Interview with Ottawa Freedom Convoy MC & Toronto’s Next Worldwide Rally, Bethan Nodwell

Bethan Nodwell, RN, was one of the dynamo MCs up on the makeshift Parliament Hill stage during #FreedomConvoy. Nodwell’s playful positivity on the mic remains part of Ottawa’s historic 3 weeks of civil disobedience and will be featured at Toronto’s Worldwide Rally Saturday, March 19.


5 thoughts on “Interview with Ottawa Freedom Convoy MC & Toronto’s Next Worldwide Rally, Bethan Nodwell”

  1. PMJT’s late great father would be doing a pirouette today over how well his eldest son has lead the country. Tough. Compassionate. Resilient. Best world leader. Period. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is really respected in the European Parliament. He is knocking it out of the park today. Strong Leadership. The only place #PierrePoilievre will get to speak is at a Trump Rally.

    LOVE the carbon tax rebate! Money in the bank and feeling good about a reduced carbon footprint. I thought I just had to thank Trudeau BUT now I understand there are a whole list of people to thank.

    In the 2021 Federal Election:
    32.6% voted Liberal
    25.0% voted NDP

    57.6% percent of Canadians or more rejected
    conservatives again in 3 elections in a row.
    #IStandWithTrudeau #

    Max go enjoy your trump rally! That is not even Canadian!!!!

    1. My , my , my Rog, you are certainly challenged! Your boy turd ball is being thrown under the bus by all kinds of freedom loving people. Your boy turd brain just can’t figure out he isn’t kind of anything but turd island. Covid is a lie , climate change is a natural occurrence, digital Id is nothing but a chain around people’s necks tied to a cement block. Worst of all turd breathe supports and praises Ukrainian Nazis for shooting prisoners of war in the knees and torturing them. The best part , Rogie, dogie, is turd boys fake election barely got him enough votes to even up with the unvaxxed in Canada. I think the turds you fellas have been smoking are laced with ddt.

  2. I’m as serious about all of this as anyone else but hey, doesn’t Bethan bear a striking resemblance to Lady Gaga?
    Seriously though, awesome job Bethan!! And so great to hear your interview and kudos to Bright Light News.

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  4. Enjoyed this interview,Gord.
    Canadians have to keep up the pressure as we now know what the Turd and his witch are all about.
    You can throw the Meet puppet in with those two.
    WEF,mandates and the vaxx are forever going to debilitate all Canadians unless the fight for open information and freedom from tyranny continues.
    Good luck in T.O..

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