Trudeau Ignores Actual Violent Attack on Coastal Gas Link, Cracks Down on Freedom Convoy “Terrorists”

Why are @JustinTrudeau et al. not condemning and cracking down on this “terrorist attack” with documented violent attacks (something govts/police/MSM are unable to produce for #FreedomConvoy2022)?

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6 thoughts on “Trudeau Ignores Actual Violent Attack on Coastal Gas Link, Cracks Down on Freedom Convoy “Terrorists””

  1. How did 20 people with axes where able to do that kind of damage, this smells of government funded sabotage, to destroy our energy industry. All for their sick great reset agenda wake up Canadians this more evil then we think, this country is on the path to globalist hell.

  2. La fondation de Justin Trudeau détiendrait 40 % des parts d’Acuitas, fabricant des nanoparticules lipidiques utilisées dans les vaccins à ARNm COVID. Trudeau aurait également des parts dans deux pharmaceutiques (BionTech/Pfizer et Moderna), qui projettent à elles seules plus de 72 milliards de dollars de profit net en 2022. Le Canada vient d’acheter 35 M de doses Pfizer. IL FAIT DE GROS PROFITS, POURQUOI LEVERAIT-IL MANDATS, VACCINS ET MESURES? Suivez l’argent…

    Justin Trudeau’s foundation reportedly owns a 40% stake in Acuitas, maker of the lipid nanoparticles used in COVID mRNA vaccines. Trudeau also reportedly has stakes in two pharmaceutical companies (BionTech/Pfizer and Moderna), which between them project more than $72 billion in net profit by 2022. Canada just bought 35M doses of Pfizer. HE’S MAKING BIG PROFITS, WHY WOULD HE LIFT MANDATES, VACCINES AND MEASURES? Money trail…

  3. In our Parliamentary system, Canadians did not elect Justin Trudeau the Prime Minister of Canada. The elected Liberal members of parliament did that, and he now retains power, only due to their continued support and that of NDP MPs.
    It is obvious to me that our PM is undergoing some sort of Mental Breakdown and is acting irrationally. I believe it is now pointless trying to deal with him, and that we must pass responsibility for dealing with the current situation on to those responsible for supporting him.
    Further attempts to interact with Trudeau will be fruitless. My recommendation is that the current sitting Liberal and NDP members of Parliament should have the responsibility to deal with this situation, placed directly on THEIR shoulders. They must be held accountable for what they do, and/or do not do.

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  5. I know the question posed was rhetorical in nature, nevertheless, I have an answer for you.

    Because the “right-honorable” (there’s nothing right or honorable about this pm) Justin Trudeau is a corrupt, and ideologically driven politician who has decided that it’s easier to govern in a dictatorship than in a democracy, as long as he’s in charge, of course.

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