Ottawa Safe, Despite Police Fear Tactics. Bring Your Bouncy Castle!

After the mainstream media tried to sully today’s press conference with more misinformation about dangerous conditions at #FreedomConvoy, we caught up with the speakers to continue the conversation regarding the Ottawa Police’s latest tactics, including Notices to Demonstration Participants.

Danny Bulford (ex-RCMP), Vincent Gircys (ex-OPP) and Eddie Cornell (CAF Veteran) shared their expertise and insights to address whether Ottawa was still safe for families to visit.

17 thoughts on “Ottawa Safe, Despite Police Fear Tactics. Bring Your Bouncy Castle!”

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  5. Today, like yesterday, we pray that our police and military fulfill their mandates: enforce the law, defend the people, and defend the constitution. To do so, they must take Trudeau, Freeland and others into custody.

    Meanwhile, this psychopath is still at the helm of the federal government. We must all unite against him. No one should comply or support his regime. Help stop Trudeau from extending his dictatorial powers overnight through unjustifiably invoking the Federal Emergencies Act.

    Canadians please call your federal member of parliament today; urge them to vote against invoking the Emergencies Act.

    Dr. Mark Trozzi

    1. I have called, emailed, and written countless letters to try to get rid of the bully and tyrant who wishes to rule like Pres. Xi in China. Everyone must do the same. PLEASE. We need Canada back!

  6. I am so happy Trudeau has pushed the Emergencies act forward. Now the Liberals can do their job at the fullest extent and potential. Canada is divided thanks to some fringe idiots and those that refuse to take the jab by putting their selfish interests first. Trudeau can bring us together and those that refuse (dissidents, criminals, racists …) can be punished. I hope all the truckers; get their bank accounts frozen along with anyone that made a donation. They donated to a criminal organization that is holding parts of the our Country hostage and need to be taught a lesson.

    1. I stand with Trudeau!

      Trudeau is Truth and a hero to Canada. The only thing I wish he did was put this act through a couple weeks ago that could have squashed this criminal insurrection in its infancy.

      1. Yes, Rog Twit. And what are you going to do when the entire industry shuts down with a general strike in support of their fellow truckers? Have you thought about that, Rog Twit?
        Have you thought about going to your favorite supermarket and wonder why shelves are bare? Are you going to pause and think about what happened, and where my food is going to come from?
        Have you thought about any of that, Rog Twit? Have you thought about anything at all, or are you just a twit?
        If you do manage to pull yourself away from the kool-aid, you’ll finally grow up and understand that it was YOUR HERO that was responsible for this, and the two years to flatten the economy, you twit!

        1. This is not the entire population of truckers in Canada. Get real bud. Its bunch of goofs that have nothing better to do other than turn our Parliament into a joke of a carnival insulting our government, insulting our institutions, insulting our democracy, bringing racism, homophobia and insulting our great nation. This needs to stop now sot he government can focus on more important things such as the next phase of opening up, building back better and getting the economy back on track. All these assholes are stalling everything and now Parliament is tied up with red tape in a debate on the Emergencies Act. Congrats, you all should feel proud of yourselves, rather than have Parliament debate REAL issues they now have to deal with this fiasco. I hope all your bank accounts get frozen and you can’t pay your mortgages/rent, gas in your car to get to work, or put food on the table. Maby then you can beg and apologize to the rest of Canadians who have done their duty, followed mandates, got vaccinated and protected their fellow Canadians, EVEN YOU!!!!

          1. 50,000 trucks is not “a small fringe minority,” twit. It’s not just the 400 to 500 trucks in the core. There are sites all around Ottawa. Coventry, Kanata, Vars, Embrum, bridges from Quebec and the McDonald parkway, where trucks are parked for kilometers.

            And, Oh, so sorry that your Dear Leader was insulted, but even you must recognize that what you are seeing is the vanguard to tyrannical rule by a despotic, tin-pot dictator wanna-be. Do you know what normally happens to despotic tin-pot dictator wanna-be’s? Can you guess?

            Whatsamata, twit? Can’t stand watching “terrorists” playing a game of connect-4, or watch “insurgents’ kids on bouncy castles? You’ve never heard of civil disobedience, twit? What would you say to Rosa Parks, or Martin Luther King? Just how would you protest unjust laws like FORCING people to inject their bodies with PROVABLY HARMFUL DRUGS? If that’s not tyrannical, then let me introduce you to Nicolai Ceausescu! What? You don’t know who that is? Well look him up! You see, there’s this new invention, maybe you’ve heard of it. It’s called “Google.”

            Yeah… 6uild 6ack 6etter, with millions of people dying from fake vaccines! LIVES HAVE BEEN RUINED OVER THIS, TWIT, and MORE LIVES ARE AT STAKE, so yeah! I don’t mind parliament debating this, Twit. I’d rather see a robust debate than have people shooting at each other, because when you corner people with no way out, what do you think they’re gonna do?

            You’d love to see people’s lives ruined, wouldn’t you, Twit? You’d love people to be forced to take a jab that could LITTERALLY KILL THEM, or lose their jobs, wouldn’t you? That would make you feel better, right? Why should anyone refuse to “take one for the team,” right Twit? Well why should I have to suffer because you were TOO STUPID and GULLIBLE to do YOUR OWN RESEARCH instead of drinking the koolaid served up by your accolades, Mr. 6-o-clock news, bought and paid for by yours TRUly (see what I did there) with $600 MILLION of YOUR TAX DOLLARS? We haven’t had a free press in this country since 2001!

            The emergency act invoked by this petty tin-pot dictator wanna-be only shows the entire planet just what kind of a petty tin-pot dictator wanna-be this Turd really is.

            Sorry, Twit. I don’t see it as my civic duty to PUT MY LIFE ON THE LINE FOR THE STATE by injuring myself with an UNPROVEN and POTENTIALLY FATAL EXPERIMENTAL DRUG, that has BEEN PROVEN TO HAVE NEGATIVE EFFECACITY, as the science clearly now shows.

            So enjoy your clot shot numbers 4, 5, 6, 7, and so on…. the Turd apparently has purchased enough doses to give 11 boosters to every man, woman, and child, (and soon, toddlers, as if this government wasn’t insane enough) IN THE ENTIRE COUNTRY!

            By the time, you get all your boosters, your immune system will be so ravaged, you can expect carcinogenic reactions leading to Cancer, that’s IF the Spike-T protein that the vax forces your body to generate doesn’t wind up circulating your body giving you myocarditis, pericarditis, or a stroke, or now, as we are seeing, causing AIDS. or the vaccine equivalent VAIDS.

  7. I will only suggest one thing to my most favorite people in the country, who have done, and sacrificed so much for us and our nation.

    I will support whatever action you take, but please DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE the autocrat’s resolve. They have been made fools of up to now, and I do believe their egos have taken such a terrible beating, they are just about at the breaking point where they might be just desperate enough to do something.

    They know the world is watching, but at this point, they have put themselves so deep that they are willing to risk a public black eye to save the rest of their face.

    From the very start, this was only about one thing: The autocrat’s ego. It’s been bruised, and there’s NOTHING more dangerous than an authoritarian with a bruised ego, who knows that they are about to lose their authority.

    1. I agree completely with your comments. Trudeau is watching his and his accomplices’ political careers coming to an end that only makes him more dangerous.

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