Ottawa Tickets Truckers with Police Backup

On Day 13 of #freedomconvoy in Ottawa, bylaw officers ticketed truckers and supporters parked in the downtown core. Most unusual was the dozen or so police officers supporting bylaw officers, as they handed out parking tickets in the downtown core. “Operation Ticket-A-Trucker,” brought out laughs in many of the recipients who said that it was a small price for freedom.

7 thoughts on “Ottawa Tickets Truckers with Police Backup”

  1. Stop and consider the fact that police officers and the military are both sworn to uphold the Constitution which includes the Charter of Rights. Pictures of police abusing their oath need to be retained and when the dust settles , take them in front of a judge to explain their actions. There is no good excuse for following unlawful orders. The Ottawa police officer that arrested that old fella should be real proud of himself. When the time comes, he should be charged with assault and intimidation, lose his job and spend a significant amount of time in jail. His actions simply amount to bullying!

    1. What shame is being done in Ottawa – law officers- Leaders show their they
      have no interest in the humanity for these Truckers who need respect and thanks for all they are doing FOR Canada FOR EVERYONE’s FREEDOM.
      Thank you so much -God is with you.

  2. What if by-law officers in Ottawa said they all had C-19? LOL. These people are Spineless… I don’t get how people don’t see these truckers and many others are fighting and showing up for Canada. These poor little minions… they will be accountable as well. They won’t even see it coming.
    These tickets are a small price for freedom… it’s true

  3. Warning: Left-wing blogger/vlogger-activists pretending to be supporters are digging around the protests looking for fodder for deceptively-edited hit pieces. Know who you’re talking to, or at least try to suss them out before you speak with them. I know of at least one in Toronto that tried to use video of a random argument between two protesters as proof of “the violent nature” of the protests.

    “Hey, can I have a quick look at your blog/channel?” should be enough to send most of them scurrying away, but, personally, I’d ask them how big of a jerk they think Trudeau is, and then watch for the involuntary twitch and/or extremely forced smile.

  4. These Ottawa police officers should be ashamed of themselves…. geeezzz the government overreach is scary… who knew???? And Doug Ford, what a jerk!!

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