Omicron Mild for Kids, Like Other Variants – SickKids Hospital President & CEO

Just as the vast majority of children infected with previous variants of Covid-19 had mild to no symptoms, Dr. Ronald Cohn, President & CEO of Toronto SickKids Hospital confirmed the same for Omicron in a Toronto City Council Board of Health Meeting today:

“There is no increased disease severity signal in children [from Omicron.]”

Source video (1:22:18)

5 thoughts on “Omicron Mild for Kids, Like Other Variants – SickKids Hospital President & CEO”

  1. Well this begs the question “ Mr Ford , why are vaccinating children with an untested , unproven, under tested experimental regimen when there is very little risk? Just ask Dr. Cohen CEC of Sick Kids Hospital “.

  2. When I was a kid there were no vaccines and we all got the usual viruses going around like measles, chickenpox and mumps and we all survived and have had natural immunity for the rest of our lives. In fact I remember getting what was called the German measles and my friends mother asked if I could come over to their house to hopefully to give it to their son. As a result we had lifetime immunity to all these childhood viruses. The only virus that worried parents was polio and a girl in my neighborhood had polio and I felt so sorry for her. I learned 60 years later that a Dr. Klenner in North Carolina in 1950 cured all 200 of his polio patients using intravenous vitamin c. Dr. Klenner presented his results at the annual American Medical Association meeting and after his presentation he said he would take questions. Not one of the hundreds of doctors asked a question. Very few doctors followed Dr. Klenner’s protocol so many more children were crippled. And here we are 70 years later doing the same thing. There are many natural protocols to deal with covid but but our medical system still only relies on pharmaceutical solutions. Giving a child a vaccine for virus that has close to zero chance of causing serious problems is criminal.

    1. That’s so sad what you say about the vitamin C treatment not being tried. Vitamin C isn’t harmful, even in large doses. What would it hurt to try? Also, when I was growing up, just like you, we weren’t as obsessed with safety as society is now. It’s become ridiculous.

      1. I first read about vitamin C in Dr. Thomas Levy’s book “Curing the Incurable” I highly recommend the book. There is also information on Dr. Andrew’s Saul’s website – . By the way, Dr. Levy has written a book on how to treat yourself at home if you get Covid. He was giving it away free when he released it. I think he is charging for it now. His website is

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