BREAKING: England Announces No More Masks or Vaccine Passes

Just hours ago, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that the Omicron wave has likely ended with hospital admissions stable and falling and already low ICU admissions also falling. England will there revert back to Plan A, which notably removes the use of vaccine passes, masks and work from home.

Though a major victory in the fight against unscientific and harmful measures, vaccine mandates are still scheduled for National Health Services (NHS) frontline workers starting April 1. Without 2 doses, suspensions and terminations will begin for more than 70,000 NHS workers, or 4.9% of all workers.

Despite UK cases tripling to a record 218,376 daily cases January 4, 2022, over the previous January 8, 2021, high of 67,794 cases and ICUs never seeing a rise with Omicron, Boris Johnson continued to credit vaccine boosters.

Read more here on Johnson’s announcement.


4 thoughts on “BREAKING: England Announces No More Masks or Vaccine Passes”

  1. Oh dear! Bright Light, you must stop posting articles like this. Poor Rog Whitless is no doubt traumatized, cowering in a dark corner of it’s mommy’s basement, wrapped in it’s blankie, sucking it’s thumb, wanting it all to go away until absolutely everyone is forced to take the genocide jabs it was conned into taking.

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  3. No Doubt a result of the partying scandal, rules for thee but not for me was exposed and to appease the peasants they allow a little freedom again.

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