7 thoughts on “Time to Rise (Compilation Video)”

  1. Buried here is democracy. The victim of crooked politicians, state run media and police who failed to uphold the constitution and defend the rights of the people.
    While freedom lovings Canadians weep, sadly this death has gone unnoticed by rhetoric intoxicated vaxers.

  2. All of those at Brightlightnews:
    We would not know or hear and share the truth about the Convoy without you. Thank you for the truth. It will be told, it must!
    Dorothy McGinn

  3. You have to know that these BRAVE BRAVE truckers/families new what could possibly happen to them and their
    families when they started this. They know this is the last stand for freedom and they are willing to risk their
    and their family’s lives to do it. We all have to stand behind them because we will be next.
    I have to ask where are our military??? Those that gave an oath to protect their countries???? It takes the truckers
    to do this. And who knows maybe some or the majority of these brave people are military???

    Take Trudeau the money from him like he is doing to us… I agree take him out of his cushy house and hang him
    in the cold till he cries uncle, and all those in office that are standing behind this fagot.

  4. Why instead of all the truckers and families just grab Trudeau out of his cushy home and hang him up until he cries
    UNCLE. We need to take the money away from them……………….just like they are doing to us. Take him out of his
    home now.

  5. Gabrielle Villecout

    One way to protest this Emergencies Act is to withdraw as much money as possible out of your bank account. The word will get around and it will freak out the banks because it will put them in a tough spot. The fact that the government is giving himself the right to freeze anyone’s bank account without a warrant is simply another proof that this is not about Covid and has never been about Covid. Plus Klaus Schwab has already mention of the possibility of a cyber attack by “terrorists” so if this happen it would be a good idea to have some cash around.

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