Quebec TV Show Uses Children to Incite Hate Against Unvaxxed

Ramping up the hate campaign against the unvaccinated is Quebec TV personality Julie Snyder, who recently asked children, “What should we do with people who don’t want the vaccine?”

A young boy answers, “Call the police,” and a young girl, speaking with the intellect of a person beyond her years, argues the unvaccinated should be cut out of society, little by little, until they submit to the vaccine. A Facebook post identified the young girl as actor, Sandrine Guenin.

Source video.

11 thoughts on “Quebec TV Show Uses Children to Incite Hate Against Unvaxxed”

  1. I’ve been distancing myself from the vaccinated, and they’re all like “How could you?!”

    Oh, so they can dump on me, but I’m not allowed to avoid them? That’s rich!

    They remind me of a snooty girl I knew in high school whose attitude toward guys like me was basically, “How dare you not notice me ignoring you!”

    Get over it, pro-vaxxers. We want you around even less than you want us around.

  2. There are hate laws in Canada. These people need to be brought up on charges, they would be if they were talking about other cultures. Hey Rog, what’s your address? I will send the thought police for a visit!

  3. “Do you agree completely with our great leader and our movement? Yes? And what would you do with our enemies? Throw them in prison? Oh, what a good and intelligent child you are!” (Cue applause.)

    News Flash: That’s exactly how the Hitler Youth got started.

  4. This attitude is spreading. When even Sun reporters are saying that they endorse punitive measures on the unvaccinated like a tax, and who knows what other schemes are being planned, then you know our society has fallen off the edge of a cliff, and there’s nothing left to wait for but the inevitable [splatt].

    1. That’s why we need the Free Province Project, because now we know what they’re capable of, and we can be sure they won’t quit even if Covid fizzles out. The simple truth is that they hate free-thinkers like us, and they’ll be actively looking for ways to target us again in the future. We need to prepare for that eventuality now, and the #freeprovinceproject is probably the best way for us to do so. If you’re interested and/or intrigued, just let me know and we’ll arrange to make contact and start networking in earnest.

      “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” – Scottish Proverb

  5. The children have been watching too many of Trudeau’s speeches. Children, like everything else they learn in life, comes from a teacher. Oh yea, he was a teacher.

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