True Leaders Unite People, Unlike Trudeau

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been brazenly vilifying unvaccinated people as “unscientific,” “racist” and “misogynist” and intentionally dividing Canadians. Over 10,000 people marched peacefully in the streets of Toronto and proved Trudeau wrong.

Make no mistake: Trudeau is sewing seeds of hatred and dividing people.

**It was an honour for BrightLightNews to organize Canada’s largest freedom rally to date and an incredible sight to see all the marchers…let’s make the next one bigger!**

16 thoughts on “True Leaders Unite People, Unlike Trudeau”

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  2. Totally agree with the statement that “Trudeau is sowing seeds of hatred and dividing people”. On top of that, he is a racist and he should be charged for hate speech. This man must be mentally ill.

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  4. Does anyone here really think that anyone at any level of government in Canada actually believes they work for us? I’m guessing that—save for one or two exceptions that prove the rule—the answer is “Hell, no!” Lame Minister Trudeau is just the tip…of the iceberg.

    1. Thu Dec 16, 2021 – 9:29 pm EST
      (LifeSiteNews) – A group that includes former Pfizer vice president Dr. Michael Yeadon filed a complaint with the International Criminal Court (ICC) on behalf of UK citizens against Boris Johnson and UK officials, Bill and Melinda Gates, chief executives of Big Pharma companies, World Economic Forum executive chairman Klaus Schwab, and others for crimes against humanity.

    2. I thought something like this must be brewing for someone like Boris to be the first to jump ship. And you would think that all these leaders would be aware of what each other were doing, but here you have Trudeau developing a food supply shortage by forcing jabs on Canadian truckers and putting up restriction of US truck drivers entering Canada at the same time that the UK has ended all this. Trudeau is not only an incompetent criminal but is just plain stupid. But what about all our other MP’s that we elected to serve us. Everyone of those are also complicit because none of them have spoken out about these inhumane measures. The only one I know of who did was Dereck Sloan and he got kicked out of the PC party for doing so. The whole lot of them should be thrown in prison.

      1. Mark: Every time you make a comment ,I have to agree with you and think there will be more to come hopefully as I don’t think he’s the only one as I had an e-mail sent to me with more than his name on the international trial conclusion but will have to wait to see if their crimes and charges to be true

      2. Exactly! It seems as if anyone in politics who’s not completely stupid and/or useless ends up getting purged by their own party.

        And, by the way, our Free Province Project is gathering steam and moving forward a lot faster than I thought it would. If anyone is interested, just let me know. There are other posts on this site giving a brief description. #freeprovinceproject

    3. John, I hope this is true because of my age of 79 I only wish to live long enough to witness the arrests of COVID corporate criminals involved in worldwide genocide brought to justice, and then I can die in peace.

    4. It looks like the UK cops are trying to duck and dodge and wiggle their way out of launching an official investigation, and they are most certainly not closing vaccine clinics. According to them, simply having a crime number means next to nothing and no investigation is currently underway. (Anyone surprised?) That said, I’ve seen video of them taking depositions—so I think it’s not nearly as much of a non-investigation as they claim.

      The way I see it, the UK cops are now stuck between a government rock and a legal hard place. Good! I hope they get crushed for their betrayal of the public’s trust! (Maybe the Brits could do what they’re doing in the States and replace them all with social workers.)

  5. Very well wrote but you were too nice, the real truth is what everybody thinks and it took our truckers understandable to open us all up even though we questioned that something doesn’t look right and if it’s not right for truckers it wouldn’t be right for us all either

  6. Where are the opposition and members of Parliament ?
    The thousands of truckers headed to Parliament will demonstrate to these cowards that the sovereignty of the nation is at stake.

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