Shelves Are Emptying, Be Very Concerned – Canadian Farmer [TRAILER]

Edward Embury, a 4th generation farmer from Ontario, has a stark warning for Canadians, be “very concerned” over the looming food shortages. Start stocking your shelves before they empty.

Edward will be speaking at the Worldwide Rally for Freedom at Queen’s Park, Toronto. You can also catch his speech from our live broadcast starting at noon.

Full interview here.

9 thoughts on “Shelves Are Emptying, Be Very Concerned – Canadian Farmer [TRAILER]”

  1. I’m stocking up on food, and anything I would buy in the upcoming year, shoes, socks, underwear due to possible food shortages and possible hyper inflation. Using my RRSPs as I don’t think (but don’t really know or understand) if they are safe in mutual funds, and now I’m hearing talk about negative interest rates. Makes more sense to invest in things you need and will use then whatever the mutual fund is invested in. Keep your prescriptions up to date, eyeglasses, dental work etc. Don’t forget water.

  2. BTW: People really need to see this! One of America’s Frontline Doctors talks about the Covid-Hospital Money Trail, and it’s an eye-opener, to say the least.

    I’d be very surprised if something extremely similar, if not the exact same thing, weren’t happening in Canada.

    1. I have had my suspicions about this for a long time. I’m in New Brunswick but spent the first 50 years of my life in Toronto and and compared to any Ontario town, NB has the worst health care system. A large percentage of the population has no family doctor so if you need medical attention the ER is your first choice and that can mean an 8 hour wait at the best of times, to see a doctor. Now all of a sudden there are all these covid patients and they seem to be able to accommodate everyone. I believe there is money coming into the province that we never had before.

  3. Strength In Numbers

    Can we all ban together with the Farmers and start our own system? away from the big grocery stores. Cut out taxes and pay Farmers directly for their produce.

    1. Nice idea. Please check out our Free Province Project which we’ve been talking about here. (You’ll see a general description in various posts.) Your kind of thinking is exactly what our country needs right now.

  4. I’d actually feel better if it were some kind of evil plan that we could actively work to thwart, instead of just more outrageous incompetence from our useless elected representatives.

    1. Catherine Austin Fitts does an excellent job of explaining all this but it is very depressing to watch and realize that what she is saying is true.

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