Freedom Convoy Ottawa Details Shared

*We’re excited to be bringing you a live feed of the speeches in Ottawa Saturday. Keep an eye out for more details. We do, however, need your support to deliver the news that matters to you. Please click the blue donate button.

Join us for an interview with Chris and Robert, volunteers with Adopt-A-Trucker, as they share the latest details of what, when and where to expect events in Ottawa on January 29 when the truckers finally arrive.

#freedomconvoy #freedomconvoy22

Adopt-A-Trucker volunteer registration form and donation page.

22 thoughts on “Freedom Convoy Ottawa Details Shared”

  1. I find our Prime Minister to be a “fringe” member of a small group who want to turn Canada into a state much like the ones he has professed to admire in the past;namely,Communist Chine and Cuba.
    As such,I find him “unacceptable”…not to mention contemptible!

    1. Hi Bart. Mr. Truturd is killing our country. It’s so awesome seeing masses of our country feeling the same way. He prides our country for tolerance towards every other group, persons, LGBTQ and whatever other letter I missed, Muslims… but he feels nothing but disdain for the unjabbed. We’ve had enough of his #clothes, killing bioweapon. He failed us. He works for us and he’s FIRED!!

  2. Hey , now don’t forget Rog and his Nazi death squad , they just can’t wait to stir up trouble and then start shooting. Of course, ol’ Rog will be standing back telling everybody what they can and can’t do, cause ol’ Rog knows best , don’t you Rog?

    Your a frigging loser Rog , just like your buddy Trudeau.

    I am not your or his puppet and I will stand up for freedom all day long!

    1. I am not a Nazi I am the opposite wanting to ensure Canadians are safe but you all are to ignorant to understand that with your selfish attitudes. The lockdowns are because of you people refusing to take the jab. You have nobody to blame but yourselves yet you lash out at the government and the vaccinated who just want their lives back.

      1. You’re quite the comedian Rog. You say you’re not a NAZI, but so many things you have written here are proof positive you are.

      2. Go to Biden…your master is calling you…he needs a sniff! Oh, and while you’re at it go get your booster. I heard they have a ‘clot shot’ with your name on it!!

      3. Lockdowns because you refuse to take the jab? Rog, that’s the same logic that tells a woman to stop squirming while she’s getting raped to avoid getting punched in order to make her stay still. How do you not understand that? And what’s next after forced vaccines. Forced abortions? Forced euthanasia? Forced hormone therapy? Wake up.

      4. Rog, yes you are entitled to your opinion, but no you and your buddy Trudeau are not entitled to go around forcing people to do something they do not want to do. If you cared to check out some simple facts you would soon see that the most vaccinated countries in the world have the highest rates of Covid.

        But I know you won’t check it out, you just don’t get that your buddy Trudeau and his gang lied to all of us.

        Go play chicken on the highway with a transport truck , Rog, then pay an extra fee for hospital services .

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  4. Military needs to be deployed to shut this down. Licenses should be suspended for endangering others on the highways. People should be identified and shamed on social media.

    1. Rog, the hospitals are full of vaxx injured and vaxxed with ‘covid’ –You really need to educate yourself – maybe start with the FACT that Moderna calls their vaxx “An Operating System” AT THEIR SITE! Then go see as to WHY.

  5. These clowns forgot to put on their makeup. This will lead to nothing but trouble. We don’t need a Jan 6 like the USA but their are some violent folks in the mix that should be detained.

  6. The government lied about Covid, Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine, the effectiveness and safety of the vaccines (labeling vaccine harm as “coincidence”, “extremely rare”, or “simple bad luck”), the actual illness and death numbers with/of Covid, and the actual case details. To top that off, they also played endless word games, saying things like “unknown vaccination status”, “percentage of ‘eligible’ adults vaccinated”, etc., and regularly danced around the facts. And we’re supposed to believe that they aren’t lying about the amount of support they have for their vaccine mandates?

    Well, the only people I know who willingly got their shots are all older, and they did so simply because they were worried that they were in what the government insisted was a high-risk group. Everyone else I know (with a couple of Darwin-Award worthy exceptions) got their shots to keep their jobs, or stay in school, or simply to be able to travel and visit family. They were all FORCED into it, and they do not support vaccine mandates. (A couple of the more nervous “old farts” are terrified of the unvaccinated, and might actually support vaccine mandates, but they’ve never said so.)

    Of the older fully vaccinated people I know personally, one guy’s heart is shot, another guy’s kidneys are shot, two are complaining of feeling fatigued all the time—and a friend of a friend’s mom “just dropped dead”. (Her son’s words, not mine.) Of the younger fully vaccinated people I know, the majority of them are complaining of “being sick all the time” (catching endless colds, etc.), “having trouble concentrating/focusing and remembering things”, and feeling tired all the time. How’s that for “rare” side effects?

    So, when people like Trudeau say that the vaccines are safe and effective, that the majority of Canadians support vaccine mandates, and that the truckers and their supporters are just part of a small minority of “antivaxxers”, don’t you believe a word of it!

    1. I am so sick of hearing Trudeau’s “safe and effective” message. Our penitentiaries are more safe and effective than Trudeau’s inoculations and I won’t feel like justice has been done until this evil man is behind bars. The damage he has caused is so great that It’s impossible to measure it. My brother has been hospitalized for the past 6 months with brain damage which also happened to my wife’s sister in-law and there are thousands more that have been injured from the safe and effective jabs.

      1. So very sorry to hear about what’s happened to your family. I know more people who’ve had a bad reaction to the Quackcines than who have had covid, and the covid was very mild.

        1. So-called Dr FauxChi is responsible for the ONL:Y approved protocol for covid in US hospitals – Remdesivir. Many nurses call it RunDeathIsNear!
          Dr Ardis is interviewed here and explains the #s deception, the financial incentives, and premediitated murder in detail:
          I pre-emptively took out dot after vagabond to post in case link aren’t allowed https://www.thelastamericanvagabond com/dr-ardis-interview-death-by-remdesivir-illusion-lynchpin-covid-19-risk/

  7. The support for the truckers is massive and what is at the site is just a small part. There are many more on the way. Justin must be removed. This is just part of the convoy. As it is, it is a Wow moment. There are videos in the comment section too.

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