OTTAWA UPDATE: Arrests Targeting Truckers & Organizers Seemingly Over

Stay tuned for more updates from your ears and eyes on the ground in Ottawa.

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8 thoughts on “OTTAWA UPDATE: Arrests Targeting Truckers & Organizers Seemingly Over”

  1. artificial intelligence is running wild on this website commentary. wow! ASK NOT WHAT CANADA CAN DO FOR YOU BUT WHAT YOU CAN DO FOR CANADA.

  2. Gabrielle Villecout

    The lawyers need to set a new political party in order for us to be able to support them legally. You could call it Unity party or Bouncy castle party or what ever. Once set up people could get membership or buy a membership, could make donations and it would all be legal. This is in fact what we need: a new party that will stand for our true values. There is no party that I could vote for right now. Bernier used to be in Harper’s caucus. Time to elect some honest people. Time to create a vision of what we want. Time to dismantle those who want to bring about the great reset and all the infrastructure they have put in place to do so. If the Convoy was able to raise 10 millions in one week they could do so again as a legal political party. We have to continue the fight. Even if we win the fight against the vaccine mandates we have to continue to fight the implementation of the digital identifications card that they want to do next.

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  4. Ok, I’m sorry if this is going to upset some people, but I have too much love for you guys to see you go through this hell. That being said, I will still support whatever strategic decision you choose to make.

    But please… I’m making a call for you to sound a retreat. That doesn’t mean capitulate. I’m suggesting that you pull out, regroup, and form a new strategy. I’m afraid that you may be losing support if you continue staying put. I know, people are going to accuse me of being a coward, and maybe I am, but I am trying to think strategically, long term.

    Regardless of my reasoning, my primary concern is for your welfare. I do not want to see your livelihoods ruined by this. Now that arrests have been made, there are now grounds to legally challenge this sledgehammer. This won’t end even if you do leave, so now please, for your own sake, pull up stakes, and let the legal beagles take over the battle.

    You’ve done enough, and clearly made your point, and we are grateful, but the battle is now for the hearts and minds of Canadians, and my fear is that you may not be winning on that battlefield.

    1. the unvaxed have no jobs or freedom, the people who don’t want a booster will have no job or freedoms soon. There is NOTHING to loose at this point.

    2. FC … I may be wrong, but I suspect that the Truckers who blockaded the Ambassador Bridge were acting independently of the Protesters in Ottawa. I have two reasons to think that. Firstly, the folks in Ottawa relied heavily on support from the General Public, whereas those in Windsor were far from any large populations that would have supported them. Their strategy was very different. And secondly there was little or no Communication or coordination between the two groups. The only thing the two shared was a common objective, but they pursued their goals very differently.

      1. Coutts, Manitoba, and yes, the Ambassador Bridge… all of the local borders were operating independently from the Freedom Convoy 2022 in Ottawa. They were inspired by the convoy and wanted to show support the only way they knew how. You are correct.

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