Ottawa Safe, Despite Police Fear Tactics. Bring Your Bouncy Castle!

After the mainstream media tried to sully today’s press conference with more misinformation about dangerous conditions at #FreedomConvoy, we caught up with the speakers to continue the conversation regarding the Ottawa Police’s latest tactics, including Notices to Demonstration Participants.

Danny Bulford (ex-RCMP), Vincent Gircys (ex-OPP) and Eddie Cornell (CAF Veteran) shared their expertise and insights to address whether Ottawa was still safe for families to visit.

14 thoughts on “Ottawa Safe, Despite Police Fear Tactics. Bring Your Bouncy Castle!”

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  5. Today, like yesterday, we pray that our police and military fulfill their mandates: enforce the law, defend the people, and defend the constitution. To do so, they must take Trudeau, Freeland and others into custody.

    Meanwhile, this psychopath is still at the helm of the federal government. We must all unite against him. No one should comply or support his regime. Help stop Trudeau from extending his dictatorial powers overnight through unjustifiably invoking the Federal Emergencies Act.

    Canadians please call your federal member of parliament today; urge them to vote against invoking the Emergencies Act.

    Dr. Mark Trozzi

    1. I have called, emailed, and written countless letters to try to get rid of the bully and tyrant who wishes to rule like Pres. Xi in China. Everyone must do the same. PLEASE. We need Canada back!

  6. I will only suggest one thing to my most favorite people in the country, who have done, and sacrificed so much for us and our nation.

    I will support whatever action you take, but please DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE the autocrat’s resolve. They have been made fools of up to now, and I do believe their egos have taken such a terrible beating, they are just about at the breaking point where they might be just desperate enough to do something.

    They know the world is watching, but at this point, they have put themselves so deep that they are willing to risk a public black eye to save the rest of their face.

    From the very start, this was only about one thing: The autocrat’s ego. It’s been bruised, and there’s NOTHING more dangerous than an authoritarian with a bruised ego, who knows that they are about to lose their authority.

    1. I agree completely with your comments. Trudeau is watching his and his accomplices’ political careers coming to an end that only makes him more dangerous.

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