Massive Toronto Crowd Marches for Freedom

**It was an honour for BrightLightNews to organize Canada’s largest freedom rally to date and an incredible sight to see all the marchers…let’s make the next one bigger!**

A freezing cold day wasn’t enough to stop protesters in Toronto from overtaking the streets and gnarling downtown traffic.

It’s estimated that about 12,000 people marched for freedom from oppressive and unscientific govt Covid and vaccine mandates, they joined over 150 cities around the world for Worldwide Rally for Freedom 6.

19 thoughts on “Massive Toronto Crowd Marches for Freedom”

  1. Thank you Bright Light News for this excellent and important coverage. Your efforts are very important in this information war amongst other things including the fight for Freedom!

    1. I was flying the drone. Didn’t feel as big as the Sept. rally, but pretty close. I’d estimate 7K-10K ppl.

      1. Thank you so very much Benny for operating the drone, being such a big part of Canada’s take back of our freedoms, and to the great editors of this video and coverage!

  2. Freedom convoy 2022 is being labeled a terrorist organization so that ‘go fund me’ stops collecting on their behalf. We are being asked to contact ‘go fund me’ an tell them that they are not violent but peaceful. God bless you!

  3. Oh, to be young again and physically able to march with all you freedom loving people. I wonder how they did in Nova Scotia and other Atlantic provinces.

    1. I wrote your name down on a slip of paper and put it in my purse. You will be ‘with me’ on the next Toronto freedom march.

  4. There was a huge turnout here in Ottawa too. Bright Light News… please try to send emails about and cover events in cities other that Toronto too…. we need to unite all of Canada and the world.

    1. Yes, so encouraging. We can never give up. So many people have no clue of the reality of the situation. It’s up to us to fight the good fight for freedom and do it peacefully.
      The Truckers are driving to Ottawa, please support them.

  5. It truly was a Worldwide Rally for Freedom, and it was MASSIVE in scale.

    The New World Order Covid Tyrants have really kicked the beehive.


      1. The videos from overseas are impressive as hell, but the local lamestream media outlets in all the protest cities are acting as if the demonstration in their town was just a small isolated event.

  6. What about Vancouver?
    We had a massive one too!👍
    It was great to se so many likeminded people m
    matching for freedom!!!

    Let’s keep the momentum going!!!

    1. Yep. The lamestream media doesn’t want people to know that these demonstrations took place in multiple cities worldwide.

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