6,703 Serious Adverse Events Amid Massive Underreporting

The Canadian govt is reporting 6,703 serious adverse events after Covid-19 vaccination–an unprecedented number. Rather than immediately remove the product from market, as would typically be done, Health Canada continues to massively underreport the number of serious adverse events, as it is allowing the rejection of such reports by physicians and the gagging and attacks on any physicians who’s legal duty it is to report such adverse events.

Dr. Patrick Phillips, an emergency and family physician, is one such doctor that has bravely spoke out against the singular vaccine-solution narrative. At a protest Nov. 22, 2021, Dr. Phillips revealed that his reports were rejected and that he was subsequently put under investigation by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario.

This is an unconscionable situation considering the doctrine of informed consent that necessitates that patients are fully informed of all risks and benefits before being given any medical treatment. Rather than allowing informed consent, the govt is alarmingly coercing Canadians to take the experimental and harmful mRNA shots again violating all medical college policies on informed consent.

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