LIVE BROADCAST – Freedom Convoy 2022 (Ottawa, Canada)

Watch the broadcast here, on YouTube or from our Twitch channel.

Speeches begin around noon. Broadcasting may begin earlier in the morning with the arrival of truckers to Parliament Hill. Specific times unavailable.

12 thoughts on “LIVE BROADCAST – Freedom Convoy 2022 (Ottawa, Canada)”

  1. Letter to Town Councils from Citizens re: Project: Prove It!
    We, the undersigned wo/men of (town name) require Council desist from participating in human rights violations being perpetrated under Health Orders and Mandates proclaimed by the Medical Health Officer of Alberta. *See websites of the following organizations for evidence that refutes claims made by Alberta Health Services. We require you 1) immediately desist in following these Orders and Mandates or 2) participate in the following initiative which provides a deadline by which you cease to participate with the Orders & Mandates. We encourage you ask other town councils to participate.

    *Note: Black’s Law Dictionary: Mandate: (Also true of ‘Order’) “A written command given by a principal to an agent specifically a commission or contract by which one person, (the mandator) requests someone, (the mandatory) to perform some service gratuitously, the commission becoming effective when the mandatory agrees.” *It’s only mandatory if you agree to it. It’s an invitation in the guise of requirement. Therefore, since participation to enforce mandates/orders is voluntary, failure to implement one of the two options stated above will permit citizens to hold Council Members personally accountable for human rights violations.

    Project: PROVE IT! Let the Scientists Speak. February 10, 2022
    To: (Names of Council Members) Urgent

    We the undersigned agree to adhere to provincial co-vid restrictions and mandates upon receiving proof these policies are necessary.

    We find the scientific data provided on the websites of World Council for Health, Canadian Covid Care Alliance and Canadian Health Alliance provide adequate proof the Health Orders and Mandates from Alberta Health Services have generated enormous unnecessary physical, psychological and financial harm to wo/men and Canadian Society. Specifically:
    the mRNA experimental drugs labelled ‘vaccines’ do not meet the standards for protection required of vaccines
    the mRNA drugs are causing a vast array of medical injuries including death
    ‘mandatory vaccines’ and the need for ‘vaccine passports’ cannot be substantiated due to the ineffectiveness and harm caused by the ‘vaccine products’
    the Interim Order to permit ‘vaccines’ without long-term trials was never necessary as effective treatments had been found successful in Canada and other countries. Preventative and early onset treatment protocols provided by the aforementioned Health Organizations for the disease called Co-vid 19 are highly effective in reducing severe illness. This data was ignored by Health Agencies in favour of the exclusive promotion of an experimental vaccine product
    ‘number of cases’ data based on the PCR test was an inappropriate tool to determine Public Health Protocols
    asymptomatic transmission of the virus does not occur and therefore testing healthy people with an inaccurate tool caused and continues to cause unnecessary physical/psychological harm to millions of Albertans
    medical devices known as ‘masks’ are harmful and less effective in reducing viral transmission and replication than preventative protocols supported by the organizations listed above.

    1) if there is disagreement with the scientific data provided by these organizations, the Medical Health Officer of Alberta hold a Public Debate with representatives from at least two of the aforementioned organizations, to present your rebuttal.
    2) all parties in the debate must provide their list of scientific references to all other participants a minimum of four days prior to the debate and
    3) these references be made available to the public by the time of the debate.
    Further, we REQUIRE:
    The Medical Health Officer state and provide a transcript of their Oath of Office.
    The Medical Health Officer or other Provincial Authority provide evidence the implementation of pandemic protocol was by law or legality transferred from The Provincial Emergency Measures Department to the Medical Health Officer.

    Due to the extreme widespread consequences of these mandates we require either:
    an immediate end to all Mandates and Orders brought forth by the Medical Health Officer regarding the illness known as Co-vid 19 or
    the debate with the named organizations be conducted by March 5, 2022, otherwise we will consider all mandates and orders null and void.
    We require a response by the Medical Health Officer within seven days.
    (Printed names and signatures)

  2. Canada, like America, you’ve got to get rid of lifetime and in the case of Justin, generational families out of your government. They spend decades culling favors, influence, power and control. They start to run like ‘old England’ with their contacts and power. The old: Don’t mess with the Trudeau family. Do you know who they know? and on and on … Good job truckers/Canadians. Stay Strong!

  3. You jackasses should have stayed home. Your irresponsibility is adding to the pollution of the Planet. Just a bunch of howling, whinging wackos. “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you should smarten up and do for your country.” (sic)…. and shove your bullshit ‘Freedom’ up where the sun doesn’t shine.

    1. Why don’t you shove your vaxx up your axx? You obviously don’t care for freedom or bodily autonomy. Dr. Mengele would be so proud of you!

    2. Joseph Ali, You should be thanking the truckers and the brave people of Canada for fighting for the freedom you still currently enjoy. If it wasn’t for the truckers and protesters, Canada would slip into tyranny like many other parts of the world. You’re worried about a few sniffles and believe an experimental vaccine is the answer when there are alternative treatments and the Davos WEF are using it as an excuse to remove your freedoms. Wake up you fool.
      #FreedomConvoy #Ottawa #Canada #NoVaxMandates

    3. Its so sad to read this hate amidst all of this love, democracy and unity. You do realize that this is actual democracy at work? Your worried about exhaust?! Give yer head a shake guy!!! I hope everyone else ignores your spiteful, angry and starved for attention tantrum. Only a real chump Chad would need to lash out at true patriots exercising their democratic rights. And please… Your obsession with shoving things up peoples asses tells us everything we need to know about you. Move to China, Canada doesn’t want you and your buggered mindset.

  4. Time and time again, “Lame Minister Trudeau” has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he only brought two things to Ottawa with him—his father’s name, and his mother’s brain. And now O’Toole is acting like a starving busker who’s “willing to play anything you want to hear.” With leadership like that, what could possibly go wrong?

    More power to the truckers and their supporters! #keepontrucking

  5. Please live stream the medical speeches on Sunday to fight censorship, reveal truth and broaden the base of public understanding.

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