[FULL SPEECHES HD] Worldwide Rally Toronto (Saturday, Jan. 22)

Protests, What the Experts Say / By Gord Parks / January 21, 2022

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Live broadcast from Queen’s Park, Toronto.

00:09 – Dr. Emad Guirguis, MD
00:50 – Jason Kowalyshyn (Take Action Canada)
02:31 – Monique (Filmed Ontario field hospitals)

04:24 – Vladislav Sobolev, Emcee (We Are All Essential)
07:22 – Julie Mintha (Take Action Canada)
11:55 – Danny DeSantis (Entrepeneur)
18:27 – Margaret and Joel Sussman (Vaccine Choice Canada)


21:58 – Greg Hill (Pilot, Free2Fly cofounder)
26:50 – Edward Embury (Ontario Farmer)
35:26 – Claus R. (Canadian Academics for Covid Ethics)
39:05 – Knia Singh (Human Rights Lawyer)
45:37 – Derek Sloan (Ontario Party Leader)
55:02 – Bruce Pardy (Rights Probe Exec. Director)
1:00:00 – Randy Hillier, MPP
1:12:51 – Maxime Bernier (PPC Leader)
1:18:30 – Dr. Rochagné Kilian, MD (Emergency Physician)

29 thoughts on “[FULL SPEECHES HD] Worldwide Rally Toronto (Saturday, Jan. 22)”

  1. Just looking at some of the “Worldwide Rally for Freedom” footage from overseas. This turned out to be MUCH BIGGER than anyone expected, and impressive as hell!

  2. The best part is that what’s being proposed for the “Free Province Project” is not illegal, no matter how threatened it makes our control-freak politicians and their enforcers feel. (Are you listening, CSIS/RCMP?) Of course, that won’t stop them from trying to paint the people who support it as “dangerous radicals”. Yes, how dare we stand up for our constitutional and natural human rights! (Insert feigned shock here.)

    In New Hampshire, the entrenched political order even looked at passing laws to keep “Free State Project” Libertarians from moving to the state. They failed to enact any, because any such restrictions would’ve been completely unconstitutional and easily challenged in court. Too bad they didn’t have Covid back then to use as an excuse, huh?

  3. A “crisis” is a dramatic word that doesn’t mean much. I agree we need to use our resources wisely, but we need energy, and remember the push for electric vehicles is also a move towards environmental destruction. Toxic 1000 lbs car batteries that rip vital minerals out of the ground, leaving massive craters. That is serious. Careful and wise use of fossil fuels is the lesser destruction.

    1. Yep. Simply screaming “Toxic batteries and landfill for all!” would be much more accurate and honest.

      It gets even better: The production of ethanol (a mandatory fuel additive) actually creates more pollution than it saves, as does releasing paraffin (a toxic substance and carcinogen) into the atmosphere by switching off the lights and burning candles on “Earth Day”. And now they want us to start eating bugs and fake meat…to save the planet. (Insert epic eye-roll here.)

      You really can’t make this stuff up.

  4. What are we doing about the myth of Man-Made Catastrophic Climate Change (Warming)? Anybody interested?

    1. If I were a large corporate polluter dumping raw sewage into our rivers and lakes and toxic chemicals into massive landfills, I’d want everyone looking up in the sky for “climate change”, too.

      (*The Covid-vax scam seems almost amateurish by comparison.)

      The lies and hypocrisy have infiltrated our schools as well, but fortunately not all our kids are stupid or gullible.

      Teacher: “Climate Justice!!!!”
      My Five-year-old: “Why don’t you ride a bike to school instead of driving your SUV?
      Teacher: (@_@)

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  7. Looking forward to it!

    As for what else can be done, you can start by trending this: #freeprovinceproject

    Long story short: The Vaccine Free are a minority in every province in Canada, but there are at least 6.4 million of us. So the idea would be to move as many Vaccine-Free Individuals as possible to a low population density province, become a major political force there, and ensure that no local, provincial, or federal representative ever got elected, and that no draconian law ever got written that would oppress us ever again. Having a province to call our own would severely limit the Feds’ ability to arbitrarily kick sand in our faces, and it would give us the power to protect both our constitutional and natural human rights.

    I’ve done some research, and I think it’s doable, but I can’t do it on my own—so if you’re interested (or at least intrigued), just say so. After that, we can find a way to get in touch and start networking in earnest.

    Disclaimer: This has no relation to the Free Province Project in PEI, which seems to have fizzled long ago. They weren’t being targeted like the Vaccine Free are, so it’s understandable that they might have been far less motivated to succeed.

          1. John, that sounds fascinating, very interested. I have heard of similar ideas in so-.called “red States” in the US. Please keep me informed and I will be following your progress very closely.

      1. Manitoba. It looks doable in terms of existing infrastructure, etc., and there is actually a city called Brandon (as in “Let’s Go, Brandon!”) that would work as a starting point. (The name isn’t really relevant to the plan, but it is a hilarious coincidence in any case.) Brandon has a population of about 50K, offers relatively low housing prices (especially given the current insane real estate bubble), comparatively cheap rents (less than half what you’d pay in Toronto or Vancouver), decent schools (including a university), and lots of room to expand. Check it out on Google Maps, and let me know what you think.

      1. As soon as we have more than a few people interested, our next step will be to create a Gettr and/or Gab group for networking. Redundant systems never hurt—especially when dealing with censors and control-freak politicians—so we should probably have both. And anyone who doesn’t already have a ProtonMail account should get one ASAP. It’s free (with paid upgrades if you want them), and very secure.

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