Toronto Worldwide Rally Featured Speakers Announced (Sat, Mar. 19)

The Toronto Worldwide Rally on Saturday, March 19, listed its featured speakers (see flyer below). With many mask, vaccine passport and vaccine mandates being lifted thanks to the influence of #FreedomConvoy truckers, the rally will highlight many instrumental to the 3 weeks of peaceful civil disobedience in Ottawa.

The full speaker list is expected soon.

25 thoughts on “Toronto Worldwide Rally Featured Speakers Announced (Sat, Mar. 19)”

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  2. An accurate portrayal of the outcome from the Turd and his WEF Witch’s performance from the last two years:
    “What have we become over these two years? Good citizens of the Soviet? Canada not
    strong in other words, and not free.”

  3. It’s time for a shout-out for the Trudeau Liberals. Not only do we have a third of the U.S. Covid deaths per capita, we have low bankruptcies, lots of open jobs & lower inflation.
    Justin Trudeau will go down in history as one of the best Prime Ministers Canada ever had.
    Canadians have been fortunate to have strong leadership in a pretty screwed up world. 337,000 jobs created in February. We should be proud and united.

    1. The twit get’s his info directly from the propaganda arm of the ministry of truth. In other words, the CBC.

      Has anyone seen so many misstatements containing blatant lies in one post?

      The twit never disappoints.

    2. I try not to wish anyone ill will, but the Twit Troll is trying my patience.

      So Twit, I look forward to having these back-and-forths with you in about 10 years… IF you’re still around.

  4. FDA, CDC Lying About Vax Deaths & Injuries – Dr. Mark Skidmore
    By Greg Hunter

    Then there’s the damning U.S. DoD data that lawyer Tom Renz presented to Senator Ron Johnson in the hearings at the US Congress.

    The clueless WEF mouthpieces that are our Provincial and Federal health official shills have served to destroy our country and our Constitutional Rights and Freedoms and is traitorous.

  5. Dr. Nagase commenting on the first 10,000 pages of Pfizer documents:

    Pfizer’s COVID vaccine trial results; are these statistics “acceptable”?
    Absolutely not. They wouldn’t be acceptable for any medication brought to market, this magnitude of side effects, 31% either died, had permanent disability or were not recovered.

    This one is for the Twit,the Turd and the witch.

  6. Don’t worry, Mr. Trudeau. Those nasty Freedom Activists won’t be staying in your Ottawa safe space this time around. You can pull your thumb out of your mouth, and put your teddy bear back under your special pillow. (The one with the unicorns on it.) But, whatever you do, don’t look under the bed—there might be Freedom Truckers with F-Trudeau signs hiding there! 😛

  7. This will be very Welcome change.
    Grifters from THE LINE and KELLY-ANNE WOLFE have been showing up for 4 weeks now, and a lot of us are really fed up with that. Lamont Daigle was tossed out of Dundas Square 18 months ago by Patriots, but clearly he needs a REMINDER.
    These events are for PATRIOTS and are not to be treated as fund raising opportunities for God knows what. Where does the $$$ that you raise go, LAMONT ???

    1. And on top of that, what makes these speakers so special? As far as I have seen quite a few have caused quite a ruckus…

      Maby I will go yell a bunch of stupid things and bang on a garbage can on the street so I can become a speaker at once of these silly events.

      1. No need … You can likely show people who you are just by attending … no need to say anything … We are very perceptive and those Orange Masks are a definite give away.

      2. Or maybe (that’s M-A-Y-B-E) you can learn how to spell.
        Your grammar and punctuation could use a bit of a refresher as well, but I’ve come to expect as much from a Twit.

        You say you’ll be in Hamilton that week? Why don’t you stay there, and see how popular you are over there?

        Give those poor Hamiltonians a taste of the Twit.

        But maybe you’ll find this interesting, Twit…

      1. About half of those who travel from Hamilton for these events belong to its activist LGTBQ2S+ community. They have enormous needs for ATTENTION.
        One frequent ‘guest’ would stand on the sidelines at protests, and jump up and down while yelling “GAY SEX, GAY SEX, ALL NIGHT LONG”.
        Do not engage… Deny all attention, or you’ll feed a monster.

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