The Dixon Family Says #EndTheMandates

The Dixon family joined the #freedomconvoy2022 in Ottawa

The Dixon family joined the #freedomconvoy2022 in Ottawa to fight for freedoms stolen from their children and their want of the end to all mandates.

#EndTheMandates #truckersforfreedom

6 thoughts on “The Dixon Family Says #EndTheMandates”

      1. Yes, I know. Maybe my sarcasm was not apparent? Turd unself-consciously labels a crowd of people from all walks including Jews, Muslims and black people, antisemitic, Islamophobic and anti-black and he thinks he has a shred of credibility left?

        1. That’s what Klaus Schwab taught him. However, he forgot to tell him it only applies to white people who disagree with him.

          1. I see the agenda as one of taking out the wealthiest traditional Christian countries first and fore most :US/UK/Europe/Canada/Aus/NZ ,etc..
            These countries have religious traditions and values that directly conflict with this transhumanistic program being delivered under the guise of this concocted health emergency. Turdo desperately needs 100% of Canadians to be under control with the hydrogel/self-assembling nanobot injections created by DARPA and is desperately clinging to that dictate. The truckers,retiredmilitary and police that are all clued in to TURDO and his WEF masters are our only hope so support and pray for them. Get into Ottawa if you live close by. Now is the time.

          2. I don’t think that, (I like to call him Justless Falsedeau but your name for him is good too), anticipated that hundreds of blue collar truck drivers would out smart him and destroy his plan. You can see it now as he looks more desperate and is making less sense than he was in the beginning. I also think Klaus is realizing now that this guy is nothing but a good actor. He must have been a good drama teacher however.

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