Worldwide Rally for Freedom – Toronto Queen’s Park (Sat, Jan. 22 @12 pm)

Canadians will join in Toronto’s Queen’s Park at Worldwide Rally for Freedom 6 this Saturday, January 22 at noon to fight against unconstitutional vaccine mandates and continuing Covid-19 measures.

Featured speakers will include Dr. Rochagné Kilian, MD, Greg Hill (Pilot/Cofounder of Free2Fly, Knia Singh (Lawyer/Human Rights Advocate), Randy Hillier (MPP, Ontario First Party Leader) and Maxime Bernier (PPC Leader).

Bright Light News will be there to broadcast WWR6 live.


50 thoughts on “Worldwide Rally for Freedom – Toronto Queen’s Park (Sat, Jan. 22 @12 pm)”

  1. This whole string of comments shows the reason I’ve never understood antivaxxers. Wow, thanks for the “meeting of the minds”, guys. Hope you enjoyed your rally 😂

    1. We’re not antivaxxers per se. We’re actually opposed to experimental gene therapies being passed off as vaccines, that don’t actually work and have caused more harm, up to and including death, than all legitimate vaccines put together.

      Long story short: If we were faced with a truly deadly virus (not something with a 98% recovery rate, untreated) and given genuine vaccines that actually prevented infection and transmission (as the very definition of “vaccine” says they must)—without quite so many well documented horrific short-term and completely unknown long-term side effects,—I’m sure you wouldn’t find us quite so opposed.

      So who’s the real tinfoil-hatter here, huh?

      1. Your continued faith in big pharma’s failed experimental gene therapies masquerading as vaccines for a virus with a worst-case-scenario 98% recovery rate, coupled with your certainty that it’s okay to suspend both constitutional and basic human rights in order to force anyone who disagrees with you to comply, makes me think that you’re the ones who’re completely unhinged.

        Oh, by the way… My neighbor’s wife got pregnant because you forgot to wear a condom and/or take your birth control pills, and his dog died because you neglected to feed it. He’s pretty pissed with you, you know? After all, how could you possibly be so selfish and unfeeling when his greater good was clearly at stake? (That makes about as much sense as saying that the vaccine-free need to get vaccinated in order to protect the vaccinated, doesn’t it?)

  2. Why have Jim and Belinda not been allowed to speak at this Rally?? We want to hear from Jim and Belinda. Randy Hillier, the traitor has been allowed? Unbelievable. This Charade must stop!

  3. It is very funny, very funny 😆. What freedom are we Canadians fighting for?
    What country owns Canada now?
    The land of Canada is solely owned by Queen Elizabeth II who is also the head of state. Only 9% of the total land is privately owned while the rest is Crown Land. The land is administered on behalf of the Crown by various agencies or departments of the government of Canada

    Hahahaha happy independence dayyyyyy 😂

    Now you know what? Don’t jump to much right and left otherwise she will take the 9% back too.
    Talking Mr Freedom

    1. Send her victorious,
      Happy and glorious,
      Long to reign over us,
      God save the Queen!

      O Lord our God arise,
      Scatter our enemies,
      And make them fall!
      Confound their politics,
      Frustrate their knavish tricks,
      On Thee our hopes we fix,
      God save us all!

      1. God Save the Queen
        The Fascist Regime
        They made you a Moron
        Potential H-Bomb
        God Save the Queen
        She ain’t no human being

  4. Yes! Yes! I have gotten up to 30 of us that will be attending on the outskirts of this rally letting all people who come they are attending a racist event and will be documented. I can’t wait to film all of you, track your faces down and put it up on Facebook, LinkedIn and other platforms since most of you will be unvaccinated. Time to take shaming you all to a whole new level…I have had enough of you Alex Jones paranoid tinfoil hatters and haters!!!!

    Or you could do the right thing and get the jab!

    We are going to build back better with or without you. I say gtfo of Canada is you are out, you don’t deserve to be Canadian!

    1. You can plaster my picture all over social media Rog, no shame here. Go ahead and push your Marxist agenda. The Great Reset is being exposed and will not be implemented. Dream on.

    2. People like you make me actually want to attend this not to hear them speak but to confront the likes of you and your 30 mannequins.

      1. It is very funny, very funny 😆. What freedom are we Canadians fighting for?
        What country owns Canada now?
        The land of Canada is solely owned by Queen Elizabeth II who is also the head of state. Only 9% of the total land is privately owned while the rest is Crown Land. The land is administered on behalf of the Crown by various agencies or departments of the government of Canada

        Hahahaha happy independence dayyyyyy 😂

        Now you know what? Don’t jump to much right and left otherwise she will take the 9% back too.
        Talking Mr Freedom !

    3. Wow you might be the dumbest person I’ve ever heard. Ignorant idiot. It’s so hilarious you crazy people throw racism into this every time It/you makes no sense hahaha. Clearly you’re a little punk living in their cancel culture and complaining about m&ms. Trust me, this will come back and bite you in your most likely fat a&&. Go get another jab you moron.

    4. Please stop confusing the word freedom with “begging government to give you rights.”
      If you continue to believe in authority, nothing will ever actually change… A true freedom rally is free from useless, amoral politicians.

    5. Jennifer Bolzicco

      To have that much hate in your heart for your fellow man. We are supposed to all be in this together. I promise
      You the 10% unvaccinated aren’t holding you back. Even us vaccinated folk can believe that it’s wrong to force a vaccine (that is clearly not working).

      1. Jennifer
        I want to thank you for your clear thinking and support.
        It’s been very rare coming from the vaccinated camp.
        It’s as though most people have been hypnotized.
        It may be unvaxxed rights taken away for now but eventually it will be everyone’s rights taken away. People think it could never happen but we don’t have to look very far back to know it can and it did…….even among an educated culture.

    6. Ha-ha, thanks for the laugh Rog. And the confirmation. You reveal the true, sad cost of this pandemic and the resultant “lockdowns”: the degradation of people’s humanity and intelligence.

    7. The ones who talk about race all the time turn out to be the racists. The unvaccinated are not against vacine’s they are against forced vacine’s of a type that has never been used before called rnDNA and when a non-nrDNA vacine comes available it’s taken away due to political pressure in the form of health and safety when instead the government can just tell the women on birth control pill and young adults not to take it.

      What’s happening with putting people out of work because they are unvaccinated is the equivalent of the Germans doing the same thing to the Jews in 1934-35 prior to rounding them all up and putting them into the Jews gettos then moving the.of the contraction camps. By the way Australia, austra have started building contraction camps to house their unvaccinated and Canada liberal goverment has money set aside to do the same thing.

    8. Unbelievable your comments! People are entitled to choose what they want injected in their body!! You sound like the typical crazy lonely old lady who hasn’t had attention from her husband in a decade.

    9. As a triple vaccinated individual I’d like to say settle down Rog. There are many people who feel their rights have been taken away. Everyone has the right to choose. If you are one of those who feel the only way out is if we have 100% vaccination rate before it’s safe out there you will be in for disappointment. Also considering only 52% of the planet is vaccinated, you may want to consider living in a plastic bubble. If everything they say about the vaccination is correct, then you as a vaccinated person have nothing to worry about. If hospital bed shortage is an issue to you now, then you may be enlightened to know that bed shortages have always been an issue. This pandemic has been with us for 2 years. Where was the effort to do something about this bed shortage in the last 2 years. Nothing has been done. So calm down, you’re vaccinated. If you have been vaccinated, but still worry about getting ill, than maybe you got the Vax for the wrong reasons. People like you aren’t seeing the long term consequences of this shutdown but I guarantee you will be scratching your head and looking for something to blame when this shutdown costs you in terms of work, finding your favorite cookies at the grocery store, or worse civil unrest.

  5. On Saturday ,September 20, 2021, those of us in attendance can attest to a great time. The pre-election rally was so successful that all the media networks refused to cover the thousands of people who participated. I will be there. Won’t stand down!

    1. I will have a great time…taking pictures and filming all you racist supporters that are selfish and don’t care about other Canadians. You will be identified for this behaviour and shamed.

      1. I will be the guy in the Tom Brady Patriot’s hat with a “won’t stand down” sign. On the reverse, “vaj – yes, vax -no.” You can find me and buy me a drink.

      2. The government of Canada doesn’t care about you either. The unvaccinated not against vacine’s they are against being forced to take them especially when the only vacine the government is accepting are rndna vacine’s and when a non-nrDNA vacine’s come available they take it if the market instead of telling women on birth control to not take it or young adults.

  6. At last count, there were over 6.4 million unvaccinated. The problem is that the vaccine free are minorities in every province. The solution? Move to a relatively low population density province and take control of it politically.

    Now you have control of your own province (compelling the feds to respect you), you can decide not to impose “vaccine” (read “experimental gene therapy”) or mask mandates on your people (because you’re not a bunch of sleepwalking, CBC/CNN-addicted drones), and anyone who doesn’t like it can either leave or stay the F away. (Shoe, meet other foot.)

    To top it off, you’ve got a workforce full of highly competent rational thinkers who did their own due diligence (since they’re not sheeple), made an informed choice not to get jabbed (because they’re neither stupid nor batshit crazy), and who only ended up getting turfed by the vax-nazis for refusing to bend the knee. They’re ready, able, and willing to work, and grateful for the opportunity to do so.

    Think the whole idea is crazy? Just check out the Free State Project in the US and see how Libertarians gained such a powerful political voice in New Hampshire. Furthermore, since they’re already a persecuted class—no jobs, restricted access to medical treatment, social exclusion, financial penalties—and since the situation is only getting worse, it makes perfect sense for the vaccine free to seek out a new “homeland”.

    1. I know a great homeland where you can go… to Afghanistan. Or why not go up North and move in the arctic away from Canadians that done want you around.

      1. I have reason to believe you may be vaccinated. May I please see your papers? I’m sorry, but without notarized proof on non-vaccination, we will not be able to grant you entry to the Vaccine-Free Zone. (Insert Rosie-the-Riveter salute here.) Thank you, and have a nice day! 🙂

      2. Tread softly, brother!
        There are 2 possible outcomes for all of us!
        1) World political elite cannot afford normalization of western societies and must push humanity into WW3, in order to traumatize everyone into forgetting their crimes!
        2) Neutered pigs on our farm summon enough courage and start revolution killing its evil masters!
        In both cases, we will all miss nice lives we had before you willingly slipped into hypnotic trance…
        If you and your kind make it through, which never happens, you will wake up in the stone age, admiring previous civilization’s remnants…

    2. I’ve done a little research, and I think Manitoba would be a good choice in terms of provinces, and Brandon MB might be a good spot for our base of operations. What do you think, people? I say, “Let’s go, Brandon!

        1. I wouldn’t suggest Afghanistan to anyone at this point (even the Taliban is starving), but I would wholeheartedly recommend North Korea for the Vax-Nazi attack dogs. They’d fit right in.

    3. Look up a video of Hitler and Stalin, extra and listen to what they say then tape your response and Listen to it you’ll be shocked at how similar they are.

    4. For now, anyone who is interested/intrigued need only say so. We can find a way to get in touch and start networking in earnest later.

    1. We all hope you attend,Rog.
      The people have had enough of the tyranny you and yours have created with your plandemic and ‘poison death shots’, as Dr. Zev Zelenko so accurately calls them.

    2. Yes,arrests for those that are complicit in Crimes Against Humanity.
      Not very difficult to understand whom those folks are as charges have been laid in Canada’s federal and provincial courts and with the International Criminal Court.
      Time to stand up and end this charade.

  7. Love to be there and listen to these great Canadians speaking truth and freedom
    The world has had enough of the Build Back Better transhumanists AKA Davos shills.

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