Govts Fueled the Supply Chain Crisis – Interview with a Canadian Farmer [FULL INTERVIEW]

Edward Embury is a 4th generation Ontario farmer says the supply chain crisis is here and, if you haven’t already stocked up at least 3-6 months of food, water and medicine, you should be “very concerned.”

Join us for this in-depth interview, as Embury details the breakdown of the supply chain (supplier, processor, buyer) and how the looming shortage of food and other goods started long before Covid-19 and trucker vaccine mandates with the monopolization of the agriculture industry by multinational corporations, banks and other entities. Enabled by favourable govt policies, they were able to control and decimate the ability of farmers to earn a living and the global supply of goods.

Embury will be speaking at the Worldwide Rally for Freedom at Queen’s Park, Toronto, January 22, 2022. Bright Light News will be broadcasting the speeches starting at noon. LIVE LINK

10 thoughts on “Govts Fueled the Supply Chain Crisis – Interview with a Canadian Farmer [FULL INTERVIEW]”

  1. The knowledge that this gentleman has is important but his presentation is hesitant and I actually could not listen very long because his inability to speak clearly and without hesitancy was distracting. Sorry.

    1. PatriiaValiquette

      He has the guts to speak up ,which is more that a lot of know it all folks, shame on you,

  2. We might have to go back to the old days when farmers killed the beef etc themselves. Find someone to cut and wrap it. Sell directly to the people locally as much as possible. I buy as much stuff locally as possible directly from the farmers in my area. Thank goodness there are still some that do that. Back in the day we even bought all our milk from a local farmer.

    1. Fortunately, in Fredericton we have a great farmers market that has been operating for 70+ years. I buy all our meat from a butcher there who only sells local beef, chicken and pork that is raised with no antibiotics or hormones. During the growing season there are many farmers including organic growers and bakers selling a variety of breads and other bake items, Our provincial government tried to band unvaccinated shoppers in December. A few days after this announcement there was a large protest including folks from Nova Scotia coming to help us. Our Premier Higgs withdrew this new law only a few days after it had been announced, thanks to all the protesters. So we all need to keep up the fight for our rights.

  3. Thank you Edward for telling it as it is. I always thought that farmers had one of the most important occupations in Canada but didn’t realize the road blocks that you and others are facing. Bill Gates and his fake food isn’t going to save us either. It will only accelerate more sickness and premature death. I think the only way out is to get rid of everyone in government and start all over again.

    1. Fuck off scammer, you shitheads seem to show in every alternative site, bots or people like you are from the intelligence agency of the government.

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