Freedom Train from Ottawa to Toronto for Worldwide Rally

Freedom Train leaving Ottawa Friday at noon to join Toronto’s Worldwide Rally on Sat., Mar. 19 @noon.
#freedomconvoy22 #FreedomConvoy2022 #FreedomConvoyCanada2022 #Truckersforfreedomconvoy2022 #TruckersForFreedom #TruckersConvoy2022

8 pm at Vaughan Mills, Toronto, will be a trucker appreciation night.

14 thoughts on “Freedom Train from Ottawa to Toronto for Worldwide Rally”

  1. It’s time for a shout-out for the Trudeau Liberals. Not only do we have a third of the U.S. Covid deaths per capita, we have low bankruptcies, lots of open jobs & lower inflation.
    Justin Trudeau will go down in history as one of the best Prime Ministers Canada ever had.
    Canadians have been fortunate to have strong leadership in a pretty screwed up world. 337,000 jobs created in February. We should be proud and united.

    1. There he goes again… copying and pasting from another thread.

      I’m glad you learned a skill, twit. The turd can use a good lapdog like you to sniff his butthole.

      I can just see it on the resume:
      – Professional Lapdog
      – Truth minister to the PMO
      – Advanced experience in Butthole sniffing, and kissing ass.

  2. End the Federal mandates,Turd.
    You aren’t going to sucker any more Canadians into your WEF AI agenda.
    It’s well past time you and the witch went and worked full time in Davos.

    1. The Federal mandates on the Vaccine-Free are clearly punitive in nature. They also prove that the maturity level of Trudeau & Co. is just slightly below that of the average 12-year-old. In other words, “You won’t do what I say, so you can’t play!”

  3. This is just more proof that Ford will say or do anything to try to trick us “yahoos” into reelecting him. Well, I say “Good luck with that, big boy. We ‘Pro-Freedom, Pro-Real-Science, Anti-Cloth-Mask, Vaccine-Free Individuals’ (a.k.a. “yahoos”) aren’t as dumb as you think, and I for one sincerely hope that the Ontario Party and/or Greens eat your lunch for you. (God knows it wouldn’t hurt you to miss a meal or two.)”

    Since our current crop of elected officials clearly can’t be trusted, we really need to clear off the board and start fresh. It’s time to say “Enough is enough!”, and vote for freedom and individual rights over soon-to-be-broken promises.

  4. I wonder if the twit will be riding along…

    Forget I asked.

    My little group also has plans for that Saturday on the hill, so I won’t be going on the freedom train, but I wish everyone God speed and safe journey.

    1. No I am in Hamilton. It’s funny these rallies are still happening, mandates in Ontario have been lifted and masks requirements are going away (face palm)!!!

      Nothing better to do? I think a bunch of these folks are just looking for a place to party…. that is all.

      1. Twit,you are the most ignorant Canadian in history and a useless eater of epic proportions.
        Federal mandates have not been lifted and in BC the health minister and WEF beholden Premier is firing health care workers that refuse to inject themselves with poison.
        Top that off with your dark faced leader and the witch from Ukraine and we have us a WEF captured Cabinet.
        Many Canadians want justice against these traitors to our nation.

        1. Well I certainly would not want a nurse or a doctor 30 feet from me if they havent gotten vaccinated. I am a Senior and hospitals are infectious places as it is. This just compounds the effect. You obviously dont care about the elderly Max. Shame on you!!!!

          1. I’m a senior myself, twit. It’s a shame you don’t care for those who are smart enough not to fall for the globalist, government lies.

            You’d rather see them dead. You said so yourself, so don’t start lecturing us about caring for people.

            You’ve been around long enough to know better from history and life’s experience, but I suppose some of those lipids from all those boosters have already made their way to your brain

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