2 thoughts on “Worldwide Rally for Freedom Toronto Flyer – Sat, Jan 22 @12 pm”

  1. This would be a great opportunity to discuss the “Free Province Project” (just a working title), loosely modeled after the “Free State Project” based in New Hampshire.

    Long story short: The vaccine free are a minority in every province in Canada, despite the fact that there are at least 6.4 million of us. The simplest solution would be to find a relatively low population density province, move there en masse, become the major political force in the province, and then work to ensure that no politician ever got elected or law ever got written that would oppress us ever again. Anyone who disagreed with our free-thinking ways could either leave, or just stay the hell away. And, once we had a province to call our own, the Feds would be in no position to kick sand in our faces anymore.

    I personally like the idea of moving to Manitoba and using the city of Brandon as a base of operations. After all, how could anyone argue with a slogan like “Let’s go, Brandon!” (It’s almost too perfect.)

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