Unvaccinated Man Denied Access to Buy Food in Toronto Farmer’s Market

(Dec. 19, 2021) A viral tweet shows a Toronto man being denied access to buy food at Wychwood Barns Farmer’s Market on Sunday due to unconstitutional vaccine passport mandates.

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11 thoughts on “Unvaccinated Man Denied Access to Buy Food in Toronto Farmer’s Market”

  1. The real problem lies in those who are born to treat people like a disease. They’ve been allowed to run the show. That’s what Canada gets for being to cowardness to stand up to bullies. Your decades of silence in the face of abuse is catching up to you. Cold dead eyes up here. How will Canada ever look out for its own?

    I had an interesting experience being denied healthcare recently. NOT ONE PERSON stood up for me. When the guy was trying to body check me our the door, all the witnesses sided with my assaultor. Screw you Canada. This is actually you’re own doing.

    1. To all my people. This is what communism is. Hate those who dont blindly follow cowards. God willing many more will see all this as a system of control. Variant are just another exuse to lock us down and push the vaccines our evil leaders paid for. Have faith. Be a lion or lioness. Love thy neighbour and most of all be the best you can be. Much love to all.

  2. Just so it’s clear, it’s not trespassing. When an institution has Goods and services for the public to purchase that is not considered trespassing, and that is the law. The problem is people don’t understand what a law is and what a mandate is. A mandate to keep it simple is a pretty please. I commend the gentleman in videotaping this and the ignorance of the others going in watching this happening. The people who are jabbed and the people who are not jabbed need to stand together. People need to look back in history and wake up because this is real and this is happening and the power is in the people not the few that sit high on the throne. Don’t let them chip away from your freedom. Stay strong!

    1. The worst part of you being correct …is that officers don’t give a shit. I was escorted out for ‘trespassing’ and I informed the officer they had goods for sale that were advertised to the public. I am the public and I am trying to purchase their goods. They are denying me based on a disability to not wear a mask (not Vax pass here). And officers said it didn’t matter – they said they wanted me out of the store. I asked those around me to stand up for me. Looked people in tHe EYES and everyone looked away. Worst experience ever. So even knowing the trespass law didn’t help me there.

  3. My family goes back to the first French settlers I’m a direct dependent of the Ouellette family and WI drr Ouellette Avenue is my family this crosses a line like New Brunswick did. Contact True North they fought this in New Brunswick it will 9nly get worse if we let it letters must be sent action taken. Also Action 4 Caanada is making progress on this don’t just complain. Yes my family fought in wars to but not for this!!!!

  4. We must stand united against such tyranny. Run If you like but it will only be a matter of time before it happens south of our border. As long as your unvaxxed. You pose a threat. Our country bought and paid for this pandemic. We elected a communist puppet. I will not run. I will fight before I give in to this.madness. The loonies are running the asylum. Weak and frail is our government. Threats and lies are their ammo. We must resist. Before another comes to claim these lands. Russia, China. Be strong. Love stronger.

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  6. Absolutely disgusting! The young woman’s attitude reflects a certain woke quality when she indicates the manager is a woman. How ironic that she is discriminating based on health status. My ancestors were United Empire Loyalists. My great grandfather was one of the first 50 North West Mounted Police. My father was RCAF and taught radar at Cranwell during WWII. My uncle was RCAF and was killed, shot down over Germany during WWII. Some of my ancestors built familiar landmarks in Toronto. One ancestor was mayor of Gaspe. I retired from 36 years of service at City of Toronto In other words I have a stake in the country. However, I am now in the U.S escaping the Nazi like tyranny that is sweeping Canada. How is that for full circle?

    1. Michele, you have an amazing Canadian family legacy which accentuates the tragedy of someone whose ancestors fought so hard for Canadian freedoms having to flee the current government tyrrany and oppression of our peoples. All under the guise of “protecting the population” from an utterly benign viral variant! We may not be long in following you to flee the oppressive control measures here.

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