Ottawa Police Show Force, Arrest, Then Quickly Release Man

With a ramped-up police presence in Ottawa, the Trudeau govt is trying to quash peaceful demonstrations by Freedom Convoy 2022 participants to deter supporters from staying and coming to Parliament Hill.

As part of this fear tactic, a stir was caused when a reported 50-70 police officers were in the area of the arrest for one man–here in Ottawa since the start of the convoy arrival Jan. 29–only to be released quickly just a few minutes later down the road.

6 thoughts on “Ottawa Police Show Force, Arrest, Then Quickly Release Man”

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  2. You have to know: Klaus Schwab, the developer of the WEF and supporter of the NWO, was raised by NAZIS in Switzerland. After the 2. WW the Nazis were supported from the Vatican and Switzerland Bankers.
    Here is the link: J.Trudeau went to Klaus Schwabs school !!! He is a kid if the tyrran producer! He is just an arm and a puppet for the really bad guys.
    It could be that Trudeau is waving the Nazi (false) flag thru another puppet.
    Every word coming out of his mouth is like a trained robot. Look in his eyes while he speaks: nothing then icecold lies.

    Now known in media circles as the “Nazi Flag Guy” – this is the individual who was flying a racist flag from the safe distance of the Chateau Laurier Hotel, located across from the Parliament Hill protest. s

    Lucky for Canada, someone has managed to develop a high-resolution photo of the guy flying a the image – if you know who he is – and lets face it, Ottawa is a small town – please contact True North News to receive a 10K reward. This task is particularly important because many believe this person is either a contractor for the government or a government worker connected to Trudeau as the PM’s personal photographer was snapping shots of this guy’s flag from a distance.


    1. I don’t know who Nazi-Flag guy is, but we may be misinterpreting his intent.

      I saw a video of someone who claimed to have seen and heard Nazi-Flag guy, and the witness explained was that the guy was actually comparing Canada’s new found love for tyranny with Nazi Germany.

      Maybe it’s true, maybe not. Until we find him, we’ll never know, but recall that he was flying both the maple leaf with the swastika underneath.

      I’m not trying to justify or excuse Nazi-Flag guy. I’m just trying to remind everyone that under our legal system, supposedly people are innocent until proven guilty. So please, just remember not to judge a book by its cover. Things are not always as they seem.

      We don’t know what we don’t know, until we find out.

      1. Sorry… it wasn’t the maple leaf he was flying, it was a f*ck Trudeau flag, but even with the new pics, it’s hard to be precise.

        I still believe that we should find the guy first, and then judge him.

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