Freedom Convoy 2022 – Huge, Peaceful Crowds Flood Ottawa

Amidst a constant blare of horns and cheers, a massive throng of spirited and peaceful Canadians braved -25C temps to support #FreedomConvoy2022 truckers–unified in attendance to bring down all Covid restrictions & vaccine mandates. #FreedomConvoyCanada #TruckersForFreedom2022

9 thoughts on “Freedom Convoy 2022 – Huge, Peaceful Crowds Flood Ottawa”

  1. Yes, as a long-time Conservative supporter, I’ve heard the argument that “Every vote not cast for a Conservative is a two-vote advantage for the opposition,” but, the way I see it, voting for a fake Conservative just to prevent the other guy from getting elected would be little more than a frying-pan-to-fire solution at best. That’s why Erin O’Toole (like Andrew Scheer before him) will never get my vote. However, based on what I’ve been seeing and hearing from him lately, Pierre Poilievre might be an acceptable choice. Thoughts, anyone? Is there something I should know that would disqualify him? I know he’s double-vaxxed, but that’s his personal choice. As long as he’s willing to respect mine, I could care less.

  2. I went up to Ottawa yesterday, and was very impressed by how well behaved the crowd was. I even think I saw Rog with his Nazi flag. No one was arrested. Mark Daly from city news described it as a party atmosphere. Way to go people! Good work! Keep it up!

  3. When politicians fear the people, we have democracy, when people fear the government, we have tyranny.

  4. Next steps need contemplation. Occupy Wall Street was a “feel good” moment but accomplished nothing. If there is to be change, I doubt any Premier will do more than provide window dressing, and his Trudeauness cannot back down – it would be tantamount to resigning. So next steps must be thought out if we are to regain our Constitution (1960 version, please) – and that may include politics beyond non-compliant disruption (as disruption of our social order has been a major goal of the pandemic perpetrators).

    1. The simplest and most effective plan in dealing with our current crop of tyrants would be to pull a Gandhi/Atlas-Shrugged on them and become ungovernable, so the truckers are definitely on the right track. The Vax-Nazis are already screaming about the truckers “having the gall to go on strike when WE need them the most.” According to one particularly strident lamestream media commentator, “There are products that need to be shipped and shelves that need to be stocked, and it benefits no one to shut everything down!” Oh, so you can’t just shut everything down, huh? Because that would be very bad, right? (Like I said, these people have elevated cognitive dissonance to an art form.)

      Now, think of what would happen to federal, provincial, and municipal tax coffers if we all just refused to work for one single day. And if that didn’t get their attention, how about a week? Or how about if we all just filed and/or paid our taxes on the last possible day? Or what if we switched to bartering and trading amongst ourselves for essential products and services? How’s that for starters? (I’m guessing it probably wouldn’t take much more than two-weeks to flatten the government, and certainly a lot less than 2+ years.) #agorism #peacefulnoncompliance

      And let’s not forget the idea of concentrating ourselves in low population density provinces, in order to ensure that this kind of shyte never happens to us again. With our current numbers, we could take political control of at least 6 provinces if we distributed ourselves properly. According to the Fed’s own (most likely heavily massaged) numbers, there are at least 6.4 million of us at last count. And now the lamestream media and their favorite pollsters say it’s about 10 million. Either way, that gives us a lot of political clout if we’re not isolated in the most heavily populated provinces. #freeprovinceproject

  5. The lamestream media and their pet Vax-Nazis are trying so hard to demonize the truckers and their supporters, but they have zero credibility left. “Yeah, yeah…everyone who disagrees with you is ‘a white supremacist’, even if they aren’t white. We’ve seen and heard that song and dance routine countless times before, and we don’t expect you to change your whiny tune or lockstep choreography anytime soon, so good luck with that.” The crazy thing is that the loony lefties have literally been tearing down statues everywhere—and now they’re offended because someone hung a flag on one? You can’t make this stuff up.

    So, since they’re such snowflakes, and since everything/anything anyone says or does instantly offends them, may as well just have at it. “Harper was the Best Prime Minister, Trump is the Best President, All Lives Matter, the Vaccines are Neither Safe nor Effective, Trudeau is a Complete Dic (short for “dictator”), and Let’s go, Brandon!” #vaccinefreeandproud #keepontruckin #poopypantsbiden #turdeauthenerdo #theleftcantmeme #learntocode

  6. Impressed by the peace and joy.
    Party atmosphere to take out Justine.
    Thanks for making the effort,Gord and BLN.

  7. Fantastic you made the trip and braved the cold, and even more fantastic that you were able to show us all what the truckers are doing, peacefully, at our nation’s capital. Kudos, BLN!!

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