Grocery Store Closures Looming Due to Vaccine Failure & Mandates for Mild Omicron

Despite the mainstream media pegging looming grocery store closures on “rising labour and product shortages that could threaten Canada’s food security,” the long-predicted “conspiracy theory” of food shortages and supply chain disruptions has come to fruition more clearly for all to see. Add this to the long list of confirmed “conspiracy theories” over the course of Covid-19, like vaccine passports, mandatory vaccinations and continual removal of freedoms due to never-ending variants needing more “vaccination.”

Make no doubt about it. The predicted food shortages that could have been avoided and are manufactured. From the unnecessary and wasteful slaughter of livestock due to unscientific Covid-19 measures causing high rates of absenteeism (for example, due to workers isolating and assuming they have Omicron for cold/flu symptoms) and the forced closure of meat-processing plants for an epidemiologically-proven mild variant to vaccine mandates for truckers that will limit the amount of goods leaving and coming back into Canada to grocery stores now facing closure due to labour and food shortages, govts across Canada have created an issue that will go beyond the divisive vaccine debate.

A rise in the cost of essential goods and their dwindling supplies will force many Canadians to face the reality that their govts are not working in their best interest, hopefully galvanizing all Canadians–vaccinated and unvaccinated–to understand and speak out against our govts’ unscientific Covid and vaccine mandates now adversely affecting every aspect of our lives, esp. food.

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4 thoughts on “Grocery Store Closures Looming Due to Vaccine Failure & Mandates for Mild Omicron”

  1. I blame it all on mismanagement by committee. Come to think of it, that’s actually a fairly elegant summary of the last two years.

    1. It would be bad enough if it was just mismanagement but this is being managed by a plan. Trudeau knows full well when you stop trucks from crossing the boarder, where much of our food comes from, there will most certainly be food shortages. It’s becoming too obvious now that this plandemic has nothing to do with a virus but is a planned reset of society.

      1. I’d actually feel better if they had some kind of evil plan which we could actively work to thwart. However, I am fully convinced that our leaders are just completely incompetent.

        (BTW: You’re a good man, Mark. And I always appreciate your rational and well reasoned comments.)

        1. Thanks for the comment John and I agree that our leaders are completely incompetent if competency means managing what is in the best interests of the country’s citizens.

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