Freedom Convoy 2022 – What to Expect Saturday to Monday

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Event organizers for Freedom Convoy 2022 join us to share details of the planned events for the truckers’ arrival in Ottawa and speeches in Parliament Hill from Saturday to Monday.

With the world watching Canadian truckers lead the charge in removing all Covid and vaccine mandates, volunteers Chris, Bethan Nodwell, RN, and Daniel Bulford, ex-RCMP, each discuss their pivotal roles in organizing the next phase at the end of the road for the convoy and how people can support truckers through volunteering and donations for food, accommodations, housing…

Canadians’ emotions and hopes for a restoration of freedoms have never been higher in the last 2 years and the upcoming events will be sure to continue capturing the hearts and attention of freedom-loving citizens around the world.

Saturday, January 29 (Parliament Hill 10 am to 4 pm ET) – truckers arrive in Ottawa in the morning with speeches to follow starting around noon
Sunday, January 30 (Parliament Hill noon to 4 pm ET) – speeches from medical and scientific experts and influencers
Monday, January 31 (Parliament Hill noon to 4 pm ET) – speeches from politician

10 thoughts on “Freedom Convoy 2022 – What to Expect Saturday to Monday”

  1. It is historic! It is Freedom on point!
    The “Truckers Freedom” call started small…then it echoed…and a “strong, united people” raised their flag. They said, we are a peaceful people. However, we are our country’s heritage and are responsibile for future generations. We will no longer quietly accept government tryanny against our people.

  2. thank you so much for keeping us all up to date… What a fantastic energy on Saturday… freezing cold but it was an amazing experience … We are so grateful to everyone taking part in this movement.

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  4. Who knew the truckers would be our inspired heroes this month? Thank you so much for the glimmer of hope. I was so tearful when I saw the truckers and supporters in BC on the freeway yesterday. It was such a beautiful sight! I feel a bit of hope and am feeling validated and am excited that our side of the story will be heard and possibly listened to? After two years of dismal experiences and continued fear featured on all mainstream channels, my family feel like they can breathe again at last . Thank you so much truckers and their supporters for this movement!

  5. What no Trudeau! Face the people Trudeau we need to be heard and answered. Why you think you can just make rules with out us(Canadian) having a choice? My body my choice. And by the way I love both of my countries! Just dislike the people that step on my rights.

  6. Celebrate this amazing, unprecedented show of love, strength and unity… but don’t let it get cocky. In the last federal election, 95% of the popular vote went to a party that supported mandatory vaccines. Even if 100,000 truckers and another 1,400,000 supporters show up this weekend that is only 5% of voting age Canadians. We are still a “fringe” movement… but we are quickly growing. Your efforts with Canada Unity have breached the wall of media censorship and dis-information that has held the truth back. Congratulations and thank-you. Stay humble and real, we have a long, tough road ahead of us.

  7. Please don’t forget to invite the Canadian fireball Dr. Roger Hodkinson from Alberta to speak on Sunday. His speech will melt the snow!!

  8. We are SO grateful to our truckers and their families both here in Canada and the US who are here supporting freedom for us all!! The lies have gone on far too long! The science from those who are reputable is sound. There is NO need for restrictions to our rights snd freedoms!!
    It was amazing to greet the truckers arriving in Kingston and bring them meals and hear their stories. Canada is a great place to live and we intend to KEEP it that way!!! Trudeau needs to come out of his hidey place and be a leader for a change and talk and more importantly LISTEN to these truckers!!!

  9. You are awesome! We will be making a donation to the adopt-a-trucker fund. We also gave donations to the Freedom Convoy 2022 Go Fund Me. We are in B.C. and wish we could be there in Ottawa for this amazing, historical event. We will be watching live-stream throughout the coming days and send our deepest appreciation for all that you and the Convoy of truckers are doing to bring back freedom for Canadians! Diana Hayes & Peter Southam

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