[PRESSER] Freedom Convoy 2022 – Drs. Paul Alexander & Roger Hodkinson, Maxime Bernier and Randy Hillier

A press conference was held Feb. 9 by supporters of the Freedom Convoy 2022, including:

Dr. Paul Alexander
Dr. Roger Hodkinson
Maxime Bernier, PPC Leader
Randy Hillier, MP
Bruce Pardy, Law Professor
Pastor Henry Hildebrandt
Sandy Williams, rancher
Roy Bears, TBOF.ca

HD VERSION (short)
480p version (extended, includes post-presser interview with Drs. Alexander and Hodkinson.

6 thoughts on “[PRESSER] Freedom Convoy 2022 – Drs. Paul Alexander & Roger Hodkinson, Maxime Bernier and Randy Hillier”

  1. If anyone could help me reach these physicians I would appreciate it. I need help getting nonconsensual implants removed from me put in by US doctors working with CIA and DOD. You can reach me @headlinejuice and @gowestgurl on Twitter.

  2. Thanks you BLN for broadcasting this conferência. Really, really appreciate what you and other alternative media outlets are doing. You are amazing!
    I’m a proud Canadian watching from Portugal.
    Let’s go Canada!!

  3. Just listened to it in it’s entirety.
    After the briefing and out in the hall these two doctors spoke:

    “The mandates have failed.There is no place for them.
    The vaccines have failed.The vaccines do not cut transmission.
    It has failed. Period” Dr. Paul Alexander

    “This never,ever was a public health emergency in the first place.
    Never in a month of Sundays.Once that is understood and agreed there would therefore be no excuse to introduce anything under Emergency Use Authorization such as the vaccines.That would have been impossible to introduce.
    The concept of the Public Health Emergency should end immediately. Once that stops-everything stops.” Dr. Roger Hodkinson

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you….we love and respect each and every one of you….sending love, hugs and support ❤️❤️🙏🙏🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦FREEDOM 🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  5. Everytime I hear these freedom fighters speak I feel encouraged that other Canadians are waking up to reality. We just need the rest of Canada to get away from the brain washing mainstream media.

  6. Letter to the MAYOR OF OTTAWA … (Part 1 of 3)
    To find your way through what I have described below, you need only be familiar with two topics, one being that situation that existed sixty years ago and the second is how our government responded to it.
    In the late Sixties and early Seventies unemployment in Canada was slowly creeping upward. The nation’s Gross Domestic Product was growing, but it was being produced by fewer and fewer people. The difficulty was that firstly that the Economy was having difficulties absorbing the rapid increase in our population, produced by the post-war Baby Boom, and secondly that technology was increasing the productivity of those fortunate enough to have a job.
    Our government and that of every other Western country responded to this with ‘make work’ projects and making if a lot easier for people to remain in school longer. The justification stated was that increasing the general levels of education of the workforce would eventually increase productivity and provide a later payback. Rather than restricting access to a University Education to those with a grade average of 80% or more, it was quickly dropped to 70%. To make that situation workable, in many cases the Universities reduced their efforts to teach students how to Think Critically and began rewarding those who were able to parrot back what in many, many instances was simply the Opinions of their Professors. That was particularly noticeable in the new Social Studies and Arts programs. Note that I have used the term Social Studies above, not Social Sciences.
    Part 2 of 3
    The factors above conspired to create two classes of workers. The first consisted of those individuals who produced traditional Goods and/or Services that had a value both inside and outside of Canada. For the most part those people were blue collar workers as well as those who received educations in the Sciences, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (aka the STEM Studies). This relatively new class of workers were those involved in Social Engineering efforts that in general sought to improve people’s Quality of Life. Note carefully that while one of these groups is absolutely, essential to the proper functioning of the Canadian economy, the other is not.
    In my opinion, a large part of the problem that exists today is the direct result of what many University students have been taught for the past sixty years. Far too much of it was based on ideas imported from Marxist ideologies. Today Ottawa’s population has a great deal of control over what happens in the rest of Canada, but they contribute very little to what produces the more traditional Goods and Services. This has not gone unnoticed.
    One thing above all else has contributed to the dissatisfaction of many Canadians with our Federal Government and the ‘Public Services’ provided by them and other levels of government. The printing of immense quantities of dollars is generating inflation that is eating away the purchasing power of the Canadian dollar. Our Federal Government officials, appear to be incapable of understanding that, reducing the value of Canadian dollars printed by the Bank of Canada, functions exactly like a Tax and affects very material things like the cost of groceries. The Canadian government is taking food out the mouths of Children, who in many cases were already Hungry or Malnourished.
    Part 3 of 3
    There is a simple solution to the situation described above that would be very much in keeping with the Capitalist traditions of the past, that have made Canada a great nation. A second currency could be created in Canada that would be backed by Canadian workers. Such a Counter Currency would compete directly with the Canadian dollar. A dollar, any dollar is worth precisely what people believe it is worth. Use of such a Counter Currency would increase and over time would in many cases fully replace those dollars printed by the Bank of Canada. Workers would increasingly demand that they be paid in the new Counter Currency, not a Bank of Canada note that was losing its value.
    The development of the Internet has freed many people from government control. With each passing day more and more of them are skipping their daily Brainwashing sessions with MSM and they are getting their Daily News directly from the Internet. They fully understand the purpose of the Liberals new Bill C-11 CENSORSHIP bill. It will not work. Throughout the History of the Western World those individuals fighting for FREEDOM have always won.
    Mister Mayor, you need to very carefully evaluate how you treat the Truckers protesting in Ottawa. They and their compatriots throughout Canada produce the Goods and Services that are ESSENTIAL TO YOUR SURVIVAL.

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