UPDATE: Ottawa Police Checkpoints Allowing Pedestrians & “Exemptions”

Intel reports tell us police are allowing pedestrians into downtown Ottawa’s secured area and allowing vehicles for those who live (inc. hotel), work or are moving through the area for reasons other than to participate in the protest. Police presence increasing, as 50+ police transports, SUVs, command trucks, unmarked vehicles, etc. have been dispatched. Some arrests have been made (details unknown).

The Hon. Brian Peckford, Charter of Rights co-author, says denied people should say, “You’re violating my Charter Rights of freedom of assembly…of association. And you haven’t proven to me it’s necessary to stop me from going in here.” He adds, “You have to prove that to me in a court of law.”

People are still encouraged to come and bring a bouncy castle.

Across from Fairfield Marriott at the Ernst and Young Centre right now.

8 thoughts on “UPDATE: Ottawa Police Checkpoints Allowing Pedestrians & “Exemptions””

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      1. These idiots are government agents spamming comments, that’s the only explanation because these spammers only seem to appear in non mainstream media comment sites, that alone seems suspicious.

  2. Trudeau and Freeland are no longer legitimate in any capacity when they rule over Canadians Charter Rights.
    I am wondering when a group of Constitutional lawyers demand they be arrested ?
    Head down to Parliament and do us all a favor.
    These two tyrants are the two most despised people in all of Canada.

    1. Max, our government is not our government anymore, they have been taken over by the WEF. Trudeau and Freeland answer straight to Klaus Schwab in Davos. On top of that Freeland and former governor of the Bank of Canada Mark Carney, both sit on the board WEF. There was a time when Canada hung traitors and Trudeau and Freeland fully qualified as traitors of Canada.

    2. The GLOBALIST own the EVIL BARR system run by the BLACK ROBBED FACSISTS.
      We cannot get in to the court system to fight on purpose.
      One of the steps to FULL CONTROL of us.

      1. That’s so true, everything here is corrupt, the courts, the media, I’m done with Canada, this year I’m going to try to get out of here. I will take my chances in the third world rather that this cold technocratic WEF dictatorship formally known as Canada. Our Charter of Rights was worthless when it was allowed in it’s formation to have the emergency acts clause, the only hypothetical solution is new constitution, with no clauses like that. Are Canadians up for that, also Canada should have ditched the monarchy and became a constitutional republic, I’m a citizen not a subject to an ossified foreign monarchy.

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