More Videos from Toronto’s Massive Worldwide Rally for Freedom

**It was an honour for BrightLightNews to organize Canada’s largest freedom rally to date and an incredible sight to see all the marchers…let’s make the next one bigger!

Protesters Toronto’s Worldwide Rally for Freedom at Queen’s Park yesterday gathered to hear Canada’s best lineup of speakers, including Dr. Rochagné Kilian, Knia Singh (lawyer, human rights advocate), Bruce Pardy (Rights Probe exec. dir.), Greg Hill (pilot, Free2Fly), Edward Embury (Ontario farmer), Derek Sloan (Ontario Party Leader), Randy Hillier (MPP), and Maxime Bernier (PPC leader).

At least 10,000 protesters then overtook the streets of Toronto with a massive march that riddled Google maps with red high-traffic symbols around the downtown core.

Bright Light News filmed the march down Yonge St. from start to finish, which lasted 30 minutes. Based on our footage, we estimate about 10,000 to 15,000 people in attendance of the speeches at Queen’s Park. #wewillallbethere

Bright Light News would like to thank the diverse lineup of speakers that accepted our invitation to speak yesterday.

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After speeches at Queen’s Park, the crowd, estimated to be at least 12,000 people, marched through the streets of Toronto–causing traffic jams in the downtown core. Google maps outlined the march with a band of red (high traffic symbol) following and extending around the march.

Below is a video from a Toronto high-rise. (Video credit unknown.)

35 thoughts on “More Videos from Toronto’s Massive Worldwide Rally for Freedom”

  1. I’m so glad that people are rising up in numbers! That is a terrific turnout! But guys, your numbers are way off! How can the media ever hope to represent us correctly if we can’t represent ourselves correctly?
    In Edmonton several years ago we had a series of rallies for freedom in education. We estimated around 1000 people attended the first rally – and the media called it dozens. So, for the second rally we arranged counters. People stood at the entrances to the Legislature and they had tally counters. We collected the numbers from all the counting points and reported them to the speakers, who announced them to the people. In the end I think our greatest number was 2132. At the time, that was a huge number for a rally.
    The MLAs were in the Legislature, and they were announcing the numbers too! Because we had an accurate count, they took us seriously! And some of the news outlets reported the numbers correctly that time, too.
    Remembering what 2000 looked like on the steps of our Legislature, I’ll tell you that you had WAY more than 10,000 people marching in Toronto. It’s hard for me to give an estimate, but you might be able to add another 0.
    Politicians (well, good ones, at least) evaluate the seriousness of the people’s concerns numerically – the more people protesting, the more seriously they should take the issue. You have lots of people there! But experts say that you must have 3.5% of a population marching before you can truly effect change. In a city the size of Toronto, that would be 95,000. You might have had that many!! But they’re not going to take you as seriously as they need to until you find a way to correctly report your numbers.
    Numbers count.

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  3. COVID was created for the vaccine. When you think of it that way it now makes sense.
    Small Pox vaccine was pulled from distribution after only 24 deaths in ten years.
    Covid Vaccines fatalities have reached six figures worldwide. do the math as to what this is about. There is a special place in Hell for these Monsters!!!

  4. Interesting, the overhead view of the Queens Park rally makes the crowd look like a carona virus.

    (No one is standing in the center snow area as it is a large snow pile leading up to three tiered steps to the horse statue.)

    1. …and the thin outer ring is the wooden benches that encircle the center, there is another snowpile between the benches and the inner walkway.

  5. anthony frizzell

    I have from the start spoke of a lot of things that are only coming to the lemmings minds just lately, what can I do to help and help rewrite our CONSTITUTION which is the real problem…!!!!

  6. A lot of people complaining about this being a super spreader event, conveniently forgetting about their hero, JT, kneeling armpit to armpit with thousands at a BLM rally.

  7. The Free Province Project is garnering more than a little support, and I’m now in direct contact with a couple of people. This is good news, because we haven’t even really started yet and we’re already getting shout-outs from potential volunteers. To be honest, based on the comments here, I thought there would be more coming from this site than elsewhere…but hey, I don’t judge. You guys just do whatever you think is best for you. So, once again, if anyone here is interested, just let us know. As for anyone else, well…we’ll be sure to send you a postcard if we achieve our goal. #freeprovinceproject

    “Simply raging against the machine can be quite therapeutic, but sometimes you have to take action.” – John M

  8. This protest was ridiculous. People did not follow social distance rules. I can’t imagine how many morons got infected with COVID.l, especially among the unvaccinated. I pointed that out to some of the police but they refused to shut it down and then some of you had the nerve to call me an asshole there when Inam just trying to promote safety and again the police did nothing. Calling someone in asshole in public is a criminal offence!!! Nothing but crooks.

    1. Rogue being called an a-hole. Go figure.

      January 23,2022

      Giant Study Disproves Myth Of Asymptomatic COVID Spread
      A new study on asymptomatic transmission of COVID not only proves it doesn’t happen it proves the panic promoted by the political class was meant to control the populations.
      In complete contradiction to the popular narrative used by Democrat politicians and governors across the United States, a new study of 10 million people in Wuhan, China – ground zero for the COVID virus, showed that asymptomatic spread of COVID does not occur, nullifying all reasoning for business closures and lockdowns.
      The study, published in the November issue of the peer-reviewed scientific journal Nature Communications, studied 9,899,828 residents of Wuhan, screening them between May 14, 2020 and June 1, 2020. The results provided clear evidence as to the possibility of any asymptomatic transmission of the virus.

      1. this study is very important because it is being used to energize hatred against the unvaccinated. But I was unable to find it.

        1. Susan,I was attempting to show Rogue that asymptomatic spread has been debunked since June 1st,2020 and 20 months have since passed.
          Dr Peter McCullough goes over the Five Most Important Truths of Covid where he places ‘Covid is not spread asymptomatically as his #1 truth.
          Easy to find on Duck Duck Go.

      2. I had mentioned this to my co workers over a year ago, there is no such thing as asymmetric. In order for someone to pass a virus , they must have the virus and if they have the virus there will be definite signs of it…no matter the virus.

    2. Please go to and watch the speeches from the US freedom rally and you will understand what you are missing. This is the only vaccine in history where people have continued to need to mask up and the only vaccine in history where people continue to get sick. The vaccines are not working. There are better solutions to helping the sick get through this. Please educate yourself. Read, question things do not blindly trust That pharmaceuticals who value profit over safety and who have liability insurance if they injure us are out for our best interest. Be intelligent read read read question question Question. Freedom is about the right to question everything.

      1. Copey: Save your time, I think mr. or miss Rog is paid to say the opposite of what common sense people think, I’ve watched him or her say the derogative remarks over a little time, he’s say’s thing that are not seen in normal people of good common sense. Let’s say we call them a POS

    3. But the people who called an asshole were correct. masks make no difference , nor does a mere 6 feet. If you were afriad why were you there, just a busy body trolling around? It is the vaxt that are supespreaders.

      1. I was there because me and 25 others wanted this shut down for the safety all Torontonians!!! This is a type of super spreader event that should have never been allowed to take place. You people are a joke. You want your freedom but you idiots can’t see that it’s your own fault the continued lockdowns. Because you are selfish and won’t get the jab for the benefit of Canadian society, all Canadians must suffer. So greedy and selfish you people are. If you all got the jab we would not be in this stupid mess, just like those selfish arrogant truck drivers. Trudeau and the Liberals know what is best for the citizens, they are the government voted on for Christ sake on a third term. Now do the the right thing for Canada and stop being so self-centered. Your body but NOT YOUR choice because you can’t make the right one. You all are mentally challenged and need caregivers to make decisions for you. Either that or you want to spread the virus and enjoy the lockdowns and all the sickness and death…

        1. Oh, Rog, you are full of hate, dear. Your life must be so miserable that you can’t do anything just blame it to others. You are a perfect example how brainwashed someone can be who believed the narrative. Wake up. MSM and the government tell you only lies. And do us a fever by pouring out your hate elsewhere.

        2. You have obviously done zero research of your own and simply parrot government and pharma paid shills. Not your fault for believing they are interested in protecting you, but ignorance IS your fault, because the non paid off doctors and virologists ALL disagree with what you have been allowed to hear. I chose to believe the specialists that have everything to lose by opposing the narrative. Unfortunately, millions have been injured or killed already, and, according to Nobel Prize winner, Luc Montagnier, many more will be, once certain batches do their damage. He gives most of those unlucky enough to have been in these control groups about 2-3 years. This is a worldwide experiment and I’m guessing you’ve never volunteered for one before this.

    4. Sorry Rog, you chose to live in a free country and this is apart of freedom. We have to live with you, so you have to live with us.

  9. I bumped into an acquaintance today who I hadn’t since before vaccine passports. When I saw him last, he had assured me he would never comply, that he would never get himself jabbed. Well, as I said, that was before passports. Today he told me he was double jabbed but that he had had no choice, that he was forced to. Intrigued, I asked him what he meant by “forced”. He then told me that he would not have been allowed to play squash without a passport. This is what we’re up against. He is willing to give up his freedoms because of a squash game. And this guy calls himself a conservative. Sometimes I despair, but then I see videos of people marching and I hear of the truck convoy, and I feel much better. It is called hope.

    1. Tell me about it. The son of a friend of mine just got his first shot because he wants to go to a casino on his birthday. In other words, he’s foolishly gambling his life and health for the privilege of gaining access to a place where they’ll happily relieve him of his money. As in the case of your friend, I’m sure Darwin would approve.

    2. Ditto, two friends got jabbed because their parents are overseas, but a year later they still have not left the country to visit their parents.

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