Fully-Vaxxed Still Driving Ontario’s Record Wave of Cases

Covid-19 vaccines are failing and spectacularly.

Ontario reported January 18 that the fully vaccinated made up 77.8%, or 5,439 cases, of Ontario’s 7,085 Covid cases, and the unvaccinated just 15.3%, or 1,087 cases, of the total number. With 82% of all Ontarians aged 5+ fully vaccinated and 12% unvaccinated, Ontario quadrupled the previous high in cases back in April with 18,445 cases January 1, 2022.

The fully vaccinated are getting infected at a rate of 65.22 per 100,000 cases compared to 54.06 per 100K for the unvaccinated.

Despite clear and indisputable epidemiological evidence showing that the fully vaccinated are driving Ontario’s record wave of cases, the govt and public health continue to undermine their own credibility with the misleading daily messages that Covid-19 vaccines are “the best way out of the pandemic.” The vaccines have failed so miserably that Ontario increased restrictions again January 5, reverting to Step 2 from Step 3 of its reopening plan.


The vaccine is also failing to provide protection against severe outcomes as the vaccinated make up more than 75%, or 2,245 cases, of the 2,984 hospitalizations. The fully vaccinated make up 68.7%, or 2,050 cases, of hospitalizations compared to the 24.8%, or 739 cases, for the unvaccinated. The province continues to try and mislead the public by stating statistics that imply the vaccines are working, for example, the unvaccinated are 3x more likely to end up in hospital. In reality, the only measure of the “vaccine’s” success, or lack of, is that it is failing to keep the fully vaccinated out of the hospital, as touted. Period.

The vaccinated are also filling up ICUs with 213 of the 408 total cases cases being vaccinated.

13 thoughts on “Fully-Vaxxed Still Driving Ontario’s Record Wave of Cases”

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  3. This article dovetails with what is being seen in Florida. The highest vaccinated counties are experiencing far more “new cases.” I tried to show this in a recent article I wrote. I haven’t seen any of Florida’s major newspapers report this “negative” correlation between vaccination rates and “new cases per 100,000 population.”


    Note that Dade County has a vaccination rate of 94 percent in its population aged 5 and older. This is by far the highest vaccination rate of any Florida County and indeed is one of the highest rates in America. What Florida county has experienced the highest infection rates in recent weeks?

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  5. It is hopeful, that somehow, someway, Canada will gain back her common sense, chuck out all politicians, ministers, health “care” professionals, media and anyone else responsible for the damage done to so many. It is time to stop the lies, bring forward the truth, discipline the criminals and allow us all to get back to living. We cannot allow this evil to continue, we have a duty to future generations, the inoculations of the young, of the healthy, and those of child bearing age must stop immediately.

    1. I agree Greta. The only one I know of who ever spoke out about this was Derek Sloan and he got kicked out of the PC party as a result. There is no one left there worth saving in any of the parties and our national broadcaster, CBC, who we pay for should also be shut down.

    2. I don’t think anything will change regarding faux or dubious narratives as long as all the major news organizations continue to suppress the real and most important data. So really before you could “drain the swamp,” you’d have to purge the newsrooms of all the journalists and editors who really don’t care about any “search for the truth.” In fact, these “journalists” are obviously working to conceal important truths.

  6. It is now becoming too clear that the vaccines don’t work so I think we will be seeing governments starting to backtrack, They will need a narrative that convinces people the vaccines are responsible for the end of the plandemic, which we must not allow to happen to insure something like this never happens again. There needs to be a full inquiry and the politicians and the health departments that perpetrated this fake pandemic need to be held accountable.

    1. Given how well our current federal government has handled “inquiries” (a.k.a. “coverups”), I’m not expecting much from them. And I’m not holding out much hope for provincial inquiries either. (Spotty results at best.)

      In order to ensure that this never happens again, we need to form and support new political parties. Especially since our “usual suspects” (Cons, Libs, Dippers, and their enforcers) have clearly demonstrated that they all wear matching jackboots with only slight variations in size.

      (And before anyone says “People’s Party of Canada”, let me point out that, while the leader is a good man, most of the coattail opportunists trailing around behind him are not.)

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