3 thoughts on “LIVE ~12:30 PM – Veterans Call to Action to First Responders”

  1. The Crowhouse
    If you can get it out to the people of Michigan that we need people on the Detroit side of the border. It’s the largest border crossing in Canada.

    Ambassador Bridge Update “Need Reinforcements” February 8, 2022 #irnieracingNews
    UPDATE from Ambassador Bridge, Ontario Canada.
    The police is preparing a forceful action because the bridge is very important economically for Canada and USA, we need everyone available to go there and reinforce it in order to hold the line! Now is the time…

  2. According to Rebel News the farming loyalists have shut down the Manitoba border crossing at Emerson/Pembina.
    Game on to rid ourselves of Turdo and his WEF agenda.

  3. Laura Lynn TT has this on her FB page.
    Canadian military and former police calling on veterans to join in against the agenda that has been in place by Turdo through his masters at the WEF.
    It’s a call to save the country.
    Now or never. This is not a test run.

    Live with a call to veterans and military to join this movement to stand for freedom.

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