7 thoughts on “LIVESTREAM: Ottawa Freedom Convoy Today 11 am”

  1. Didn’t take me long to get banned over at the Toronto Sun. Some woman accused the freedom protestors of using their kids as human shields, so I called her “the kind of person that inspires support for abortion”, and “a disgusting human being”. I’ll gladly take that ban, and wear it as a badge of honor. (I have a half-dozen other throw-away email accounts I could use to post over there, but I think I’ve made my point. The upvotes were through the roof before they removed my post.) At the very least, the children of the Freedom Convoy and their supporters will grow up secure in the knowledge that their parents were firmly and proudly on the right side of history. Long live the Freedom Convoy, and thank you for inspiring us all!

  2. Quebec Police in full riot gear with automatic weapons
    busting in windows of vehicles and pulling the occupants to the ground
    Canadians protesting peacefully without weapons

    Way to go all you Canadians that support Turdo the Tyrant

  3. Thank you to all that are there, but especially the people who lend their equipment and time to run a stage and make a documentary. I wish I was there to help!!!
    Rachel Audette

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