Peaceful Protest Shattered By Police Brutality

February 18, 2022, will go down as dark and tragic day in Canadian history in which tyrannical govt overreach and police brutality caused peaceful protesters to be unlawfully arrested with some being beaten and trampled by police on horseback.

#FreedomConvoy #TruckersForFreedom

21 thoughts on “Peaceful Protest Shattered By Police Brutality”

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  2. You guys who have posted are totally misinformed. I watched it all day yesterday. Police were incredibly patient and calm. All blockaders had been warned their illegal occupation was over, leave now or be arrested. People and trucks were leaving to avoid arrest. The hypocritical freedom fighters were pushing back against police and taunting them in their face but police they kept cool. USA would be aghast and stunned by how peaceful our police acted. Horses were used once to disperse crowd by walking through midst to split them up. Some protesters did not understand how big a horse is. Unconfirmed report something thrown at a horse. The horse ride took about 10 seconds to cut through occupiers. They had lots of room to easily back off which most of them did. There were no Billy clubs used by police! The truth! Get out of your silo of misinformation….please. Peace and Love ❤🇨🇦

    1. I watched all day long from 8 am until after midnight.
      Violence went down solely on the part of the police.
      The horses were deployed as tactical weapons resulting in injury and /or death.
      You are full of it and a traitor to the right of free assembly granted to Canadians under our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
      You can shove your peace and love ,diatribe. This is violent oppression.

    2. You do know that the whole thing was being recorded live? Take a look at that.
      Nothing was thrown at a horse. The horse trampled on an elderly woman with a walker. It is unconfirmed whether or not she survived.

    3. Michelle Houghton

      They have a right for peaceful protest. They shouldn’t even be there the police there is no threat only Trudeaus lies are the threat.

  3. Police with clubs using them against protestors.
    Smashing windows of a truck here at 10 am Saturday morning.
    Police have tear gas weaponry and military vehicles behind them.

  4. I’m sorry, but I’ve lost all respect for this country and it’s institutions. I no longer trust the police. I now see them as enemies of democracy, and agents of tyranny. The lies coming from Chief Steve Bell concerning the trampling is beyond inexcusable. I’ve lost faith and respect of the institutions of government, and I’ve now come to realize that the constitution and charter of rights in this country are worthless sheets of paper because it can be over-ridden so easily at a whim of a tyrannical state.

    I’ve lost faith in a democracy that would allow a tyrant like this to rise to power with less than 15% of eligible votes cast in an unnecessary election called for opportunistic reasons in the middle of a so-called “health emergency.” I’ve lost faith in the courts and our justice system overall that would allow for unaccountable activists wearing black robes rule by fiat from the bench.

    And of course, I’ve not only lost faith in our despicable legacy media a long time ago, I’ve come to detest them. No doubt, they are laughing behind the cameras as we are witnessing these horrors. They have no compassion or desire to truly serve the people, only to propagate the state’s tyranny.

    No doubt our friend, Rog Twit is watching all this and laughing along with his goose-stepping, brown-shirted fascist buddies. Go ahead Rog… You can enjoy your latte’s now. Who cares if people get trampled on by the police state, both metaphorically and physically. You have no idea what true freedom and democracy really means, but something tells me that you’re going to find out soon enough when the state GOES AFTER YOU!

  5. You need to change that on post on the video, the woman did not die! It’s misleading to say the least.

    1. Two people were trampled upon.
      As we do not know their names and condition it would seem that the mere act of trampling upon Canadians that are peacefully protesting is lost on some.

  6. To All Members of Parliament and law enforcement that allowed the unlawful acts that have recently occurred in Canada,

    May God forgive everyone of you that has stood by and allowed the unlawful and undemocratic events that have occurred in Canada the past few days. These actions are an attack on We The People, our diversity, our human rights and our once beautiful, democratic system.

    Whether we agree with any protester or not they deserve democracy and to be given their lawful rights. Our government has given neither of these.

    The videos of the police trampling peaceful people with their horses, beating a veteran with the butt of his gun, pepper spraying and assaulting a journalist that was staying out of the way and many other horrific scenes enacted by our so called law enforcement have been posted around the world. Watch these videos because obviously words don’t seem to have an affect on motivating you to defend the Freedom and Democracy of our country. Maybe watching these videos of what you have created will. The world has shared these videos. Think on this … these violent actions against non-violent, peaceful protesters reflect on everyone of you that did nothing to prevent it. The whole world is judging you make no mistake.

    Start standing up for the People of this country, start standing up for your own Freedom and your children’s Freedom. Can’t you see that the treatment of one group sets the rules for how we all get treated? Can’t you see that being in parliament doesn’t protect you from also being treated like this? Our country’s laws, values and morals are what has made this one of the greatest countries in the world. Why aren’t you upholding and defending our laws? Why are you throwing it all away? No money or power on earth is worth giving away Freedom!!

    Shame on you all!!!

  7. I hope nobody got killed, this is brutality at the highest and I don’t think I like on the way this is going to go in the future of what I called Canada, shame on the politicians decisions involved. I socialized with some veterans that came back from world war 2 and the only way they opened up and told their stories back then was when we sat and had a couple of pops ,so I kind of know how some what how they felt today. They might of lived in the 19th century paradigm but I trusted a lot more of them and felt for them just like todays veterans, ask a veteran on what it’s like to kill a person and live with it, I bet they have night mares that will not leave you, so for the bullies justice will prevail ,think you can live with that and if you said yes, ask god if your on the right side of history and if your not your dreams will get deaminized and the sleep will get worse as the time goes on

  8. This indeed was a day of dark infamy in which the police stained the uniforms they wear with their brutal and cowardly assault on Canadian citizens assembled to protest government overreach and coercive stripping of our inalienable rights to decide what does or does not go into our bodies, without being punished for it. We also have the right of peaceable assembly and of free speech and of security of the person and to travel in our own country. And more….
    The police and Trudeau and his backers and supporters are responsible for the harsh and inhumane treatment the police are inflicting on those with the tenacity and courage and moral fortitude to stand against tyranny, because that’s what we have now in our land.

  9. I heard second or third-hand that the Indigenous elderly woman with a walker, in a red coat, who was trampled, has a very sore shoulder but is otherwise unharmed.

    1. Nobody can never imagine being trampled upon by a massive animal that was intentionally put in motion to serve a purpose for the State.
      If you ask that lady this morning I doubt she will say that she feels “unharmed”.
      She was very lucky her head or vital organs were not the point of contact.

      1. ( I did say “OTHERWISE unharmed.” )
        I agree that it was an egregious act, very traumatizing and painful and absolutely uncalled for. I was simply correcting the original post, where she was reported to have died.

        1. Nobody knows her condition nor do we know the condition of the other protestor that had a horse trample over him/her.
          If either of these protestors are hurt it would not be a good look for the police and the PM.
          So,who are these protestors and what is their condition?

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