’ll start to see understand why this trucker freedom convoy is necessary.
    All the best Rog – There are very serious reasons as to why this is necessary. Our freedoms are in jeopardy more than you are aware.

    1. Newfoundland’s covid-19 website actually says “just do it” across the rop with a photo of a giant needle under the slogan. Their vaccination rate is 96% and their cases have skyrocketed feom just below 2,500 at the end of December 2021 ro approximately 15,000 now. The chart showing those numbers is right on their site.

  6. Chicken little likes to talk the talk, where is he when he has to walk the walk ? Maybe with any luck he resigned !!

  7. Yep. The anti-vaccine/lockdown/mask movement was never that small, and now it’s growing much larger. Trudeau and Co. lied about everything else—so it’s no surprise that they lied about how much support they had in their corner and the size of the opposition. Even their “fully-vaccinated” numbers don’t add up when you look at both national and provincial totals. (They’ve probably been channeling Enron, Bre-X, and/or US swing-state bean/vote-counters for the last two years at least.)

    As for his “Where’s Waldo?” routine, Trudeau’s been bitching and complaining about 24 Sussex Drive since he first got elected—but now he’s probably asking if it has a hidden bunker. (I just wish Erin O’Toole would hurry up and quit, so we can get rid of “Shiny-Pony Boy” once and for all.)

    1. I don’t know how marshal law works in Canada but we are getting to the point where we will need the military and RCMP to step in before this country disintegrates into chaos. Once people discover that there is no food left for them all hell will break loose with riots that Canada has never experienced before. When a government deliberately cuts off food supply to people there is nothing left to do but riot and the local and provincial police don’t have the resources to deal with this and likely won’t have the will to try to deal with it.

      1. Keep funding the truckers.
        They will eventually demand the members of Parliament be held to account to the people.
        Trudeau is destroying the economy and country intentionally for his globalist masters.
        The truckers are the ones that stepped up to save this country.
        Support them with all your heart.

      2. I’m digustied that lawyers and judges haven’t stepped up. It’s like none of them have read the charter of rights, or their all scared or paid off

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