Unvaccinated Hate Propaganda Ramps Up in Shocking Poll

In a shocking poll from CTV News Windsor, seeds of hatred against the unvaccinated ramped up with readers being asked if unvaccinated people should face jail time or be denied healthcare services. The blatant dehumanization of people–now reduced to a vaccine status–and associated intolerance for their constitutional freedom of medical choice smacks of fascist eras of old that scapegoated, villainized and punished a segment of society as a threat to the whole.

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Around the world, vaccines have failed to prevent Covid-19 transmission and their highly promoted ability to reduce severe outcomes with hospitals now being overrun with full vaccinated patients. Israel, now on their 4th shot, is also seeing record cases overwhelming their healthcare system. A vaccine advisor, Professor Cyrille Cohen, recently said in an interview, “We made mistakes,” alluding to the fact that Covid vaccines didn’t stop transmission, passports should’ve been phased out, herd immunity was inevitable and Covid-19 now endemic via flu-like Omicron.

The relentless booster campaigns have also recently been advised against by the W.H.O., “a vaccination strategy based on repeated booster doses of the original vaccine composition is unlikely to be appropriate or sustainable.”

Ramping up the hate campaign against the unvaccinated is Quebec TV personality Julie Snyder, who recently asked children the same question as the CTV poll, “What should we do with people who don’t want the vaccine?” A young boy answers, “Call the police,” and a young girl, speaking with the precision of a person much beyond her years, argues that the unvaccinated should be cut out of society, little by little, until they submit to the vaccine. A Facebook post identified the young girl as actor, Sandrine Guenin.

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In England, Boris Johnson just announced the removal of Covid-19 restrictions January 26, including masks, vaccine passes and work from home restrictions. Why then is Canada still ramping up the hatred of unvaccinated people?

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  1. I keep saying , live and let live, but people like ol’ Rog, seem to think they have the right to tell us what to do. The real majority in Canada do not believe that a “vaccine” should be forced on anyone. We , the unvaccinated prefer to be left alone to run our lives as we see fit. We do not need or want government nannies. We believe in freedom of choice. Sorry Rog, your mindset just doesn’t fit. Now Mr. Trudeau is spending money like a drunken sailor on things that do not benefit any Canadians. Wasted money that can’t even be accounted for would have built many new hospitals.

    1. If the ‘vaccines’ were 1) NECESSARY, 2) EFFECTIVE and 3) SAFE, then you would be in a position to argue for mandatory vaccinations — though not in a position to insist on them.

      However, as the abundant evidence compiled by independent scientists will confirm, they are neither necessary, effective or safe.

      There are so many sources to confirm this; but, a good place to start your research is with the CDC’s VAERS program.

      Here’s a link to a detailed analysis of the VAERS data:



  2. The ploy of distracting people from what’s happening to the ‘fully immunized’ by shifting the focus to the supposed plight of the unvaccinated is getting worn out. People are seeing through it. The ‘fully immunized’ public is waking up to the fact that their ‘special status’ provides them with few benefits, and exposes them to the risk of ‘vaccine’ side effects. Record numbers of them are contracting Covid 19 and being hospitalized. These Canadian citizens have been betrayed as much as the unvaccinated scapegoats. Read more at: https://scrapbookwithtony.wordpress.com/2022/01/20/thank-you-for-your-obfuscation-a-bit-more-context-and-number-crunching/

    1. I’ve been hearing a lot of recently deprogrammed tripled-vaxxed saying “Sorry, three’s my limit and I’m driving.” and a lot of double-vaxxed saying “You said two shots, and I’m golden!”, so the vaccines-will-protect-you narrative is completely falling apart.

      “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” – Scottish Proverb

      The third part of the proverb should be “Fool me three times, and I’m an f-ing idiot!”, but I’m still willing to give the “This far and no farther!” triple-vaxxed crowd a few better-late-than-never points.

      “I’m stupid, but I learn. Most people are stupid and never learn.” – John M

  3. Growing numbers of double and triple vaxxed are starting to worry that they might have royally screwed themselves over, and they’re just mad at us for not being as gullible. The hardcore vaccine attack dogs, on the other hand, have elevated cognitive dissonance to an art form and have to keep lashing out at us in order to avoid looking inward.

    1. That in particular goes for our leader Trudeau. I have never seen so much hatred in man who should be uniting the country rather than promoting hate against each other. He has shown us his true colours now and he is looking less and less like a Canadian everyday.

      1. He is angry because he thought every Canadian adored and worship him . He has also realized he is not the great dictator he aspired to be. He is a terrible low life leader. He is bad at his job. , I think picking up dog 💩 is more suited for him…

        1. I agree with you Yvette. If anyone should be going to jail the first one in should be Trudeau. Along your line of thought I was thinking he could be responsible for cleaning all the toilets in his cell block.

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