Govt Wages Emergency Orders Against Peaceful Protesters As Downtown Ottawa Shut Down

[OPINION] Downtown Ottawa feels more like a war zone with droves of police and up to 100 checkpoints now demarcating a 3 sq. km. “exemption” zone limited to those with approved access, like residents, workers or those staying at hotels. Anyone seeking to join the “unlawful protests” of Freedom Convoy 2022 will be denied entry.

Since Thursday, democracy died in downtown Ottawa.

Bank accounts “directly or indirectly” associated with the protests can also be frozen based, not on reliable intel from, for example, the RCMP, but a CBC analysis. Govts, as they have throughout Covid, are dictating mandates without any evidence or need to provide them, scrutiny or opposition.

The constitutional right to freely assemble and the Charter of Rights has been destroyed under Covid and now the fabled and fictitious “insurrection” now threatening Ottawa residents and businesses. How jubilant Canadians waving flags with children in bouncy castles has been perverted into a mainstream narrative of dissident “terrorists” seeking to overthrow the govt is one of the most laughable narratives put forth yet, esp. for the police officers who’ve been privy to work this area since the convoy arrived Jan. 29.

This is Canada. I’ve never been more proud of the love, unity and singular, united fight to have our birthright freedoms robbed under the guise of an “emergency pandemic” restored and, simultaneously, disgusted by the outright lies of our politicians, local police and legacy media. We raise our children to be honest; yet, the powers that be fail miserably in their capacity as role models and leaders.

Ex-RCMP Danny Bulford neatly summarized these recent events by saying that this is a well-used tactical ploy to crush a peaceful assembly of Canadians with ramped-up and vitriolic rhetoric to justify public support of increased (and unwarranted) enforcement measures to intimidate others from joining the frontlines in a battle for our democracy.

That the Emergencies Act is flimsily argued on the basis of “violence” not based on any physical threat or damage that has already passed but pre-emptively on words evoking violence, as per law professor Bruce Hardy’s analysis of the invocation. You read that correctly. The Liberal govt has shifted the meaning of violence in the known traditional sense and of its past use in evoking the War Measures Act previously during world wars to…words.

The gravity of this shift should strike fear into the hearts of all Canadians and the rest of the world for fear that one cannot disagree with the govt, again, in words. Freedom of speech and democracy has been bludgeoned under the boot of unquestionable and an almighty dictatorship.

Canadians should be outraged. The truckers represent much more than just a fight to have Covid and vaccine mandates removed; they represent a fight for our freedoms and democracy.

4 thoughts on “Govt Wages Emergency Orders Against Peaceful Protesters As Downtown Ottawa Shut Down”

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  2. May God be merciful to our gov’t and those that follow their orders. They know not what they do, or if they do know, then their accountability to God and punishment will be the greater for it.

  3. Does anyone know how many pairs of jackboots Trudeau has ordered to assist the police in carrying out their duties?

  4. Turdo will never show his face on a street in Canada during his life after this.
    Twenty armed thugs will be the only way for him.
    He and Freeland are traitors to our nation.

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