After 2 Yrs, Canadians Are Fed Up of Covid – An Interview with Maxime Bernier, PPC Leader

After 2 years of never-ending restrictions and the failure of Covid vaccines to stop the virus, restore our freedoms and reopen the economy, Maxime Bernier, PPC leader, tells us that Canadians are fed up.

Join us for another conversation with Mr. Bernier, as he discusses the crumbling Covid-19 narrative, ongoing measures, the Trudeau govt’s role in the supply chain crisis, Trudeau’s divisive hate speech towards unvaccinated Canadians…and much more.

Mr. Bernier joined us Jan. 21, the day before speaking at Toronto’s Worldwide Rally for Freedom to share his vision path towards a free Canada.

Waterloo Freedom Rally Footage Credit: JD Meaney (YouTube)

9 thoughts on “After 2 Yrs, Canadians Are Fed Up of Covid – An Interview with Maxime Bernier, PPC Leader”

  1. Canadian’s still think they have a government, rather than the cabal of pharma and central-bank bribed politicians and authoritarians that have bought off their medical regulatory bodies and telecommunications companies (esp. Bell/CTV and Shaw/Global). I’m not sure why this fact is always avoided in these pretend interviews, which continue to give legitimacy to the sitting Canadian “government”. It is not. It is corrupt, and this would be easily established (and the players sentenced) if it could just be brought to a genuine court with proper discovery and all the evidence. Funny how the government infects the courts too, eh? Thanks for shining the light on that Jody Wilson-Raybould.

    It’s not hard to see the game. The usurping politicians, CBC, Global and CTV news, etc. along with their Big Tech social media comrades are the very companies censoring and viciously attacking anyone who opposes a Pfizer or Moderna inoculation. They’re also the ones creating these fascist propaganda “polls,” which are really just hate-attacks on the ‘unvaccinated’, in other words, the people who will not comply with ‘buying the product being advertised and sold.’ THANK YOU Shaw (Global News) – for the hate-poll ‘Should Canadians be fired for not getting the vaccine?’, which drew disgust from 99% of YouTube commenters where it was posted. And THANK YOU Bell Globe Media (CTV) for the hate-poll of ‘Should Canadians be jailed for not being vaccinated?’ which also drew the ire of 90%+ of Canadian respondents. If the bought and paid-for media vendetta wasn’t so comical and stupid, you’d think they’d get away with it. Check it out, I can play the same game with my own loaded-poll: “Should corrupt politicians and paid-off legacy media propagandists be immediately arrested and tried for complicity in crimes against humanity, given their campaign of hate and misinformation regarding effective early treatments for COVID-19, which has now killed hundreds of thousands of people unnecessarily? P.S. it’s called Genocide for Pharma Vaccine Profits.” Here’s another one: ‘Should the executives and employees of Pfizer and Moderna be immediately arrested and tried for crimes against humanity for releasing the most deadly “vaccine” of all vaccines combined of the last 30 years, and then attempting to hide the clinical trials establishing that fact by not releasing their documents for 55 years?” Ditto for the Canadian ‘politicians’ and ‘public health officers’ (really just complicit criminals) who knew about Pfizer’s reports back in April, 2021 and who continue to inject both adults AND NOW CHILDREN with the worst-vaccine-ever. The only people who belong in jail right now are the federal and provincial politicians, and government and media employees committing these crimes. I can’t wait to see you all on trial over the next 10-20 years. I’m stock-piling my popcorn right now.

    1. Very well said. Sounds like you’d be a perfect addition to The Free Province Project. #freeprovinceproject

    2. I couldn’t agree with you more. I have a new motivation to stay healthy because I want to live long enough to see all these criminals behind bars.

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  3. I voted for the PPC as Bernier is the only party rep that made any sense,whatsoever.
    We all know this is the Davos generated agenda,Maxime,so let’s call this attempted coup d’etat what it is so the average,ill-informed Canadian begins to understand what is occurring.
    Trudeau has to go. We must adamantly support the men and women headed to Ottawa as they are the ones standing up for Canada. Yes,that includes Bernier and Hillier. It also includes Bright Light News . Thank you all.

  4. Maxime Bernier is a good man, and the best possible choice for prime minister of Canada. That said, the PPC needs better candidates than the ones they’ve been fielding.

    Perhaps the party’s biggest mistake is trying to run Canada-wide when there just aren’t enough good candidates to be had. The way I see it, targeted election races with high-quality candidates would get them so much farther in the long term. (Win a few, add a few more, rinse, and repeat.) As it stands, it seems as if almost anyone will do—as long as they’re willing to put PPC after their name. (The last time around, the guy they ran in my district came across as an elitist prick who saw us locals as nothing more than a bunch of yokels that had to be tolerated, and that’s being kind.)

    The unfortunate fact is that we can’t just vote for a prime minister—we have to vote for a party. And I personally have to see an honest and reliable team in the running (not just a bunch of political opportunists) before I can do that.

    (And don’t even get me started on their Quebec-based fund-raising organization.)

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  6. Now people, here is the only political leader in Canada that has shown any real support for the average Canadian, just trying to make a living amongst the unnecessary restrictions. I took some time and read his political platform. I found it very interesting and not nearly as radical as I was lead to believe. I will support him and the PPC in the next election . I urge you all to read his platform and then decide for yourself after all , I believe this is still a free country and we all have rights , including freedom of choice!

    1. I agree. Thank God there is one honest politician left in this country speaking the truth. I’m certain that all the supporters of our current government will wake up shortly and realize that our government has been feeding us propaganda and that the vaccinated are the ones having the worst outcome health wise and they too will suffer from food shortages and the many other products that normally come into this country by truck. I predict that we will see more and more Canadians waking up and realize they have been deliberately lied to by our government.

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